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Lady Lydia’s info on the net

Lady Lydia has started harassing Christian women, whom she suspects of participating in this blog. 

Well Lady Lydia, all the information one would ever need is on the internet:

Where did we learn Lydia never went to school or college?
On Linked In:
Lydia Sherman’s education: homeschool 1955 — 1967
Lady Lydia or some ardent supporter of hers once asked us why we are criticising Mr Stanley Bumpfries for selling insurance. We had no clue Mr Bumpfries was an insurance agent – we only knew he did MLM marketing because his pastor’s salary couldn’t support their “refined, but costly habits.”
So we checked and we found:
Joseph Stanley Bumpfries
29285 Lingo Ln, Junction City, OR 97448-9648
URL (web address): no entry (He’s obivously not competing for internet space with his wife)
Business Category: Life Insurance Carrier in Junction City, OR
Industry (SIC): Life Insurance
Location Type: Single Location
Est. Annual Sales:  $91,000 (Too bad! Wonder if his wife would advertise that on her blog?)
Est. # of Employees:  1
Est. Empl. at Loc.:  1
Year Started:  1982
Contact’s Title: Owner
NAICS: Direct Life Insurance Carriers
Where did we learn Lydia’s son-in-law doesn’t have a job, despite having a wife and four children?
a) From the Unpleasant Times
b) From LinkedIN:
Architect Intern at Design Structures
Pulpit Minister at Florence church of Christ
Physics and Advanced Math Instructor at LifeGate Christian Acadamy
That was in the past, currently the guy’s just a student, financed by his wife’s parents + his parents at the University of Oregon.
And Lydia herself loves to promote herself and her book on the net – from where we get all our info….like for instance: 

Lydia McGaughey Sherman Says: 
November 8th, 2006 at 7:12 am
I am writing a book about my mother and father who homesteaded in Alaska in 1948. Mother was only 19, and Daddy was 23. After reading their letters and looking at the pictures of them building a house in the snow, I wonder if any 19 or 23 year old today could survive in that situation! They are all playing video games and going out for pizza, socializing, etc. My parents were so very brave and strong, but there were other young couples doing the same thing. Each couple got 160 acres and had to clear it and build on it, and they all helped each other when it came to rasing the roof on the houses. Their leisure time was just being thankful to breathe the air. I still weep when I see pictures of my mother with her happy smile, peeling a log, at such a young age. She thought it was an adventure, and it was something different. All seven of us kids had the privilege of growing up on that homestead. Is it somewhat our fault though, that the next generation has nothing to do but play games? Growing up in a neighborhood with only a social life and not real adventure, is not very motivating. Perhaps these video games take them away to something so fantastic that is different from the pointless lives they lead. I don’t like to see them playing these games all the time; it is disturbing. But what will we have them to do?

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Lady Lydia on religious persecution

Lady Lydia now fancies that because of this blog she is under “religious persecution.” 

Do take the blinkers of your eyes Lydia, you are the most unChristian woman blogging on the net, and the last thing we would do is regard you a Christian.
If there is any religious persecution going on – its by you. You and your snobbish attitudes on dress, manners, culture, etc must be a shame to Christ (since ur using his name to ply your trade – online businesses). 
She has also mentioned that “we,” the “enemey,” (her spelling are also atrocious -must be from all the homeschooling) know the exact words to debiliate her. Nice to know we are hitting right on target.
Why not we have a deal? You keep on posting about craft items and we won’t talk about you! But start theological debates or another of those racist, elitist views and we can be back on track!

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Lady Lydia is a public figure

ladiesPicture courtesy:

Candy is a liar blog has a great post on copyright/privacy laws.

At many times, we have been accused of slandering, etc….Let me remind everyone that Lady Lydia is a very public person. She is an author, writer for different sites and her o wn blogs. She has commented on other blogs with links to her own blog. She is by no means a private individual, considering that you can see her on the net all the time.

Candy is a liar blog says on copyright:

Various commenters have said that C should sue for defamation, or slander. Obviously, this blog is written so slander is out. Remember, hens, sssslander is ssssspoken! According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s entry on defamation: Is there a difference between reporting on public and private figures? Yes. A private figure claiming defamation—your neighbor, your roommate, the guy who walks his dog by your favorite coffee shop—only has to prove you acted negligently, which is to say that a “reasonable person” would not have published the defamatory statement.

A public figure must show “actual malice”—that you published with either knowledge of falsity or in reckless disregard for the truth. This is a difficult standard for a plaintiff to meet.

Who is a public figure?

A public figure is someone who has actively sought, in a given matter of public interest, to influence the resolution of the matter. In addition to the obvious public figures—a government employee, a senator, a presidential candidate—someone may be a limited-purpose public figure. A limited-purpose public figure is one who (a) voluntarily participates in a discussion about a public controversy, and (b) has access to the media to get his or her own view across. One can also be an involuntary limited-purpose public figure—for example, an air traffic controller on duty at time of fatal crash was held to be an involuntary, limited-purpose public figure, due to his role in a major public occurrence. Read the original article at Candyisaliar at this link.

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Lady Lydia on extra pay for married men

lady7Picture courtesy:

Lady Lydia of course has lots of screwed-up, odd-ball ideas, but this one is supreme. She wants married guys to get double-pay so that their wives can stay at home! Get a laugh with this one! 

In an article called Umbrella card, Mailbox card, she says: If employers would say to the men:

I will give priority to hiring men whose wives are at home. I will pay you what you both would earn in my company, and your wife can still stay home.” there would be a greater motivation for women to stay home. Women ought to get a prize for staying away from the office and tending to matters at home, even if it is just to recover from illness or get more rest or just prepare the place for their husbands. Illness is certainly a good reason to stay away from work, and women need more care.

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Lady Lydia on our spoof blog

victorian_lady_in_green_with_feather_hat__1Picture courtesy:

Lady Lydia we know is a frequent visitor to our blog! She has taken down some of her more racist articles from her blog, after she faced criticism from this blog and others. But of course, she can’t admit to her fan following, that she took it down because she didn’t want to say sorry for her racist views….so in a reply to one of her readers,

Lady Lydia says:

“I went ahead and posted this because I wanted you to know that I am in the process of taking down some articles to put in small booklet form, that can be puchased for the price of the printing and paper. “

Acutally what is true, is that she has deleted some of her more overt racist remarks…and now she’s pretending that she took them down because she wants to compile them in a book…….
I wonder which publisher would accept a book that had comments like ……..”black slaves in America were happy under their white Christian masters. While the black men worked in the fields their wives played June Cleaver at home.”

Lady Lydia continues:

It will take awhile but then you will have some basic things to give away. I always thought there needed to be little brochures or pamphlets to give to people on the subject of daughters, wives, homemaking, children, etc. and these booklets will be basic to that. As for the contact me not working, I’ll try to get that fixed today. I do not know what happened. You are welcome to print off articles if you are still able to do that. It is just as well the pictures will not copy, as it takes a lot of ink. I did not want to use all the restrictions that are on here but was forced to. Nice people are going to have to live behind more and more reinforcements, gates, and passwords, while the lawless run free, being destructive and looting.

Excuse me? Nice people?
Lady Lydia is nasty with her racist remarks about black slaves in America and how badly dressed the women victims of Katrina were….

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More changes at Homeliving Helper

Update: Lady Lydia has now deleted the archives and date links on her side-bar, so that no one can tell how she’s stuck in the time-warp. What she doesn’t realise is people can easily get every post (expired/ deleted/altered) on her blog, if they only knew how to look. Well, Lydia nice to know you keep checking this blog to see what you should delete or change! Keep snooping around Lydia, your daughter’s already our top visitor and your coming a close second!
Our original article, which alerted Lydia on the fallicies in her blog:
Every one knows how Lady Lydia pre-dates her articles, deletes controversial articles, removes articles from the side-bar, etc.
People can do whatever they want on their blogs! What others don’t relish is the sneaky underhand way in which Lady Lydia deletes stuff (without offering an apology or feeling remorse for racist views professed).
The post on silly women disappeared after True Womanhood, Punkassblog and WhiteWashed Feminists criticized it.
There is now a question & answer session on
The Q & A session was earlier on the sidebar…but following too many negative reactions it has been taken of the side-bar.
Where Lydia gets trapped in the time-warp?
The White Washed Feminists post – “Doug Phillips, Lydia Sherman, Jennie Chancey, and Stacy McDonald Reject the “Virgin” Mary” – was published on July 31, 2008.
Lydia’s rebuttal to that is however dated 06/2006 i.e. June 2006?
Other missing posts at Homeliving:
The post “What if” with Lydia’s racist comments on black slaves, slaves in Eygpt and comparisons of working women to harlots has disappeared off the blog.
The post “All dressed Up has undergone severe re-modificiation with much deletion of all those controversial comments on how badly dressed women victims of Katrina were….
So all in all, you can expect a lot of posts to get deleted, re-shuffled, anti-dated, post-dated, taken off the side-bar etc.
Who is more likely to lie? Blogger or Lady Lydia?
Now, blogger (cannot lie being an impersonal service provider) says: Homeliving helper was started on November 2006.
But yet, you will find 141 posts in 2005, 7 posts in 2004 and 1 post in 2003.
That 1 post in 2003, is the defense to her “What if” post, which she deleted

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Scorching notes at LAF – Part III

Ladies Against Feminism pretends to have a semblance of democracy by publishing the negative feedback they have received under one category called scorching rhetoric. If you read through these notes you will find that most of the arguments presented are quite valid. LAF of course doesn’t believe in publishing the critic’s name or location in case the letter turned out to be from Rev Billy Graham himself or some other well-known Christian! How embarrassing!
Even Christians seem to find it hard to reconcile themselves with the vituperic nonsense these women pour out.
Some of the Christian criticis of LAF say:
I am a young Christian woman, and I do NOT agree with everything you have posted on your site. What is so wrong with wanting something different from being a mother? I personally do not want children. Perhaps that will change one day, but not in the foreseeable future. I enjoy spending time with young men, albeit in platonic relationships, and don’t mind their occasional loud behavior. I enjoy sports. I have taken lessons in one sport, and watch another on a regular basis. There are a number of others that I would love to try my hand at. The comments you have posted on your website that pretty well says that women should be kept in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, are disgusting to me. How dare you suggest that I can’t get a job outside of my home? While we’re at it, how dare you suggest a lot of the things you suggest… I am a strong, confident, intelligent young woman, and I will not stand for you bashing people like me. While I respect your decision to stay at home to be a mother, that is not for me. Is it so hard for you to accept that a woman can go out, have a job and have good, clean fun and still be a good Christian lady? Or are you just THAT narrow-minded? A little advice from a true lady: I think YOU ladies need a reality check, and soon. ~ Jean
As women having equal rights, you are certainly allowed to have your opinion and broadcast that opinion however you choose. I also noticed you made a point of mentioning how the Bible encourages women to teach wisdom and kindness. That is fine. However, I hope you are aware that although the Bible may encourage this, women were denied the right to even so much as do that for centuries. If it weren’t for the fight for equality by people such as Susan B. Anthony or Alice Paul, you would not have the freedom and luxury of being able to “teach wisdom.” I am not for hardcore feminism but there’s nothing wrong with women being able to accomplish the same goals as men and live their lives however they see fit. Not every woman wants to stand barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, cooking dinner for her master (husband?) while chasing around 7 other brats (children?). As a married young woman, I choose to raise my children equally with my husband. I am allowed to pursue an education and he supports me so that I may prepare myself for any career I choose. He works full time yet we share in household chores and the raising of our children. If I feel like cooking him and the kids dinner, I do. If I don’t then he will cook or the kids may just have some cereal. That’s how life should be if someone wants it to be that way! ~ Ang

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