Adventures in Mercy & Lady Lydia

Molly Alley or Molleth being the good Christian woman that she is, did not reveal the name of who was lambasting her on her views in her blog – Adventures in Mercy.   

In an article on her blog, Molly instead of focusing on this anonymous person’s atrocious comments choose the higher path of where she might have failed.
Of course, we having no such uber-Christian convictions, feel she was talking about none other than our Lady Lydia. But we are wrong!

What happened? 
The history:
Molly says: I am a part of an email group made up of mothers of many young children and have been for many years. It’s a Christian group and, for the most part, fairly conservative–at least, the vocal ones are. Since I have five young children, a resource like this group can be nice, even though five kids is a fairly small family there. Usually, life with my “small” family keeps me too busy to even bother to read through the email digest, but every so often I will, and, once in a while, I will write a post to send in.

(Hint: Molly was a former member and contributer to the Ladies Against Feminism site.)

Molly says: Recently, this group was talking about how adult children, especially daughters, are Biblically commanded to stay home until and/or if they become married. Mothers were being encouraged to train their daughters that way, etc, and to beware the dangerous world of feminism. So I wrote a post of polite dissent, using many passages of Scripture to explain my position and mentioning some of the many women in Scripture who did not “home-keep,” such as the women who travelled with Jesus, or Phoebe, who Paul had deliver the letter to the Romans.
Many women emailed me to tell me thank you, to let me know that the group has many who are not ultra-conservative and that it’s nice to hear dissenting voices. (I’m glad for those who speak up—they’re brave, in that sort of forum, and needed).

And then enter the whacky combatant:

 Molly says: But one woman emailed me more than a few times, letting me know, in that lovely “righteous anger” that we Christians can use so well, that because I disagreed with her position, I was obviously not a student of God’s Word, was relativistic, my words were poisonous and she wouldn’t read them (though she must have read enough to let me know how horrifically wrong I was), and that I obviously didn’t believe Scripture at all. 

Ladies hate people disagreeing with them, but all the same they’ll pray for them:

Molly says: She closed her final letters, of course, by letting me know she’d be praying for me—you know, that warm “Christian” way of sticking a knife in your rib—and, well, that was that.
What bothered me was the complete lack of logic employed in her responses. She couldn’t hear anything I said—and, for that matter, didn’t appear to be trying to. She’d formed her interpretational grid and it was water-tight. Not only was it infallible, but it had to be protected: it was dangerous to even listen to any other arguments. 

Lady’s usual lack of logic and resort to emotional drama:
Molly says:  She wrote claiming she wanted conversation and asking me to answer a few questions, but it turned out conversation was the last thing we had. People can’t have a conversation when one side has their fingers in their ears and then, despite the fact that they openly tell you they will not listen to the answers you gave to their questions, proceed to tell you exactly what you think and why, resorting to personal jabs while doing so.
Urgh. It got me thinking about how dumb we all can be. I was on the receiving end of a wildly whacking combatant (though I didn’t even want a fight!).






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7 responses to “Adventures in Mercy & Lady Lydia

  1. authenticallyme

    Wow, this is WEIRD….its like coincidence from earlier today…on another blog I read…….BUT..

    I wanted to say that Molly went on further in her article to say she was wrong, too, and that she learned from it. I dont see the point of posting this here. I find Molly to be a fair person and willing to listen.

  2. authenticallyme

    Ok..I get it. You are tracking down comments concerning your website/blog/online persona….and posting rebuttals? Actually, on Molly’s blog, you didnt even post a rebuttal. Are you being sarcastic toward Molly? I also was a Lady Against Feminism member at one time, but I have since taken a different path. I believe that is likened to what happened to Molly, and she was just sharing her experience, placing much blame on herself.

  3. Hey, spoofer. 🙂

    Just an fyi, and not at all meant to ruin your post, but the group I was talking about was not LAF and the specific person I was dealing with was not Lady Lydia.

    Off to read some more of what you’ve got around here…


  4. I am writing this to Lady Lydia, because I assume she will read it here. She wrote to me, upset about my participation on this blog, but I can’t email her back, though I tried, because the address she gave wasn’t good. I understand if you choose not to publish this comment. Thanks, if you decide to let it up.



    I am not participating in any flame site. I was informed about the site by a friend through an email, went there, and told them that I was not talking about you, etc.

    You accuse me of intentionally being involved in this site behind your back, but that is not true.

    What have I done that warrants you wanting to call me and talk with me about it?

    I have grave concerns with some of your teachings, yes. I sincerely disagree with you in many areas, actually. I think your focus is off of Christ and onto the things of man (albeit very likely with the best of intentions). What you teach, I believe, is often found discussed in Galatians, it being the very thing that Paul was railing *against* and warning Christians about (see Gal. 4 and 5).

    I believe the same thing about many of the teachings of Jennie Chancey, Doug Phillips, and others in that group, so in no way am I putting you in a special catagory all by yourself. I think that entire group/movement is terribly horribly off-base—the whole thing is completely depressing in that it is very destructive to many souls who are being led by leaders who themselves are blind.

    I do realize, however, that the group likely has the best of intentions. I know that I sure did, when I was a part of it. I do not think that you are purposely and maliciously leading others astray.

    You must understand that there is a big difference between critiquing you and critiquing what you are teaching. I believe that those who take part in writing about you (just as there were those who wrote posts and comments complaining about me—-vehemently and vindictively so especially when I first left the patriarchy camp) are wrong. We should not be attacking each other. We talked about this a long time ago on the Complegalitarian blog and I apologized then if there was ever a time where I attacked you, personally. I continued to disagree with you, though, with regards to what you teach. I will continue to disagree with those teachings. That is a very different thing than attacking you personally. I have no wish to attack you personally.

    But those who critique your *teachings* are well within their rights as Christ-followers. We must all be Bereans. There is no one human on this earth who is above having their teaching scrutinized and measured by the standard of Christ.

    I hope this helps clarify where I’m coming from. I’ve removed the link that was on the sidebar of my old blog, as well as your comments, and hopefully that will clear things up for you.


    “Molly, I was just in your neck of the woods, visiting someone right next door to you. I wonder that you would participate in something like this flame mirror site when I have never done anything to you or to them. I certainly dont have the time to immitate other blogs.

    If you would like to talk to me personally, I would certainly like to phone you or allow you to phone me. I have always been concerned at the way you have treated me, when I have never done anything to you and have never had anything personal against you and have always tried to communicate with you.

    Yet I see that behind my back, you have participated in this. I thought I should write to you personally about it instead of taking the matter to anyone else publically (unlike you). Molly, the people you link to, who have created immitations of my blogs have also stolen personal photographs from my blogs including my header which I photographed myself.

    They have also terrorized another woman named Candy, and attracted others who took pictures of her house, her car and her children, and then harassed her husband at work. THey relocated and still were found, and their tires slashed on several occasions. Giving these people your approval can be frightening to others. They have several blogs about this woman named Candy. They spend a lot of time digging up in archives and creating these blogs which makes me wonder if they are paid for it, or if they are doing it at work and cheating their employers time. THe links on the side of my blog, are also targeted for future mirror blogs.

    Molly, do your husband and parents know about this and back you up for it? “

  5. Hey. Thanks for posting the message. I figured out what was wrong with the email address that was given, so it now went through. If you’d like to delete the above now, that would be great. If not, I understand. Thanks for letting me use your blog as a message delivery service. I appreciate it.

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