Defending Jennie Chancey on voting carried  a news item about the lovely couple – Matt and Jennie Chancey. Too bad, Matt didn’t win the election. But anyway, those horrible Christian feminists were out there again tearing Jennie apart.

I did my best. But those mean girls, kept bringing up things I couldn’t answer; things I had buried under the carpet; things I deleted in my blog; things I pretend never existed. 
I mean who would want the racist, sexist mean things they said about others, shoved under their nose and asked for an explanation.
So when it got too hot to handle, I just ignored these women and didn’t answer any of the questions they raised.
DothanEagle wrote this article called “PSC Candidate’s wife says she chose homemaker’s job.”
For which there were many nasty comments. The comments read:
Lady Lydia:
I don’t know why any kind of issue is being made of Jennie Chancey’s choice to be home and teach her own children, care for the home, and be a helpmate to her own husband.
What is the big deal, anyway? None of the wives of the Presidents, and few of the wives of the senators, work, or even have to work. We have yet to see a president married to a career woman who carries on her career during his tenure in the White House, so what is so all alarmingly strange about a candidate’s wife being a homemaker?
Cynthia Gee likes to stir the pot of controversy, taking words and phrases out of context, and rarely reads an entire article in context.  She has been all over the web verbally trashing people, including myself,  who do not share her feministic view of life.
I have seen her do it so many times that now I very much doubt that any thing she says is entirely truthful.
She loves to call people “hypocrites” if they don’t line up to exactly the belief system she thinks they should, and she likes to find “apparent” discrepencies.
The fact is, the LAF site was created to show women they had some alternative to the feminist agenda, which today, results in many women missing out on marriage, children and homemaking.
Having spent a lifetime in schools, young women grow up believing they cannot stay home, and that it is somehow less than intelligent. The LAF site exposes feminists for what they are. Here is one of the feminist “ministers” quoted from her pulpit in a university: “In order to raise children with equality, we must take them away from families and communally raise them.“—Dr. Mary Jo Bane, feminist and assistant professor of education at Wellesley College and associate director of the school’s Center for Research on Woman.
The LAF site, started by Jennie and myself, exposes the feminist movement for what it is: a social engineering program that gave women careers instead of families. 
We know women work, and we have nothing against it. However, we are saying that it is not more important than your marriage, your children, or your home. Women have always worked, but in the past, did not do it to prove a point, or prove equality, and they had the sense to leave it when it was time to marry and have children.
  Today, as a result of feminism, which supposedly promoted “choice”, most women who work, feel they have no choice. We were all warned, in the 60’s that if women didn’t quit demanding the “right to work”, they would soon not have the right to stay home, and that is exactly what is happening.
Cynthia needs to read up on this a little more, rather than pulling out lines and phrases out of only selected articles that she dislikes. She strains at a gnat, and swallows a camel.
Whether or not homemaking is “mainstream” is not the point. If everyone went around with a piece of string hanging out of their mouths, it would be “mainstream” I suppose, but does that mean we should do it, just because it looks “mainstream”?
Let’s get real: didn’t you ever tell your mother,when she didn’t want you to go with the crowd, and wear something that was rather wierd, “But Mom, EVERYONE is doing it!“ Our mothers usually said, “If everyone jumped off the bridge, would you do it, too?  So, “mainstream” is just a rabbit trail that critics are going on, away from the point of what the candidate and his wife really stand for: the stability of marriage, home and family, which is the strength of our nation.
Lady Lydia, this article is about Jennie.  I’m not making a big deal about her choice to be a SAHM.
I’m making a deal out of the fact that Jennie has said that wives and mothers who choose other options are sinning (blaspheming the word of God qualifies as sinning).  That’s what she said on the Vision Forum site, and for your convenience the link and some of the quotes are below.
I’m not sure you understand what some of us are saying.  I already said I applauded her choice to be a SAHM.  What I don’t applaud is her judging that people who choose differently from her are necessarily sinning, because the Bible doesn’t say what Jennie claims it says, and the Bible is the standard we Christians are to evaluate all things by. 
And I made the point that some moms do work outside the home about as part-time as Jennie does with her writing and dress design.  But what Jennie does is OK, and what some of these other women do is wrong, according to Jennie’s own words.  It just doesn’t add up or make sense.  I’m talking about her article on the VF site.
The only reason I’m commenting here is because the main article is about Jennie’s views, which I assume Matt is in full agreement with.  I haven’t a clue as to whether Chancey or Cavenaugh would be a better prez for the PCA, nor do I think the issues raised here are relevant to that office.
Lady Lydia:
Grace:  Go to my recent post at and read the quote by an ancient writer, Adam Clarke, on that particular passage that you are concerned about, at the end of the post.

You are obsessed with Jennie Chancey and your blogs are a stretch to try to find something sinister about Matthew because of her.  I believe your “work” on the web proves what I’ve said here: that you spend enormous time accusing people of hypocrisy and judgementalism, when you yourself have that huge log in your own eye.  You haven’t discussed any issue of any importance in holding office, such as the actual qualifications of a candidate.

Your blogs and posts smack of jealousy and vengeance and  sweeping assumptions that show you willing jump to conclusions without hearing out the matter completely. So what if she writes a book. She didn’t have to leave home to do it or neglect her family. I have written a book also and it it is as easy as posting a comment online. If done in 15 minute increments daily, while children are sleeping, it can amount to quite a bit. For some people, that is more relaxing than watching television, or going out for coffee and you can keep an eye on your home at the same time. I don’t have to spell it out for you step by step or minute by minute, as your blogs and posts show someone who spends an enormous time on the web running other people down, by name.

She loves to call people “hypocrites” if they don’t line up to exactly the belief system she thinks they should, and she likes to find “apparent” discrepencies.“

Lady” Lydia,

I hardly think you should be talking. 

You are the one who makes fun of old ladies who wear shorts and say that they look like “giant pull-ups”.  You are the one who made derisive comments about the women who fled Hurricaine Katrina and the clothing they wore and how you wouldn’t be caught dead in their outfits.  You said they had no sense of dignity. 

You are not being “trashed” because she is a feminist.  You are being “trashed” because of the uncharitable, uncompassionate and unChristlike words you say about people.

This issue is not about homemaking.  I am a homemaker.  This is issue is about the extreme teachings of people running for office.  This issue is about Twinkle Cavanaugh, a member of the “Monstrous Regiment of Women”.  If anyone wants to know what I am talking about, google it.  Jennie Chancey appeared in this documentary and it is all about how women should not be in leadership positions in government or the secular sphere, working side by side with men as if they were equals.  (Yes, this is what VF/Phillips says.)

The problem is that if women are not just like you and the LAF crowd, they are sub-Christians who are entrenched in sin and are Marxist Feminists who reject the biblical teachings of womanhood.

And we all know that is balogna.

Here are your own words for the edification of all the readers.  We shall see who is the hypocrite and who is trashing others. 

“Lady Lydia-

“Re: this comment: My husband was commenting on the looks of the elderly women in a farmer’s market we visited today. They seemed to have no idea what their rear ends looked like with their pull-up pants and big shorts that looked like giant diapers.”


“You hit the nail on the head, Lydia. I have been wondering how to describe this ugly, ugly “style” and this is it. Combine this diaper-look with the nearly shaved hair of many older women and your word “creepy” is perfect. I cannot fathom why anyone would want to present themselves this way, even in the privacy of their own home, let alone in public. I’m sure you have been watching scenes from Katrina victims. I kept hoping I would see some lady fleeing the hurricane in clothes which looked presentable. Insteadthe images I was presented were almost uniformly an ugly tee-shirt combined with these big shorts. Can you imagine having only those clothes on your back and nothing else? When will the women of our country wake up? No wonder marriages are falling apart.

Blessings, Carla”

Lady Lydia’s Reply-

“Comment: What does the phrase “die with dignity” mean to us? We have let the modernists liberal define this for us, making it completely contrary to real dignity. I’ve heard people say “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that outfit.” As a people, we used to be concerned with the impression and the influence we left others at our passing. I’m not suggesting we get all dressed up for a hurricane, but if those clothes which provide dignity and coverings are the only thing in our closets and the only thing available to us, we won’t be caught in a storm with the big shorts, saggy tee shirts and flip-flops. Tragedies always bring scenes of ripped and dirty clothing, but I think it is very telling about our morals and values when we allow our women to trapse about in nothing but garments that would have been underwear a hundred years ago. What a sight we are presenting to the overseas telly-viewers. I’m so embarrassed that these scenes are perceived by Europeans who look up to our country and admire us, as representative of us! ”“

“Lady” Lydia,

“We know women work, and we have nothing against it. “

That is a BLATANT lie.

There isn’t enough space on this blog to quote from source materials that show you are not telling the truth.

The fact is, you ARE against women working and Jennie even says it is “sin”.  Not only is it sin for a woman to work while she has children in the home but a woman should never work outside of the home because it is “serving two masters”.  This comes from Jennie, also.  In fact, Phillips states that women cannot work outside the home in society because it says that women are equals with men. 

I cannot believe you can make such a statement and expect people to believe it.

A woman who works outside of the home is guilty of a HUGE sin and it is proof that she is a feminist who doesn’t care about her children and family, according to you and your fellow followers of the VF paradigm. 

Shall we bring up college and how you all believe that women should not go to college because it is a waste of money and resources since the “normative” thing to do for a woman is be a wife and stay at home, homeschooling mother of many?  And that a daughter should be transferred from her father’s authority to her husband’s authority and she shall never be out from under their roof?



You are the same one who stated that black Christian slaves probably didn’t go out to the fields to work but stayed in their cabins, having their husband’s babies and keeping home for their husbands and making dinner for them when they got home from working (picking cotton in the field is akin to working a job????).

Why did you say this?  To prove that Christian women know that it is wrong to work outside of the home.

Why not just be honest about how you and the LAF crowd feel about working women?  It is a matter of public record and lying about it will prove nothing except that Christians are just as dirty with their politics as the next person.


Lady Lydia said of me: “You are obsessed with Jennie Chancey and your blogs are a stretch to try to find something sinister about Matthew because of her.“

No, I was confining myself to Jennie’s views, which are public.  There isn’t anything sinister about showing people an article Jennie wrote about working wives, stating where I think she has a double standard, and where I disagree with her.

And I said this has nothing to do with Matt.  Unless people are going to realize where they stand on a lot of issues, especially about women, and don’t want a person with those kinds of views in public office, but I can’t say what the climate is in Alabama.  I have no clue as to whether talking about their well-publicized views on working wives, wives voting, etc., will help them or hurt them in this campaign.  I’m not in the Deep South.

No, I am not dishing up dirt on Matt Chancey.  If I wanted to do that I would probably start talking about mrsbinoculars where he did a smear job against a couple whom Doug Phillips excommunicated from his church.  But that isn’t what this article is about, so that is about enough of that.

You’re a real sweetheart, Lady, Lydia, I tell you what.



You are not acting like a lady.

Is ad hominem all you have?  You falsely accuse Cindy and now Lynn but yet you have not one quote to back up what you say? 

I would rather be a pull-up wearing, short-haired lady than a woman who looks down on the elderly (dressing the way they do because of arthritis and other physical ailments) and victims of natural disaster. 

I would rather be honest about what I believe than lie about it in order to get elected. 

I would rather stick up for the truth than cover it up with a flurry of ad hominem abusives and red herrings.

If the teachings of VF/Chancey/McDonald/Botkin/et al are so wonderful, good, righteous, and biblical, then why are you all downplaying them when you talk to the press? 

I would invite people to go to the truewomanhood site and to go to Lynn’s site at indeliblegrace at blogspot (dot) com and read for yourselves whether Lydia is blowing the familiar smoke and adjusting the patriocentric mirrors.

Grace says:

“I have written a book also and it it is as easy as posting a comment online.“

Oh, really?  

“If done in 15 minute increments daily, while children are sleeping, it can amount to quite a bit.“

I’ll bet.

“For some people, that is more relaxing than watching television, or going out for coffee and you can keep an eye on your home at the same time. I don’t have to spell it out for you step by step or minute by minute, as your blogs and posts show someone who spends an enormous time on the web running other people down, by name.“

Really?  Just like the following site—

Matt Chancey probably spent an enormous amount of time on that site, too. 

Btw, where have I run people down, Lady Lydia?  Can you give some specific examples, with quotes?

Grace says:

Since I’m being accused of being spiteful and vengeful, here’s another real interesting link.  Barbara Curtis, a fairly well known blogger and author herself, a staunch, vocal pro-life conservative woman with many children, was deleted from Jennie’s Ladies Against Feminism site.
Read the above link to find out why.
Just saying what’s out there, not anything that hasn’t already been made public.
Grace says:
Lady Lydia, um, after reading some of the quotes Corrie posted, and finding out that they are out there on the internet, I don’t think you are doing Matt Chancey the greatest of favors coming on this thread and trying to lambast *me* from now until next week (when this election thank God, will be history).

I of course shut up after that! But not without whispering to myself: “Do not cast pearls before swine lest they turn around and rend you to pieces.”

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