Dissenting views – Part I

This article is one of those rare articles, in which Lady Lydia has permitted rude comments. Many a time this article gets deleted, but still if you search you might get it. Meanwhile, thecurrent link to this article is here.

Earlier, this article was on the side-bar, but I guess it was attracting more negative comments so it has once more been relegated to obscurity.
Dissenting views:
I decided to collect “dissenting views” (which are often rude comments) here and keep it on one post. Readers are welcome to give a ready answer for the reason of the hope that is in you, regarding the role of wife, mother and homemaker! Just remember not to slip into the same kinds of insults as the dissenters dish out.
Anonymous says:
I suspect you are no lady at all but a greasy, saggy, baggy, wrinkled old lady living in the past. Don’t you realize the harm you are doing spreading this kind of thing to young women? It is a day and age they should know they should be in a college getting a good education, not confined to a marriage. Shame on you and good riddance.
Lady Lydia says:
You really need to get a grip on yourself. I’m a lot less saggy than some of you young girls who sit around all day eating chips and drinking beer. Perhaps you should work in the garden more and grow some fresh veggies for your complexion and your health. I’ve seen a lot more wrinkles in some of your age, than in 60 year old women, these days. Hard drinking and low living catches up with you fast.
If you don’t want to be a “greasy, saggy, baggy, wrinkled old lady” by the age of 30, you need to take a sober look at your daily life. How much fresh air are you getting? How much fresh fruit and vegetables are you eating? How much water are you drinking? How much rest are you getting? Are you preparing for marriage, for a lifetime, or are you planning on having a starter marriage, and three or four more after that? The way you look as an old lady will tell the story of your life. You can either have a sweet countenance or be bitter, and that will show on your face.
As for my spreading the art of home living to young women, I fail to understand why your blogs, filled with the nonsensical jabber about the latest sci-fi movies are better equipped to influence young girls.
At last, regarding college, I think this man explains it better:

Anonymous says:
I wish you would be more open minded about things. Women are so much more than home makers! I can’t imagine getting all this education and then being locked up in the house all day. Where do you think money comes from? Haven’t we come a long ways from the past in order to get to the stage where women at last have the freedom and independence to earn money? This isn’t the 1950’s anymore and you need to wake up. No one is going to look after you the rest of your life.
You are so ignorant.
Lady Lydia says:
It would take some time to answer all your accusations at once, so I will deal with one at a time.
I find that many young women are not very open-minded, themselves. They come across sites like this and they are horrified. They can’t accept the fact that even college graduates do not want to pursue their careers but go home and take care of their husbands, their gardens, and their babies. What is so ignorant about doing what is right at the time it needs doing? What is so wrong with putting duty before desire? Perhaps you need to get used to some different ideas other than the one idea you have, and be a little more open-minded to the diversity you so loudly claim to love. Diversity seems to cover all kinds of things, except when women want to be married for life and raise children, teach them at home, take care of the house, iron their husband’s shirts and help him in his destiny. Diversity is okay as long as it doesn’t include the homemaker.
Combined rude comment (Lady Lydia gives the justification for combining all the rude comments in her “For feminists and students” post):
“Dearie, I never intended for you to publish my comment; I knew you wouldn’t. I just wanted YOU to read it. Of course I have anger; I’m a woman, not a Stepford. And nice try, but the Bible was not that man’s authority in that ridiculous sermon. “Maybe you should take a course in communications or negotiations”LOL Like you did? Calling women who disagree “silly”? Calling girls who are worried and ask “what if” questions self-important and smart-mouths? You are a Victorian-laced woman from a race that should be dead…you are pathetic. There are just no words for the rot you represent. The Bible is an archaic mode of life that does not work in the world today…why do you cling to it? Don’t you know you cannot live in the past?….People are not getting married anymore, in the tradtional way. Why can’t you accept that? And, there are different relationships today, not just the husband/wife relationship…the time will come when people like you will be guilty of the crime of bigotry..you are a racist witch who doesn’t deserve space here….housework doesn’t take rocket science…it doesn’t require you be locked in your house 24/7. I’m going to be rich enough to afford a maid, and my children will have a nanny, so I can get on with something meaningful in life, like a career and a paycheck. I don’t want to subject my children to poverty.”
Lady Lydia says:
The feminist movement cannot be accomplished without the infiltration of Marxist/Communist teaching. This teaching even combines parts of the Bible to illustrate their points.
That explains why feminists go on and on and on in endless discussions about theology and “doctrinal disputes” and their obesession with a man’s role in life. I do feel sorry for them, for they will be denying themselves, in life, the opportunity to have a loving husband who will cherish them enough to protect them and allow them the freedom to be home.
Another comment:
“I can’t believe that women like you still exist. You ought to be dead, or locked in a museam.”
Lady Lydia says:
You wouldn’t be from Romania, would you? You sound a lot like some of the women who write to me from there. Your comment was almost word for word what the communists told Christians in China. “Your God will be locked away in a museam”, they said. Regarding museams, though, I have always wanted one. I could charge admission and still stay home. You have no idea the number of antiques I have around here.

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  1. Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

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