God Is A Capitalist, Apparently


Reading by the Window Hastings by Charles James Lewis

Any publicity is fine by me. I have concerned myself only with talking about biblical womanhood, but there are others who want to dub me anti-capitalist. I wish people would not libel me like this. I am going to sue them! 

One Sarah Frost writes:
For an article whose title is How To Stop Fretting Over Politics And Start Living Abundantly,this Ladies Against Women article has sure got a long list of things apparently worth fretting over. 

Apparently, the Enemy’s goals lie in one very particular direction. And Lady Lydia’s (I’m not sure if her full pseudonym is Lady Lydia Speaks, or if she just writes about Lady Lydia speaking) assumption of that direction is an insult to compassionate Christians everywhere.

Her errors are twofold: firstly, factual—the world is hardly progressing towards the particular dystopia that she imagines, nor is that dystopia the actual goal of very many people—and secondly, ignorant and encouraging others to remain ignorant, by equating only leftist ideas with anti-Christianity. God might be against all the things on her list, because they are all very much to extremes—but a compassionate God would be equally against their right-wing opposites, and that is not acknowledged.

1) The abolishment of all ordered government.

Say nothing of excessive ordered government, because we all know that governments have never committed any atrocities, ever.

2) The abolishment of all private property.

Say nothing of the communities of early Christians, or the rich man and the needle’s eye, nor what might be said of a society where all property is private, and the fortunate may keep the unfortunate as poor as they please. Say nothing of the humanitarianism of a neutral government where all contribute equally to the poor of all stripes while individuals maintain their freedom to give with conditions.

3) The abolishment of all inheritance.

For it is God’s will that Paris Hilton shall live on what she did not earn and contribute nothing to society; for we cannot say that taxes should contribute to the welfare of the poor.

4) The abolishment of all patriotism.

Christ did so say “Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s”; but say nothing of idol-worship, nor of blending of individual worship with state enforcement.

5) The abolishment of religion.

At last, something the Enemy would surely want, did he exist. Yet it must be said that, should religion happen to decline or even fade out entirely (as unlikely as that is) through granting people free choice to believe as they would, that is quite a distinct thing to extinction through persecution and force.

6) The abolishment of all family and marriage.

For acknowledging the existence of loving families different to our own quite clearly abolishes others.

7) The creation of a World Government or World Order—to take the place of all the above things that had [sic] been abolished.

For God would never wish peace and unity to come to the world, for God is a cruel God; such a World Government could be a force for good as well as ill, and while it is unlikely to come to pass for a very long time indeed, surely we may hope and work towards a good peace between the nations arranged through a neutral body without borders.

And that’s the list. Anyway, in order to get a very ordered and numerous government with a lot of force behind it where all property is private so those with the most money can do whatever they please, inheritance and other taxes no longer exist so the poor are screwed unless they’re willing to do whatever kowtowing the rich require before they hand over their charity, patriotism has become a substitute for God and led to jingoism, xenophobia and war, religion is enforced by and inextricably entangled with the government, the only families allowed are heterosexual where neither is divorced, and we’re all off in separate nations with no possibility of international, charitable organizations that think globally about the world as a whole (yes, I know I’m exaggerating, but so’s Lydia), Christians are given the following advice…

First, children get taught at home, especially since [r]evisionist history taught in public schools gives the next generation a warped view of our founding fathers and the biblical purpose of forming a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Of course God doesn’t mind the way some children might be indoctrinated or denied a decent education. (Homeschooling is A Good Thing, but all the same there needs to be some standards enforced, and the concept of a public school giving many children equal opportunities to be taught by especially trained people is also A Good Thing.)

Secondly and thirdly, property stays in the family. Lydia cites a Biblical text about a good man leaving inheritance to his grandchildren, and it can be arguably said to be referring to finance, although just a few verses before it comes “There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing: there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches”. And I mean, yes, it’s obviously another Good Thing to benefit your family—but making it all about the physical is a little shallow, isn’t it? And should inheritance benefits really be entirely unlimited?

And fourthly, Lydia goes straight into idol-worship. This is not a Christian belief.

To read the full article, click here.


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