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Afternoon Tea by Paul Fischer

I always detest those feminists over at Punkassblog. I wish that they didn’t always pick on me. I just wrote a small, teeny-weeny post saying that they were “silly women” and now look at the backlash! Humph! People have no self-constraint – they immediately hit out at me. So I next deleted the post on “Silly Women” so that their comments become invalid! Ha Ha! Now I have got the upper-hand!


I’ve always yearned to be “ilk!”

Of course, I may be flattering myself. When the Lady Lydia referred to persons of “Kyso’s ilk,” she may not have been referring to me because she didn’t specify what Kysoean attributes a person must have to be considered one of “Kyso’s ilk.”

(I’m sorry for the incessant quotation marks, but since the Lyds used ‘em, I feel I must faithfully reproduce them. It would be wrong to assume that she simply isn’t aware of the proper usage of quotation marks. Wrong, I tell you.)

Who is this “Lady Lydia” broad, you may ask? (Well, you might already know. That was whatI was wondering when I was nipping merrily through the site today and noticed somebody was leaving comments on a post that was two years old. I mean, it takes some dedication to read through two years of blog archives!)

Well, as it turns out, the simpler explanation is usually the correct one…nope, the Lyds didn’t actually just happen across the awesomeness that is PunkAssBlog and was so enchanted by the content therein that she spent the past week reading post after post in reverse chronological order til she accidentally encountered one that was actually about her. No, she was LOOKING for it! (Excuse me, them. There are two of them.) But still, two years later..? I smelled a Mystery! Happily, she very thoughtfully embedded her url in her username, so my investigation got off to a swimming start.

As it turns out, the Lyds is deeply into women doing nothing but homemaking. She tacitly admits that homemaking with all the modern conveniences out there is a grotesque bore, so she is also deeply into all the crap women used to have to do by hand, from scratch, in order to homemake. I can sorta understand this as a consuming hobby. It doesn’t move me personally, but then, neither does skydiving and I know at least two people who are totally into that. Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks. The only really bizarre aspect of her hobbyist obsession is that she appears to believe that all women should also devote themselves to her particular hobby, full-time, at the expense of a paying job. (And as a corollary, I guess she thinks men should be really excited to get to work full-time to completely financially support not only any woman who wants to entirely devote herself to this hobby, but all the hobby materials as well, plus a house with land suitable for planting to go with it.)

I’ve known lots of people with hobbies, some of ‘em dead crazy about ‘em. But I haven’t ever met anyone who thought that they should get to quit their job and somebody else should support them so they could pursue it full-time–and then wanted the entire world to follow suit. That’s just…wow. Words escape me.

I flicked through the sidebar as the Lyds recommended (some gorgeous examples of who she admires sufficiently to link to will be provided at the end of this post) and then scanned down her main page. And woot! I FOUND it! the answer to the Mystery of What She Was Doing Commenting On a Two-Year-Old Post by Kyso: an article entitled Silly Women, which she opens by saying that someone alerted her to a blog where she’s the main topic.

(Two two-year-old posts about her means she’s our blog’s main topic?)

Anyway, she spends the entire article attempting to simultaneously appear to turn the other cheek in a humble and ladylike fashion as laid out in the Bible when someone in particular has infuriated her, while squeezing out insults aimed at pointedly nameless silly women so that she doesn’t actually have to eat her own bile in silence in a humble and ladylike fashion as laid out in the Bible. This is otherwise known as passive aggression, and is a tactic not infrequently resorted to by women who find (or put) themselves in the Lyd’s domestic situation. Sad but true.

Now that we’ve pretty much explored her one dimension, let’s briefly turn to some quotes from the collection of links on her page that she labels ESPECIALLY FOR FEMINISTS for some fun quotes that support her oft-stated and obviously very important-to-her goal of KEEPING BLOGS LOVELY!

Might I remind you ladies, that it was the WASP’s and other races of Christian men, that treated you better than any civilization has treated you on the planet. First, they allowed you to sit at the table and eat with the men.

Perhaps you ask, “Don’t I have any rights as a wife? Am I just to be a plain old slave all my days?” Listen carefully now….You don’t have any rights, no rights at all.

“Slovenly” “Drab” Unkempt” “Slatternly” “Blowzy” –many adjectives come to mind to describe most women who wear jeans.

Oh, the tranquil beauty of these sites soothes my troubled soul!

And then the comments to these posts. Oh! My God! Even Christian women made such nasty comments. Sorry, I should have said so-called Christian women.

They said:

Cat says:


I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Maybe she should add that creepy “Christian home discipline” site to her links page; she seems to have enough gender- and self-loathing to appreciate the glorious worship of wife-beating with a dash of S&M.

It’s all to the glory of Jeebus. Really. The ball gag? The whips? The spanking? Totally holy.

Kyso Kisaen says:

I’m an ilk! That only took like three years of blogging. I’m so proud on this day!


Antigone says:


Yes, but not only are we “silly” we are also “gossips”. She would NEVER gossip about us, or openly admit to such an unladylike emotion like ANGER.

This lady is self-mocking.

that one guy from the one place

I would so not be okay with supporting somebody else in that sort of hobby. College? Good hobby – will support. Stamp collecting – if you’re using that much money we’ve got to talk. Flying – I’ll bend over backwards to help you.

Seriously, allowances are for children under 16 unable to legally have a job.

Kyso Kisaen says:

Lady Lydia considers it more of a lifestyle than a calling. She’s a little insane, and pretty sensitive – for example, she’ll close comments if non-Victorian fetishists show up. And while I’ve never before picked on her in public for it, probably 5% of her posts are about “banishing the blues” which sounds to me like she occasionally suffers from the problem with no name, if you know what I mean.

Anne says:

The article “Silly Women” was actually written in response to the “Dear Lady Lydia” post I wrote on the http://www.whitewashedfeminist.com blog. Guess she didn’t like it. Who’da thunk?

Lisa KS says:



In her defence, she’s using “ilk” in scare-quotes because someone here talked about her ilk first.

The Cynic Sage says:


I don’t know what that means, but it sounds hot.

Screaming Lemur says:

I* was strolling through the archives cause I like this blog and I followed that second link. I paled when I read that website. Ewwwwww! I have a headache now… what a shame I don’t have a master/husband to submit to/beg off sex with. I just had to post on this even though it’s a couple months old to freak out. Holy Ceiling Cat, that “feminists are evil” guy…. *shudder* There’s a reason I’m not Christian. That guy is Exhibit A.
No, I had nothing sparklingly witty to say…




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