Lady Lydia at her racist best!


At Homeliving Helper, there were certain posts that created a huge controversy with many blogs and websites heaping criticism on Lady Lydia. Lady Lydia of course could not honestly acknowledge her racist, supremacist prejudices/faults. So she sneakily deleted all the controversial posts on her blog and then sent spiteful mails to all who had criticised her actions.
The Visionary Daughters thread #3 at TrueWomanhood and the Dear Lady Lydia article onWhite Washed Feminists, shows that more than 50 Christians have witnessed and written about her deceit, lies and racism online. Though she has deleted the post there are many links that show her true colours.

Lady Lydia on how “black slaves in America were happy:”

These racist quotes are from an article, she wrote, titled, “What if..” Within a few days, however, she deleted it and all the comments on it.
The list [of what if’s] goes on and on, and as a young single girl, I can remember asking questions like this myself, just to sound very smart. Things change once your heart changes and you get married, and even those who have children and no husband, soon discover their minds changing about a lot of things. The presence of someone else dear to your life, will change your thinking in many ways. You are no longer thinking of “me” but of “we,” and that makes a big, big difference.

I don’t care about what the slaves did in Egypt, and I don’t care about the women in the factories in Victorian times, or the women in the work houses in Edwardian times. What I care about is what the Bible teaches women about how to live.

All these scenes that everyone presents to me to trip me up, remind me of the Pharisees and their attempt to trap the words of Jesus. They were just trying to justify their actions and get out of doing what was right.

If a girl really truly wants to do what is right and will bring the greatest blessings on her, and is concerned about having a long marriage and a good home and good children, she will pay attention to what the scriptures teach women to do.

In a time when the non-believing women were loud and pushy and bossy and independent, the holy spirit told women to be busy at home. It was partly to make them different from the world and keep the word of God from being blasphemed, and partly because it is what is best for a woman’s make up. We live in a nervous world today and it has increased since women went to work enmasse and left the comforts of the home.

It may have been true that some women worked in factories and let their children run in the streets or put them to work too, but there were, in every single era that has ever existed throughout time, women who followed the Biblical teachings.

Yes, there were women who worked in saloons in the days of the wild, wild west, but there were Christian women who did not. There have always been women who managed pubs or worked every day in the market, but those who followed the scriptures knew that their place was in the home. Just because women working as harlots was mentioned in the Bible, does not give women the authority to do it. Christian women will always be different.

No matter what state we find ourselves in, the Bible teaches us that the woman’s greatest and most powerful role is as guard and guide of her home and family. That will never change, no matter what the economy does; no matter what the government does; no matter what the prevailing culture does.

It is still possible to be all those things that the Bible teaches. You can give me the weirdest scenario, and I will admit there are always exceptions. Sure, Deborah was a judge, so is that teaching us to become career judges?
Lydia was a seller of purple, so does that mean we all go door to door selling cloth? And yes, there were the slaves in Egypt. Does that mean we should all be slaves and go to work in other people’s houses for minimum wage?

It is possible that even in the slave era in America, that many women stayed in their cabins having babies and fixing meals for their husbands in the cotton fields.

Rahab ran a public house, and though she found favor with God for her heroic actions, it does not say that God approved of the way she lived, or that we should all become tavern keepers or harlots.

We can not say for certain that on every single plantation that every single woman and child worked in the cotton fields. Every one was different, and there were some Christian plantations where women were treated differently. But whatever happened, it does not matter, because Christians with conviction will follow the inspired word of God.
Why is this article terrible, un-Christian and racist?

  • Because it shows prejudice, no sympathy and a racist attitude towards Hebrew slaves in Eygpt and Afro-American slaves in America.
  • It shows slaves as contented, happy beings. It shows glaring ignorance of history by saying there were Afro-American slave women, who were given the choice of being June Cleavers. Her ignorance of the brutal, severe conditions under which slave women worked is shocking!
  • Her statement about some “Christian slave owners permitting their women slaves to set up home,” again shows massive prejudice, arrogance and ignorance. If they were Christian they wouldn’t have owned slaves. Does she at all know that Afro-American women, men and children were treated as property to be bought or sold? Does she at all know that many “so-called Christian slave owners” raped Afro-American women? Families were a rarity under the slave system, because the children, women and men would be sold different people. The scenario she presents is impossible.
  • She compares all working women to “saloon workers and harlots”. Another display of bigotry, arrogance and sheer-snobbery.
To add insult to injury, she commented on her own article saying:
Lady Lydia speaks:To reinforce my point: You can hurl any insulting challenge toward me–like what about the Hebrew slaves in Egypt, and what about kidnapped women forced to work, etc., and I will say one thing: yes these things happen: I didn’t do it. I had no part in it. I didn’t condone it. But no matter WHAT the prevailing culture, those who follow the Lord, and His Word, WILL NOT do those things that violate other human beings. Yes, there are men who beat their wives (that comment comes in every day, as if they think I’m living in the Garden of Eden before drugs and alcohol)–but those who love the Lord with all their hearts minds and souls will also love their wives as their own bodies. Yes there have been matriarchial socieites, but there were always those who followed the Lord and His will. Yes, there is this and there is that, as you young girls are always telling me, but if you are a Christian, you have a renewed mind and you are different than the world. Christian women will be the kind of women that is taught in the last Will and Testament of Jesus Christ. It is difficult for those to understand who have never obeyed the gospel, because they will not hear with the understanding that is given them upon their conversion. Therefore, if you aren’t a Christian, or if you are in rebellion against the scriptures, you will always find a way around them, if that is what you want to do. No one is going to arrest you for it or start a blog to name you and derride least, not me. You are certainly welcome to your own ways and your own beliefs and you need not come here if you don’t like it.

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6 responses to “Lady Lydia at her racist best!

  1. leesa madelin

    This is so beyond stupid. Why dont you write about the head of or founder of planned parenthood!! Now thats racist!

  2. lynn

    I am afraid you know little of the truth of American slavery. It was the North who had the first slaves and New York , among several other major northern cities, made their wealth on the slave trade of several hundred years ago. The only flag on slaving ships was the Stars and Stripes… and all on northern ships….no southern ships. All slaves runners were northern. Northern slaves, because slavery was not that profitable in the north, were sold south. Every state in America in the beginning permitted and had slavery as an institution. In the beginning of our country, England would not permit Virginia and other southern states to ban slavery, though they petitioned for that to be done….the slaves were forced into America by the British. Southern slaves lived lives immensely better than northern factory and mill “slave” workers. Most Southern slaves were cared for, fed well, permitted their own veggie gardens, had parties in the evenings and on main holidays, went to church with their masters’ family in the same church,could visit other family members at other places, seldom families were split…the Christian owners tried very hard to keep slave families together….they married and were given wedding parties by their owners, were given medical attention and care by the, primarily, mistress of the plantation….did not revolt and kill their masta’s wife and children while he was off defending his homeland during the War of Northern Aggression, 1861-1865, and yes, were beaten, raped, hung and murdered by Northern troops raiding their lands,…this is just a taste of the truths of history that are never taught in schools that are engineered by nothern rewritters of history…since they were the victors of the War. The victors always write the history. “History is written by those who have hung hereos” , to quote one writer. All one needs to do is read the Slave Narratives of the 1930’s….actual interviews with former slaves, to learn that the majority loved their masters and were considered family both by themselves and their owners. Hard to believe , isn’t it. But you are hearing truth for once, at least. Thanks for reading this far.

  3. lynn

    P.S. The north was extremely anti-black, anti-Negro and banned them from their states by various ways and means. Not so in the South….they were integrated a great deal with their white Southern brothers and sisters and general harmony reigned in the South between the races. Not so in the NOrth. Even Licoln wanted them deported back to Africa and thought they could never be a part of white society. Nice, huh?

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