Lady Lydia does a Marie Antoniette


I maybe vilifying the French queen in comparing her to Lady Lydia! But both of them share similarities in that they couldn’t be caught dead committing a fashion faux pax.

But Lady Lydia is unique in that she believes people should be fashionably dressed in skirts even during a hurricane. Lady Lydia’s equally sexist husband joins her as they make nasty remarks about old women’s backsides and how it reminds them of diapers.
Since she dared not re-post her ugly comments onthe nursing-home look after the backlash for her original post – she has now invented readers to defend her…….the latest post in defence of the Katrina-victims-comment reads:
(It is titled More Readers Respond)
“I believe you have struck a nerve with your recent blog postings =regarding feminine dress, especially for “older” ladies (such as =myself!) =20. I laughed to see you describing the “nursing home look” that has become =de rigeur for so many elderly women.”

Lady Lydia next says: “My husband was commenting on the looks of the elderly women in a farmer’s market we visited today. They seemed to have no idea what their rear ends looked like with their pull-up pants and big shorts that looked like giant diapers.”
“Their short hair that was stickery and in clumps only made their wrinkled faces look harsher.”

Then someone called Carla or Lydia herself says:
“You hit the nail on the head, Lydia. I have been wondering how to describe this ugly, ugly “style” and this is it. Combine this diaper-look with the nearly shaved hair of many older women and your word creepy is perfect. I cannot fathom why anyone would want to present themselves this way, even in the privacy of their own home, let alone in public. I’m sure you have been watching scenes from Katrina victims. I kept hoping I would see some lady fleeing the hurricane in clothes which looked presentable. Instead, the images I was presented were almost uniformly an ugly tee-shirt combined with these big shorts. Can you imagine having only those clothes on your back and nothing else? When will the women of our country wake up? No wonder marriages are falling apart.”

Lady Lydia, the sanctimonious, says:
“What does the phrase “die with dignity” mean to us? We have let the modernists liberal define this for us, making it completely contrary to real dignity. I’ve heard people say “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that outfit.” As a people, we used to be concerned with the impression and the influence we left others at our passing. I’m not suggesting we get all dressed up for a hurricane, but if those clothes which provide dignity and coverings are the only thing in our closets and the only thing available to us, we won’t be caught in a storm with the big shorts,saggy tee shirts and flip-flops. Tragedies always bring scenes of ripped and dirty clothing, but I think it is very telling about our morals and values when we allow our women to trapse about in nothing but garments that would have been underwear a hundred years ago. What a sight we are presenting to the overseas telly-viewers. I’m so embarrassed that these scenes are perceived by Europeans who look up to our country and admire us, as representative of us! ”

The picture Americans present to Europeans is the last of people’s concerns, once they read her uncharitable and extremely mean views.

The original post, called “All Dressed up” after several modifications, now reads:
There are lots of elderly women who are able bodied and active, that spend tremendous amounts of money and time getting their hair clipped and coiffed, and their nails “done,” who pay no attention to the rest of their appearance. They walk around in the “nursing home look” (jeans, tee shirt, reboks) revealing their unshapely bottems, and yet I wouldn’t ever say to them (although I would DREAM of it) “Don’t you EVER wear a dress?”

In the responses to “All Dressed up” Lady Lydia gives us interesting insights.
She says:
“I’ve worn jeans all my life. Hardly a photograph from my childhood or my past shows me anything else. I’m tired of jeans and need a change.

If you’ve seen one pair of jeans you’ve seen them all.

My husband doesn’t like other men looking at my anatomy that is so clearly outlined in jeans.”

We can infer three things:
  1. Lady Lydia suffers from GID – Gender Identity Disorder, according to the people she has linked to on the side-bar, as she used to wear jeans
  2. Lady Lydia stopped wearing jeans not because of what the Bible had to say or feminity, but because her husband didn’t like other men checking her out
  3. Lady Lydia used to wear only underwear (jeans) or pantaloons before she got herself educated. In the very same article she says, “You might do a study of the history of jeans and pants on women. Pants come from the word “pantaloon” which was originally underwear. How did the garment known as underwear 100 years ago, become outerwear on women today? After you do some studying on the matter, you might not think jeans are so pretty.”


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4 responses to “Lady Lydia does a Marie Antoniette

  1. Jennifer

    That woman Carla said more horrific things than Lydia ever did (assuming she’s not Lydia herself). What an utter heartless witch! She’d better be glad God doesn’t punish like he did in the OT, or she’d probably be caught in a storm by now wearing a teddy.

  2. Rhonda

    I too started my life in jeans. But now I wear dresses and skirts and like them. Jeans do reveal the curves of a woman than a skirt or dress would.
    When you become born again you will care if other men besides your husband are “checking you out” or not.
    As for the Katrina victims, it should be to no saprize to Europe how most of America dresses. It is also interesting how as many women age in this country they cut off their hair which makes them look older . I guess they just don’t want the granny look with hair all pinned up in a bun, but I do think the extreamly short hair is unbecoming.


  3. LV

    “As for the Katrina victims, it should be to no saprize to Europe “…


    You are so articulate!

    Your sense of style and high fashion is so apparent. Please, tell me how your mangly semi-gray bun is achieved, it must be replicated by all.

  4. Pandora

    What the heck is Lady Lydia’s husband and spiritual head doing looking at the backsides of other women? And he was the one complaining about other men checking out her backside?

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