Missing KOOPs article!

Unlike her mother, Lollybeth at The Unpleasant Times does not believe in deleting rude comments, she instead never approves any comment. Every once in a while, she selects the really nice comments and posts them as Letters to the Editor – whether they are all her own invention is hard to say.

I am sure by now all of you know that Lollybeth or Lady Lydia delete their posts, which are controversial. The minute they are cornered into admitting their snobbish, racist beliefs, they immediately delete the original posts, trackback the links and pretend as if the issue never existed.
Lollybeth, following her mother’s footsteps, happily deleted a rude article on the manners of other people’s children, the minute it elicited criticism.
However, when calls for explanation are persistent, she posts one rejoinder in her Letters to the Editor column:
Missing KOOPs Article
To The Editor:
I am having a hard time understanding your KOOPs article. Could you tell me if you are serious or just trying to be humorous?
The Editor Replied:
I have taken the KOOPs article down, I just don’t have time to reply to all the questions people have about it. It was not a dead-serious article, and perhaps some people found it humorous, but it seemed to confuse some of our readers. However it was taken, I am sure that the parent who wants to sleep in on Saturday morning, and has to answer the knock at the door from the neighbor kid at 6:30 a.m.(“Hi Mr. Jones, can your kids come out to play?”) would understand it perfectly.
If anyone is still needing the article, there is a similar one here: Experiences with Rude Kids of Other People at GroundtheHome.
Excerpts from the second KOOPs article:
Lady Lydia says:My own children were not as content or happy at home when they met other children who came and went as they pleased. The other children did not respect authority, not even mine, in my house.”

Talk about the corrupting influence of kids….The other iniquities of these kids were:

Lady Lydia says:“They dismantled the beds in my children’s rooms by taking the mattresses off the beds. Then, instead of being delighted to play with the toys that were offered to them, they wanted to get into everything that had been put away and drag every thing out from closets and shelves. They undressed the dolls and left them in a pile, pulled out all the books in shelves, threw the tinker toys, leggo and building blocks around and mixed them all up with the small toys cars, as though they were making a salad.”
“Another time I discovered that a KOOP had demolished my bathroom with their own filth. I did not want to be inhospitable, but having already had three children myself under my wing, I had plenty of those problems with them.”
And then they spoilt a birthday party by declaring a movie boring…so no more kids at the kids’ birthday parties, only well-mannered adults allowed……

Lady Lydia says: “I knew that I had to eliminate the rude KOOPs if I would keep my personality sweet and my thinking straight.
Over the years the rude KOOPs got even worse. The last rude KOOP we had in our home, would not stay and visit and enjoy the company of all of us. They wanted to get my daughter away from us (that is one clue to rebellion–they want to get your child off away from authority) and when they did manage to get her off alone, they spent a lot of time dropping hints that she was backwards.”

Watch your kids like hawks, so they don’t learn anything from others….leaving them totally unequipped and unprepared for life. 

The only difference is, with homeschooled boys, their first experience will be when they’re teenagers, and away from supervision, unlike their peers who learned how to deal with peer pressure safely back in elementary school. 

Why only boys? Because girls don’t go to college 

Lady Lydia says: My daughter wrote a funny story about this on her Pleasant Times blog, and typical of the way people think today, was accused of everything from a to z, none of it complimentary. I would suggest that if you LIKE rude KOOPS you tolerate and entertain and teach them. Congratulations if you succeed. But not everyone has the stamina or the presence of mind to do it and if they don’t like rude KOOPS they ought to have a choice. This is the era of choice, is it not? Remember the people who don’t want kids at all claim they have a choice to abort them. If it is okay to choose to abort a child, why is it so terrible to abort the neighbor children’s attempt to crowd your day, your life, and make havoc of your home? WHy do we allow abortion, which gets rid of KOOPS altogether before they even get started, but we cannot put a limit on the KOOPS that come to our door?

The treason of KOOPs:
Lady Lydia says:Lest there be any misunderstanding, this is about uninvited kids of other people. It is about kids who impose, force and insist on their way in your home. It has nothing to do with being an actual guest in someone’s home. It is about kids who think they will pal around with your kids and they don’t like authority. I could tell a story at a later date about my attempt to get one out of our daily life, but it would take too much time. I was an inexperienced mother and didn’t know what to do so I allowed this child in our lives every day and then when I discovered he was influencing my children wrongly, it was very difficult to get rid of him. He created a lot of fuss about it and so did his parents, as well as my own children. If you are a parent of young children or are homeschooling, all I can say is you do not have to wait and have your own experience in the matter. You can learn from the experiences of others. You don’t have to let kids of other people interfere with your family life.”
My God, she makes kids sound worse than Attila the Hun! Kids are the next plague in Lady Lydia’s Candyland. And this is from the woman, who claims she loves kids, loves hospitality and wants to be nothing other than a homemaker. 


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5 responses to “Missing KOOPs article!

  1. Jennifer

    What’s wrong with Lydia’s words here? Good Lord, people, those children were rude, horrid nightmares! And you fault her for this?

    • SL

      I agree, Jennifer.

      There is nothing wrong with Lydia’s words here.
      In my opinion, both of those articles (by LL and her daughter) were excellent. You are extrapolating your own ideas, even though both women have clearly indicated the difference between hospitality and the negative influences of rude KOOPs on their families.

      I have been through this myself and now my daughters have had to make rules for KOOPs. We always had many children in our home. I love children. My daughters love children. But sometimes you have to draw the line in order to protect your own children.

      You are trying so hard to find something to criticize about Lydia and Lillibeth that you are getting more and more ridiculous. In fact, you are making them look pretty good!

      • SL

        Oops. Aside from agreeing with Jennifer, the rest of the comment was meant to be addressed to the blog author.

  2. LV

    These people are whackjobs! Are these kids allowed to look out the windows, or is watching other children have fun considered rebellious and a negative influence on the family?

    Normal healthy families move to neighborhoods with lots of neighborhood kids to interact and play with on a regular basis. If my child is a Koop, yours is a Kow (Kids of Whackjobs).

  3. I am going to drop off some monster kids (goats) at your house …. then YOU figure out what to do with them!

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