Putting Women in their place

At The J-Walk blog, there is an article on Ladies Against Feminism, which I found interesting.

It said:
Not your average woman-oriented site: Ladies Against Feminism.

Ladies Against Feminism was founded by Mrs. Lydia Sherman and Mrs. Jennie Chancey in 2002 as a way to publish thoughtful, biblical responses to feminism and to encourage other women in their God-given roles.

Here’s an excerpt from an article titled Ministry or Children?

It breaks my heart to see how far Satan has led us as Believers down the road of every couple being in total control of their procreation. The first principle upon which to base such a monumental decision for our lives needs to be that of God as the One in charge of children. He it is that closes and opens the womb; He it is who determines whom and how many He sends to grace the earth and bless His followers. We are simply the vessels He uses to carry out this miracle. Is He really such a primitive and incapable God that He cannot be trusted to give and withhold the responsibilities and opportunities of parenthood as He sees fit?

Who needs family planning when God is in charge?

I found the comments to this article even more interesting:
“Why don’t they just adopt the bhurka and be done with it. Walk three paces behind the husband, have arranged marriages.
The “F” word doesn’t scare me.”
“I’m not entirely sure, but isn’t “Ladies Against Feminism” a parody group like Landover Baptist Church?”
“Since when did God tell men to keep women in their place? Do you think that maybe the guy who got the word of God said to himself, “I’ll just add these parts in about keeping women in their place. After all, they scare the s**t out of me.”

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