Testimony for Fascinating Womanhood

In this article, Lady Lydia gives a nice testimony to efficacy of Fascinating Womanhood in getting husbands to toe the line (if ur less smart u gotta submit to him).

In her blog, if you will notice she keeps on talking about the Bible classes she holds. She always talks about ladies, conveniently failing to mention that there are only two of them attending. In other articles in her blog, she constantly complains about the non-attendance of women at her Bible classes (maybe they have a problem with the teacher). In this article, we get to know the true numbers – only two people to listen to her sermons. Sad!
In her blog posts, she has repeatedly complained about Ladies classes, how un-ladylike they were, why Christian women shouldn’t play bunko, why they shouldn’t make scrap books, why they should be more Titus 2 women and how they keep on coming up with excuses that they are divorced/widowed or single and hence can’t be Titus 2 women.
And if a family joins their teensy-weensy church once in two years, it becomes a big post atLollybeth’s The Unpleasant Times newsletter.

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