Conception of Ladies Against Feminism by Lady Lydia


It says things like “Armed with a Bible, an Edwardian Apron Pattern and the booklet of Christian Modesty, the LAF are fighting for, or at least demurely crafting, a version of femaleness that probably only existed in pre-twentieth century romantic fiction.”

LAF’s website, which was no doubt embroidered one day when columnist Mrs. Stanley Sherman’s husband was calling on parishioners and her bairns were playing impetuous, but Godly, games, is adorned with the kind of treacly images that suggests it could be a parody.

A modest perusal of How to Get Back Home and Responsible Manhood reveals, however, that these ladies aren’t taking the piss.

Unsurprisingly, there are no pictures from olden times of over-worked females in factories, servants cleaning day and night for a pittance or destitute wives surrounded by hungry and grubby kids.

Like much of the retrogressive advice aimed at women, LAF is pure bourgeois fantasy and could be used as evidence that watching too many BBC costume dramas addles the brain.

It’s also unadulterated hogwash; imagine a site called Negroes Opposed to the Civil Rights Movement (NOCRM), with sections devoted to appropriate slave wear and tips on how to behave around your owner.

NOCRM recommends silver chains and a permanently bowed head so he knows who’s boss.”

I just love the line: “LAF is proof that too many BBC costume dramas addles the brain.”



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2 responses to “Conception of Ladies Against Feminism by Lady Lydia

  1. suzi q.

    You people (?), or rather snakes, are experts at slander and reproach. Well done. Your miserable lives are glaringly evident in your sinister writings because only a malcontent misfit could devise this worthless bilge. Crawl back into your snake pit and forget you ever lived. You have no worth whatsoever.

  2. Jennifer

    You know “Suzie”, some of the stuff here is quite uselessly malicious, but other articles are very true and informative, and your nasty words here are certainly no better.

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