Heartless Doll on Ladies Against Feminism

Heartless doll has written a sharp article against Ladies Against Feminism.

Excepts from the article, point out where LAF gets its reasoning wrong:
at Ladies against Feminism, we are inundated with articles and images that shove one view of “womanhood” down our throats. What’s that view? Well for one thing it involves women referring to themselves as Mrs. Sherman or Mrs. Chancey instead of by first names. They post pictures of themselves doing housework in “feminine dress” and deliver such thoughtful missives to single women as: “Singleness…just the word can bring shudders and dread to a person’s heart – especially if she is unmarried.”

It’s way groovy with me if women get a sense of pride from keeping a nice home and providing their husbands with warm meals. And while I applaud LAF for speaking out against the sexualization of young girls in media, their insistence that we whittle down a woman’s identity to only that of a “keeper at home” is freakishly reactionary and really frustrating.”
Do read the entire article here.

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