Ladies Against Feminism?


The dictionary defines Feminism as 1) Belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes & 2) The movement organized around this belief.

When I saw the banner for this site I was, quite rightly appalled and not really surprised when I found out it was a site full of Christian women. However when I read the section marked ‘start here‘, or at least as much as I could without falling asleep (there was quite a lot of it), I began to wonder… Why the hell do they call themselves ‘Ladies Against Feminism’? By some of the stuff Chancey put you would not say they were against feminism, more like the opposite.

LAF says: Godly husbands do not treat their wives like children, browbeat them, or abuse them in any way. We’ve heard about websites whose authors claim it is a good thing to keep women in line by treating them as lesser beings. Scripture is clear: as you do to others, you are asking it to be done to you. Real men treat women like queens and co-heirs–not as chattel or children. LAF has nothing to do with anyone who promotes belittling or abusing women in any way. End of story.

So you’re against feminism yet you believe this? They are basically saying they are against domestic violence, good for them, so are all the feminists of the world.

Read the full article at Feme Fatale: A Feminist blog


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37 responses to “Ladies Against Feminism?

  1. Georgia

    And if you happen to think homeschooling, housewifery, Victorian fashions, teas and child-bearing are not the way to heaven then you ladies are definitely going to Hell. Being a pastor’s wife, luckily I already have my place in heaven saved. I love wearing lovely white clothes because they reflect the holier, purer and lily-white me.

    Be very careful not to be boastful or judgemental. It is up to God who gets into heaven. I would love to see the look on your face when you so smuggly enter the Pearly gates and Jesus says “I don’t know you”.

    • Quote “Being a pastor’s wife, luckily I already have my place in heaven saved…………………….Be very careful not to be boastful or judgemental. It is up to God who gets into heaven”

      Georgia, I think you should take your own advice.

    • melanie

      being married to a pastor does not mean you are saved- as you said, do not boast. also, the bible- and nature itself- is very clear on the role of women. feminism is of this world, not of God.

  2. Georgia

    So I guess this is not Lady Lydia’s blog but my comment above is directed toward her and others who are just as crazy. This is an example of how the people who follow the reformation theology prevert the scriptures. Jesus never said that sacraficing to husband and children is the way to the father. He also never said childless people would go to hell no.
    The biblical womanhood blog was dismantled because she could not take the scrutiny. One less blog of religious insanity.

    • Rhonda

      While I agree with you that being wife and mother is not the way to heaven I do disagree with the idea that we don’t have to keep God’s commandments to enter in. Our culture and rich
      religion of this country (U.S.) has taught us that it doesn’t matter what you look like. Jesus did command us to clean up the inside first, but he also said to not leave the outside undone either.
      It is also commanded for women to be keepers at home and modest and to look and dress differently from the men. Of course to do all this we definately are going to go against the grains of both our culture and modern “church” if you want to call the religion that goes on today church. But who are we trying to fit in with? The world or the servants of Christ. America has gone crazy. Women are dumping their newborn babies in dumpters, mutilating them before they are even born, they are immodest, unchaste, dress like whores and look like men and you think nothing is wrong? Maybe YOU need to wake up woman!!!


    • Appologies, I missed this response. I agree with you that theology has perverted the teachings of Christ Jesus. The whole Bible is full of teachings on the role of a woman. There was a stage that I didn’t understand what obedience was until I hit rock bottom in my life, and God showed me my errors in the most Loving way. Please come and see my article called” The Taming of the Shrew and the blessings of Obedience”

    • sue

      The insanity is a worldling problem. Unregenerate people just foam and fume at the mention of Jesus as LORD.

  3. thecreepyguy

    I am very glad that there are ladies against feminism, I am just sad that they are represented by christian women who refer to scripture and other nonsense.

    • terry

      Nonsense meaning truth that makes you feel too guilty to ne tolerant and open minded about, you mean. Lol. “I need to quit being selfish and put God first? LOL YOU’RE STUPID!!!”

  4. LV

    “Women are dumping their newborn babies in dumpters, mutilating them before they are even born, they are immodest, unchaste, dress like whores and look like men and you think nothing is wrong? Maybe YOU need to wake up woman!!!”

    How many women do you know that dumped their babies in dumpsters? I don’t know any and I’m from the third largest city in the US. With regards to women being “whores”, how Christian of you! Jesus Christ would be proud, NOT! He is sick and puking at the right wing Evangelicals. They are the opposite of Godly. Jesus Christ is not on your side.

    • Rosemary

      That is not what feminism is about. Yes, those things are bad, but you are just like those LAFS because you don’t know what feminism is.

      Many Many young girls now days are taught that they can be nothing but passive, obedient, pretty little, housewives, good cooks, baby makers, but nothing more. They don’t realise that they can do so much more with thier life. If a girl was taught all her life that she can only be a babymaker/housewife then when she is one she will not do it wholeheartedly. However if she is taught that she has a choice and does it, then it is better because it will be what she truly wants to do. otherwise she should just have a career.

      • Jo

        Uh… like where exactly, the middle east? obviously you aint from the western world, where femininity, homekeeping, Biblical marriage and the like are frowned upon at best (at least by feminazis and those under their heel), attacked as worthless, stupid, even evil, at the worst. girls are brainwashed to be little boys and taught they only deserve respect if they despise their own femininity and act like men instead, told to live sefishly and put career and money above husband and children and people who love you every single time.

        gosh, those ICKY homemakers, raising the generation of leaders and living for someone other than themselves! how backward and unnecessary, unlike promoting the idea women are so helpless they need feminism to hold their hand for absolutely everything and making sure men have no rights….

    • melanie

      are you sure you dont know any women who dumped their babies? they probably wouldnt tell you if they had. and by the way, there are more and more babies being abandoned. `jesus would be proud`? read the scriptures, you idiot. where does he tell them to go sleeping around, and abandon their place at home? women have become spreaders of disease and corruption- and I am a woman

  5. Honestly, this website really creeps me out. I almost couldn’t believe that the people writing it were serious … it was so over-the-top that I thought it must be satirical. Uh … no such luck. Anyway, I wrote about this website here

    • Jo

      I agree. this racist, sexist, feminazi, every-example-of-why-left-extremism-fails site is downright creepy in its own psychotic, caricature-like way. This is why psychos need therapy, not computers.

      if I’m wrong, successful troll is successful!

  6. Sheena

    I’m against feminism- for my own non-religious reasons. More political, economical, and common sense than anything. Politically I am far right wing.. far, far, far right wing I should say. I am a woman who refuses to vote for another woman. There were no women involved when our constitution was written. Now, take nature: find an average woman and an average man, then let them both do whatever it takes to get as strong as they possibly can. I bet you anything that the man will be stronger than the woman. Also along the nature explanation: women in general (by nature) feel, care, love and make decisions based on FEELINGS and EMOTIONS… men (by nature) DO and make decisions based on logic. Now, I don’t believe one gender is more important than the other- but we would be more efficient as a people if we would stop and take a look at what parts should be working where. You wouldn’t use a hammer to screw in a screw anymore than you’d use a screwdriver to drive a nail. It could PROBABLY be done, but why? Just to say you did? Just to say you could? Both genders are equal in importance, but different in purpose. By nature- not by religion, not by law… just by common sense. Now, I’m married and don’t have kids… I actually don’t plan on having kids, although I might someday be a foster parent. My husband is in school and I work two jobs to pay the bills. One job is fairly simple, perfectly acceptable for a woman to do in my opinion. The second is actually a lot of hard labor, and I LOVE doing it, but I don’t believe I should be paid as much as my male coworkers. While the men are doing the heavy lifting, I’m generally stuck with the smaller tasks but paid the same. That actually bothers me- because I know that if it were my husband doing the hard work, I would want him to be making more than his female coworkers. It’s like paying 10 dollars for a meal- 5 for the food and 5 for the drink. If i had to pay 5 dollars for a drink, I would do without! Now- my final argument for what I consider to be “anti-feminism” is this: as wives, our husbands can be much more successful if we step back and support them, providing for them whatever they need: be it income while in school trying to better themselves, or dinner after a hard day’s work and a nice pleasing house to come home to and de-stress. If a woman wants to work, she should work. But if the wife loves her husband, I believe she should never let anything come in the way of helping him to succeed. Not only for the sake of the man, but for the sake of the whole family. So, that’s it- that’s my non-religious argument for anti-feminism. Even if you don’t agree, I hope it has helped some of you understand the reasoning behind our beliefs (even if mine are not so extreme in the religious area). I am Christian, sure, but I don’t really see what being a homemaker has to do with a woman getting into heaven.

    • Sally

      If you are a woman and you have made a choice about your own life – guess what… You’re a feminist. You might have decided to support your husband in following his dreams but you’re also the person who had the power to decide for your own life and this is fundamentally what feminism is.

    • Mary

      don’t vote at all. get off the computer and get in the kitchen, wench! what are you doing voicing an opinion at all?!? that’s what feminists do, not ladies of good morals!

  7. Rwallace

    You all have not read history. All the pre-Christian European religions had both gods and goddesses as did the vast majority of old tribal faiths before the Abrahamic faiths gained power. Christianity was a foreign religion forced on Europeans by threat of death or actual death, economic sanctions and social and political harassment. The idea that “god” is only male is a historical abombmination and not in alignment with European history or the history of the bulk of the rest of the world. Bring the female in the Allmighty back!!!

  8. KS

    You disgusting, trashy, liberal western whores are exactly the reason why no male (excluding rapists) wants to touch you or have anything to do with you.

    • Mary

      Lydia would be proud! you’re just as Christian as she!

    • melanie

      a reply to KS- I am a western woman, and I agree with you. God is disappointed with women, especially the way they have corrupted men. not all of us are whores, but I agree that the vast majority have extremly low standards. the difference is that a whore gets paid- these women are giving it away.

  9. leesa madelin

    What the heck is this. I am a Black Female in America and Lady Lydia is great. Has great advice and is doing all women a great service. Keep up the good work Lydia. I would choose her site over any racist loud so called feminist anyday!!!!!

  10. leesa madelin

    And KS you are soooooo right !!! Thank you

  11. I don’t know. Everyone on here seems a little crazy to me. It seems most commenters are of such an opposite opinion from Lady Lydia that they are not willing to even consider her words, or the words of those who take her position. Also, it seems there is more than one idea about feminism.

    For instance, when Sally said that, “If you are a woman and you have made your own choice about your own life… you are a feminist.” She was right. That makes Lady Lydia a feminist, too, even with her ‘crazy’ homemaker ideas. In fact, I think that makes probably every American woman a feminist! However, there is a difference in believing women are equal to men and deserve the right to choose their path in life and the belief that women OUGHT to do everything a man does and nothing a woman traditionally does. There is a difference between respecting each gender and their right to make their own decisions, and degrading women who make their own “feminist” choice to stay home with their children and change diapers all day. It is the second kind of feminism against which Lady Lydia and others like her take a stand.

    Sheena was right. Society does function better when women are conscious of their more basic responisibilities of supporting their husband and caring for their children. Just as it functions better when men take seriously their responisibility of providing for and protecting the woman they’ve chosen to share their life, and the children they have fathered. There is a reason those roles are ‘traditional’. They work. Not always the best, but better than the other options.

    However, being America, both men and women have the choice to live their lives how they choose, and it is at the heart of America’s founding principles that those choices are respected.

    So, it doesn’t seem very ‘feminist’ to me, for any woman to degrade another for making her own free choice.

  12. Jo

    I should think it was rather obvious they mean the modern kind of (third wave) feminism, but critical thinking, honesty and open-mindedness aren’t exactly a modern day feminist’s strong points. they hold their hands up innocently, asking “who, me?” and love to tell themselves they “only” want equality and choice… yes, that is exactly why they bash anyone who dares make a different choice than yours (especially if it is a less selfish, immoral one) or heck, even thinks differently than them!

    and many wonder why people dont like feminists (or rather, feminazis)? feminists are well known to attack Christianity, traditional femininity, men, children, absolutely anything to serve their own selfish agendas, then wonder why the worlds dislikes them. no, it isnt because it is an “oppressive” patriarchy. it’s because feminists reek of hatred and hypocrisy. why do I even need to explain such obviousness? because feminists loathe being called out or admitting the damage their cause has caused.

    Much kudos to LAF: telling it like it is with much respect and grace, even to those who give them none. Yes, they’re the backward ones.

  13. sue

    Like LAF glad I found your blog.

  14. Nicole

    Wow, so many anti-feminism comments in here. Well, that’s just great (sarcasm)! Honestly, I’m sick of people who want to see women and even girls turned into slaves by selfish dads and husbands! I’ll try to be honest with you: Not all women wish to get fucked, get married or have any babies. There are still plenty of women who prefer to work and, in case you wonder why, they can say that having a career is their passion. Women are equal citizens who deserve the same equal rights as everyone else. Besides, I’m sure there are plenty of strong women out there; I would personally prefer to get a job and be independent and I honestly don’t want to get married nor have any kids (at least not now anyway). Plus, not all feminists are man-bashing “bitches” and I’m pretty sure that feminists actually want to make sure that men and women have the same equal rights; I’m sure that you probably just don’t understand feminism. To make this long comment shirt, how about if we start accepting women (yeah, and men, too) for who they are instead of who you wish they were?

  15. Nicole

    Oops, I meant “short”

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