Lady Lydia on the economic crisis – Part I


Lady Lydia has several ideas about how women should deal with the Economic Crisis in herarticle Making the Best of Things at her Homeliving blog

Her advice:
  1. Stay at home girls, even if you are dirt poor!  I’ve gotten several feedback letters that indicate that people of certain economic levels cannot possibly reach the high calling of homemaking. These girls claim that because their people didn’t have a good economic start, and weren’t born with an inheritance, or didn’t have rich parents, they cannot do anything with their lives. They are waiting for someone to compensate them for all these wrongs, and in the meantime, are wasting precious moments wallowing in self pity.
  2. I don’t have a job, money, a house, an inheritance (not even their shack) or even insurance, but I’m just fine.  I am not a rich person, have no personal income, do not live in a home of my own, and my ancestors left nothing for me to work with except good character. I had no inheritance, as my forebearers often did not live in more than shacks which eventually crumbled with time. We aren’t who we are because of the material or educational opportunites that someone gave us, but because of certain character qualities we attain by learning and practice.
  3. Don’t bother about earning money, develop your card-making, tea-making, quilt-making & baking talents. And currently if you are just the waitress in your house, work hard – and you can become its mistress. No matter what your financial circumstances, you can develop in many other ways by discovering talents and abilities, that will take you far in life. If you feel you have nothing there, try just plain hard work. Many a poor person has begun working hard at a restaurant and later ended up owning the place.
  4. You could also just plod along in life with politeness and modesty as your armour against poverty.  If you haven’t got anything, there are still things you can give away: a smile, a parking space, give way and let others walk past, let traffic in, give your place in a line, give up your seat in a crowded area, give pleasant words, give compliments, write nice letters, build others up and praise them, etc. 
  5. To face the crisis, you don’t need education or money.  Education doesn’t matter, and neither does money. While some of it is necessary, both the need for education and money are blown far out of proportion. Education comes from the willingness to learn, and if you are a learner, you can learn from anything, and not be limited to educational establishments. 
  6. Feminists have got witches and warlocks to aid them in parcelling women off to work. Today, as a result of women’s lib, many women are forced to go to work. The house stays empty all day. It is an expensive hotel that people use to take a shower and sleep and get ready to go somewhere else the next day. 
Sometimes its pathetic to think of the drivel Lady Lydia comes up with. It is even sadder when one remembers she has a following.

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