Lady Lydia’s minless drone & habit of repeating herself

Lady Lydia in her blog – Homeliving Helper, which has more than 450 posts on the subject of “homemaking, often repeats herself. 

Sometimes its so boring to wade through her blog, because its the same thing – over and over again.  This post on her boring people might itself be boring, but then you will find that Lady Lydia has single-handedly hit upon the Media Bullet theory of influence (or maybe with a little coaching from the hubby.)
She can talk (and is qualified to talk) only on a few subjects, so she does this with unfailing regularity. 
She can talk only about:
  1. Homemaking 
  2. Homeschooling (dis-obedient children, discplining) 
  3. Feminity & Biblical Womanhood (craft items, dress, letter-writing, hospitality)
On these three subjects she waxes elqouent, and when people remind her she’s copy-pasting her own stuff, she comes up with an article in defence.
I have every right to repeat myself, she says, in an article titled “Even God repeats himself.”
“Invariably, some inexperienced young philospher fresh out of college, will write and tell me that I’m repeating myself in my continual urging of returning to the hearth fires. “
Why does she inflict such torture on her blog readers?
  •  In any kind of training or teaching, repetition is important if the lessons are to be learned. A mother may be training her children to be polite, and find it necessary to remind them when situations come up, not to talk back, to pick up their things, to answer when spoken to, and so forth. Grown children may need to be reminded that there is a family event coming up, and it may need to be repeated, since there are those who are so preoccupied and so busy, they tend to forget. (Wow! She repeats stuff on her blog, because her blog readers have the mentality of a child and need to be trained?)
  • Parents are not exhonerated just because they “already told” their children something. They are not free of responsibilty until they are sure the child heard, and understood. It isn’t enough just to tell them what to do or how to behave. They are responsible to see that the lesson was learned and that the attitudes were changed, and this will take much repetition, even if done in creative ways. (Does this mean, she is parenting her blog readers? And does this mean, she won’t stop telling us till we bombard her with mails that we heard the message?)
  • We listen to the same music or songs, over and over, because we like them. I am not insisting that people should listen or read things that are vile or wrong. I am speaking here of good things. Many times people refuse to read something or hear something because they say it is “repeating itself,” but in reality, they are refusing to listen, because they do not like it and have set up a resistance against it. This could concievably be rebellion, or it could just be an unintentional blind spot, or it could be due to the programming of other influences in their lives. (Inference: We must keep on reading her blog, get rss feeds and comment on her blog – otherwise we are in rebellion against good things)
  • Biblically speaking, there are entire chapters in which the lesson is repeated:- sometimes in the same way, and sometimes in different ways– but there is a valid reason for this: people tend to forget, as they go about their day to day activities, the principles that they need to live by. It takes repetition to remember your lines when doing videos or sermons, and it takes repetition to memorize verses of scripture that have meaning to you. To meditate on a scripture, it is necessary to look at the same sentence in many different ways. If you feel people are “repeating themselves” to you, it is possible you did not absorb the understanding they were trying to put across to you, and so they tried different ways of enlightening you to the message. (If you still feel she is repeating herself, then it means you haven’t absorbed The Message or Lydia’s gospel)

To insist that others speak or write without repeating anything, shows a lack of knowledge of the effectiveness of repetition, and a closing of the mind. Some of the more close-minded people who are reluctant to see the whole of things, may benefit from reading a book called, “The Closing of the American Mind” if such people could be brought to read it.

Punkass blog says: Lydia, all by herself and probably without any help from her husband, has stumbled upon the bullet theory of media influence. At a mere 40 to 60 years out of vouge, it’s right modern by Lady Lydia’s reckoning. It was popular back in WWII when Orsen Welles’ War of the Worlds stunt scared the ever living shit out of the entire Eastern time zone. However, it turns out that monkey-see-monkey-do is not normally how people consume media, and merely replacing Hillary Duff with Elizabeth Bennet will only work if, for some reason, gowns and private balls become all of the rage again – and don’t for a second think that your “simplicity” message would have any room at that party.

She says:

  • There are those in this society who never seem to have victory over their anxieties, worries and fears, and never seem to be able to develop character qualities of self-control, or steadiness of behaviour. Upon further inquiry, it will be discovered that they were close-minded to studying more about the things that would help them, using the excuse that it “repeats itself.” Perhaps one reason a generation fails to have stability is because the wise sayings that were repeated to previous generations, were not handed down to them. Common expressions such as “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” and “Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free,” have to be repeated enough when applicable, in order for the next generation to have the wisdom to live their lives.(So people who find her repetitve are anxious, worried, fearful, lack self-control, exhibit unsteady behavious and have the IQ of a cockroach)
  • The lesson here is that if things do not in some way “repeat,” the lessons are not effective. I recall one sermon I heard when I was young, called “Reconciliation.” In it, the preacher repeated the concept of reconciliation with your loved ones, and with God, using many different illustrations, and the consequences of avoiding it. If anyone had asked me that week what the sermon was about, I knew without a doubt that it was about “reconciliation.” Yet, today, due to the lack of repetiton, many people do not know for certain what the central theme of the sermon was. (What Lady Lydia doesn’t realise in this moral is…She is the only who is repeating herself; So basically she’s saying she’s repeating herself because her sermons/posts are ineffective)
  • In the book of Jeremiah, you cannot get through a chapter without repeating something. This is because Jeremiah was trying to get it “in their heads.” In the book of Acts, the Gospel plan of salvation is repeated many times. If you stopped people in church on their way out, and asked them what the plan of salvation was, could they repeat it? The only way they could, would be to hear it repeated, read it, and tell it themselves multiple times. (So bascially she’s just trying to din it into our heads. Bang! Bang!)

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