Crackpot website of the day: Ladies Against Feminism


At a recent discussion at Democratic I saw the following comments.

Its always nice to know what the sane, secular world has to say about Ladies Against Feminism.
The dicussion was headed off as “Crackpot Website of the Day: 
“At first I thought this was a parody. Sadly, it isn’t.

For a look inside the mind of today’s Stepford Wife:

The comments that followed: 

Montauk6 saysWhat I resent is their use of works of my favorite painter, Bouguereau!
BrklynLiberal says: Immediately after the Lobotomy, you sign onto this website.Details included with the post-op instructions.
Lubernaut says: This one amused me…
“What could Christian homeschooling moms concerned with modesty have to do with an evil communist dictator from South America?”
funflower says: If you liked that one, try this….
Maestro says:  She’s effin nuts!She is so proud of being Christian I wonder if someone should tell her it is considered a proper noun and therefore needs to be capitalized.
madrchsod says: that`s what i thought also! i do see some mothers and their daughters dress like this..oh well to each his/her own.
neebob says:  It looks like Free Republic!I fully expect that if I clicked on something, I’d get an error and have to restart IE. That’s what always happens to me on FR.
MuseRider says: Enough to give me nightmares.I read a little and I can’t imagine ever being like that. I would make a lousy fundie wife.
Sandpiper says: I’m surprised they don’t have a section with Wife Beating Tips. For the menfolk. Just in case the little wifey gets all “uppity.”

Momgonepostal says: Whoa! Loved the fashion tips!

Also, did you see the article about mixing bowls? It basically talked about the virtues of bowls and wooden spoons over appliances like blenders and hand mixers. Good grief. Why do some people like life to be more difficult than it needs to be? It’s like, let’s keep those women busy in the kitchen with few appliances and making their own Little House of the Prarie dresses and homeschooling a big brood so they don’t have time to think about what else might be out there that might interest them. Sad.
Sandpiper says:  Forget taking women back to the 1950’s!These ladies are aiming for the 1850s. But the problem with this is the same as it’s always been: “How you gonna keep ’em on the farm after they’ve seen Par-ee?”
Unless you were raised a fundie, a life of servitude and second class citizenship just doesn’t sound that appealing.
Go figure.
Mongo says: Next month – toilet paper. Is it overated?
and the health benefits of corn cob hygeine
EFerrari says: Ladies against Feminism? What, they have a collective death wish?
Do I laugh or whaaaaaaaaaaa?
Nikia says: They either are masochists or assume all men are great! 
Sure it is great if they want to be virgins until they marry the Christian man of their dreams, keep their house spotless, and raise children while staying home and letting their husband be the leader. What happens if the man of her dreams doesn’t turn out to be such a nice guy though? What happens when he loses his job? What happens when he becomes sick or injured? 
Even if things work out just as they wanted, do they really think that this will work perfectly for all women.
1620rock says: A full quiver?? These people are nuts! And apparently they multiply like minks!
Now this is scary because they home school their spawn so as to insure their future ignorance.
mongo says: God will provide you with a good husband if you are rightous. Otherwise – it’s your own damn fault. Besides the only thing worse than a “bad” husband is BEING SINGLE
From the “especially for the unmarried” page:
The Desires of Your Heart
Our Holy God will give us our heart’s desires and bring our ways to pass, if we but delight, trust in, and commit ourselves to Him! Ah, but what a big “if” that is. Our foolish, sinful, fallen natures so want to have their own way that it is hard for us to even trust our lives to the loving hands of our heavenly Father.
Thoughts on Singleness
“Singleness.” Just the word can bring shudders and dread to a person’s heart–especially if she is unmarried.
Being Your Father’s Daughter
Just as a bride looks forward to being with her groom and delights to please him, the Bride of Christ (all Christians) should await the coming of Her Groom, which is Christ. While we are single, how can we best prepare ourselves to demonstrate to a skeptical world the beauty of marriage? By turning towards our father, giving him our heart, striving to please him and delighting in his company.
The Call to the High Places
“Lord! Why are all the girls my age falling in love and getting married (or so it feels), and I have no one? How can I survive this painful thing called singleness, especially when so many friends are getting married?” Every girl cries these words at some point; most of us must face them again…and again…and again. How do I best live this unasked-for life of singleness
A Merry Future Homemaker
People often ask me what I am doing now that I am finished with my formal academics. I happily reply, “Training to be the best wife, mother and homemaker I can be.” And what better way to be trained and prepared than to continue practicing those household skills that my mother has so carefully taught me—right here at home?
EFerrari says: Brought to you by Stepford Productions.
Have a nice day!

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