Lady Lydia on why she styles herself as a “Lady”

This article is one of those rare articles, in which Lady Lydia has permitted rude comments. Many a time this article gets deleted, but still if you search you might get it. Meanwhile, the current link to this article is here
Christian Feminist says:
It’s Christian feminist again. I decided to write one last time because I was absolutely appaled by your post on boys not whistling after women anymore, which you regret so. Dear “lady” Lydia ( by the way, did you know that only the daughters of British earls, marquesses and dukes are entitled to use the title Lady before their name? 
something tells me you’re no aristocrat, so why call yourself that? a craving for titles? how pathethic..
by the way, I’m a real aristocrat, with family tree dating back to the XIV century, and with ancestors who held high positions at princely courts since the XVIIth century, but I don’t brag about that and I never use my title. In a democracy, titles are ridiculous ) 
A woman who desires to be whistled at is no lady. In my mind she is more likely a harlot. HOW DARE YOU criticize women who choose to dress according to modern fashion and don’t wear the long, baggy, loose and shapeles things you call ” feminine dress”? How dare you suggest that women invite assault and rape by the way they dress, and at the same time you regret men don’t whistle after women anymore? If any woman invites rape, it’s you with your twisted, perverse way of thinking. In my country, women are still whistled after. Everytime this happened to me I felt nothing but contempt for those pathethic men who used that way of gaining my attention. At the same time, I felt extremely unconfortable, like a piece of meat drooled after by hungry dogs. If you enjoy being whistled at, you enjoy tempting men to sin, you enjoy their lust. What a hypocrite you are, whit your rantings about modesty and femininity!
Lady Lydia Speaks:
Dear Romanian Lady,
Before Jennie Chancey and I formed the site “Ladies Against Feminism” (LAF), we and a number of other women belonged to an online group called “Victorian and Edwardian Ladies Society,” where one of the practices was to prefix your name with the word “lady”. 
We had Lady Jennie, Lady Susan, Lady Lydia, and lady this or that–everyone addressed themselves as lady, to indicate a more mannerly and genteel way of life that we were trying to import. This trend spread, and now I still see it on many of their blogs, where they sign their names with the word “lady.” 
It just means lady -like and doesn’t imply a title at all. There is no rule or law that says you must be royalty in order to have that word in front of your name. 
In past centuries, almost all women were addressed as ladies, and it didn’t mean royalty. However,as many of us are Bible believers, we know that when we follow the teachings of Christ, we are daughters of the King, and can be princesses or ladies if we like. 
Perhaps you would rather I call myself “Princess” instead of “lady.” It began as a tongue-in-cheek kind of joke, but the name stuck, and it goes so much better with Lydia.
You dont have to have official papers in order to use the word lady in front of your name. In the Victorian and Edwardian Ladies Society, we always used the word lady if we were members of that group. 
When we formed the site LAF Jennie wanted me to have a column there dealing with some subjects I had sometimes posted on the Victorian and Edwardian Ladies Society, and so she called it “Lady Lydia Speaks” and the name stuck.


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4 responses to “Lady Lydia on why she styles herself as a “Lady”

  1. lynn

    I want to use Lady Lynn now too….it looks and sounds nice!

  2. Name Required

    Wow, she completely put that rude commenter to shame with her class and dignity. Good job Lady Lydia! You people on this blog seriously need to find a life.

  3. Lady Lydia answered that rude, negative comment with such style and finesse, perfect! 🙂

  4. Helen

    All I can say is ‘lady’ Lydia sounds like a sad, delusional old bat with an almost-sexual desire to bash other women the world over. Shame for her!

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