Lady Lydia’s nasty rebuttal on why she deletes so many comments/ articles?

In her Q & A post, Lady Lydia tells the world why she will delete posts and comments that do not fit into her narrow-way of thinking.

I feel she herself asks questions and answers them…I am sure the questions from others would be a lot more caustic.

A. This is my blog and I can do as I like with it. If they want to ask questions, that is what they will do, and if I dont want to be answering questions all the time, that is what I will do. Its a free blog.
Most of the questions from feminists are demanding and not necessary to helping them become wives, mothers and homemakers. Young women are worried about many things that they cannot get answers to. There are some things in life that most of us at one time or another will never get an answer to. Young people today just cannot accept life. They want to impose their own political beliefs on me and challenge me for the way I live. They ought to be quiet and get their laundry and dishes done and clean up their houses and spend the time getting their relationships with parents, husbands and children, in compliance with scripture, and quit trying to rearrange my blog.
As a blogger, I have a perfect right and liberty to put articles back into drafts and tinker with them and add to them if I like. (Including deleting articles which have I said nasty things about other women and professed racist viewsIf I want to keep an article in drafts for years, I can do that. I am not getting a salary for any of these original articles and I do not owe anyone an article. If I like it I can keep it up, but if I want to alter it I can put it in drafts and re-do it. I don’t go around demanding that other bloggers explain themselves or answer my questions and I don’t expect to be given demands from spoiled women who think they have a right to have answers from everyone.
If I want to reject a comment, I may, and so may they. However I often get emails demanding to know why I rejected their posts. I know that feminists often do not post everything that people try to post, yet they get so indignant if I do not post everything they write.

If you have a particular question, do the research yourself and find out for yourself rather than ask me to explain every little thing and spoon feed you an opinion. Do the studying and then reach your own conclusions about any subject matter rather than demanding answers from me about what I believe. One reason I do not answer is because of the attitude of entitlement that these feminists have. They act as self-appointed investigators who are entitled to cross-examine me. They want to entrap me by enlarging things into issues greater than what they were intended to be. I will not answer these kinds of demanding questions because of the arrogance in which they are asked. These girls lack humility and they lack understanding. It will take them awhile to see that their world is not going to go the way they want it to, and that many women will choose to stay home rather than go to college or get a career. They demand that I explain “what I mean ” or my “position” on the matter. I don’t need to explain it and re-explain it. There are plenty of articles here to read and I dont have to spend days and nights explaining things. They are the type of people who will not be happy with any kind of explanation, anyway, as they are arguers, practiced in sophistry. You can’t ever convince them of anything, and much time is wasted that could be spent on those who are seeking the Lord’s way. Surely they are educated enough to find their own answers.

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One response to “Lady Lydia’s nasty rebuttal on why she deletes so many comments/ articles?

  1. My Lady, I do not find this to be at all nasty. Some people who post comments are indeed pests.

    Unlike you, I do not feel the need to be polite to these uncivilised pests.

    Although, in regard to fashion, I will quote the Duke of Devonshire in regard to his dishevelled dress:

    “When I am in the country, everybody knows who I am. When I am in the City, no one knows who I am.”

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