Q & A with Lady Lydia

This article might also soon get deleted… 

But still for the record, this is the link:
Lady Lydia in an effort to get back at the ladies at White Washed Feminists for their post:“Doug Phillips, Lydia Sherman, Jennie Chancey and Stacy McDonald reject the Virgin Mary.”
wrote a post called Q & A. 

But she got the dating wrong!
The White Washed Feminists post was written on July 31, 2008.
But Lydia’s reply to that she has posted in July 2006.
Anyway the Q & A session is interesting:

Lady Lydia on lesbians:
QThere are rumors all over the web that you hate lesbians. What do you say to that? 
A. I don’t know who the big judge out there is that was appointed to decide what I hated and what I did not. Did I say somewhere that I hated someone? Now let me ask a question that I have been wondering for awhile. Apparently there is a quota in businesses, where a certain number of minorities have to be hired, including “alternate lifestyle” people. My question is, what if one of these “alernate” people gets converted to Christ and puts away her sinful ways? Would she have to go to her employer and confess that she was no longer qualified for a minority job?

Lady Lydia on White Washed Feminists (at her un-Christian, un-charitable best):

Q.I totally hate what you represent. It is well known what you think about unwed mothers and single mothers and in fact you would have rejected the virgin, Mary if you had met her today. 

A. It is interesting how many “thought-police” are out there claiming to know what I think, or claiming to deduct what I think, or claiming that my blog leads them to know what I think. The people you are talking about are Fearful, Loud, Angry Women who look for flaws in homemaking blogs and use the excuse that they don’t like what I write, as a reason to broadcast what they believe I think. Only God knows what I think. They should name their site, “FLAW” because of their constant complaints about the posts here on this blog. I don’t know who appointed the FLAW” bunch as monitors of this particular site. I didn’t personally attack any one of the FLAW and never had any personal complaints about them. I don’t dictate anything to anyone and people can come and go as they like. They can always take me off their blogroll if what I say irks them. There are much worse sites out there that really do hate other people and really do dictate to women what they must wear and where they can go and how they can live. Some religious groups even have clothing that is approved by their church heirarchy, and cannot wear commercial clothing. Others have their diet dictated to them by their church, and still others do not drive cars because they belong to a religion that doesn’t believe in it. I don’t dictate anything to anyone. This has a variety of ideas on it but it doesn’t insist on its own way. FLAW insist, however, that they are right about what I think. I, on the other hand, can’t insist that I know what they think. There will always be the FLAW types that will be unhappy with other sites and blogs.


Lady Lydia twists the words of critics to say they are calling her a child hater and ax-murderer (If Lydia read a little more she might realise there was a notorious murderer who shares her name):

Q. Don’t you think you should be aware of everything people are saying about you in the blog world, in order to refute it? 
A. No. It is too time consuming , plus the accusations now range from being a woman hater and a child hater to being an ax murderer. Sometimes I check out these blogs but if they don’t have any good recipes on them, I quickly move on. The refutations are available already in my posts on this blog, if anyone reads it carefully.I can’t go around putting out all the fires that FLAWS start, and besides, if I get in an argument with anyone, they win: they are better arguers than I am.




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  1. I learned something here. Thanks for posting.

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