Scorching notes at LAF – Part I


Ladies Against Feminism pretends to have a semblance of democracy by publishing the negative feedback they have received under one category called scorching rhetoric. If you read through these notes you will find that most of the arguments presented are quite valid.
LAF warns us: These are the negative feedback notes that have been sent to LAF in the past year or so. The only ones we’ve ommitted are those that contain nothing but expletives and therefore do not even constitute writing. [Warning: These notes really are inflammatory, often hateful, and sometimes slanderous. They are not for the faint of heart. They have not been edited or altered in any way, except to remove expletives. You can judge for yourself whether or not the writers have taken the time to actually read the articles on this site before sending feedback.]
I totally agreed with many of the view points presented. LAF of course doesn’t believe in publishing the critic’s name or location in case the letter turned out to be from Rev Billy Graham himself or some other well-known Christian! How embarrassing!

This person’s comments made a lot of sense:

I am placing my comments under “Scorching Rhetoric”, not because I am some “ranting feminist” as you might like to believe, but because I wish to fully support your critics. 
I sympathize with their intense revulsion. I regret that their comments reflect a bristling, yet justifiable anger that you probably find amusing. (It really is not funny). By contrast, I strive to “keep my cool.” I have studied people like you for years, and have become adept at keep cool. 
Yes, that includes studying everyone on the Religious Right from Reverend Fred Phelps (wife beater, child abuser), to Dr. Peter Ruckman, to Dr. Ian Paisley, to Reverend Charles Gleason who believes not only in spanking children, but wives as well. Gleason views such domestic discipline as a reflection of how your Jesus disciplines his church.
I have encountered vicious street preachers, all of whom share your views. 
That includes the unemployed, woman-hating Rev. Michael Woroniecki, who browbeat Andrea Yates until the mentally fragile, submissive housewife snapped and drowned her 5 children in a tub. 
It includes vicious preachers who scream WHORE at women in slacks on their way to work. 
It includes self-appointed Fundamentalists who publish tons of literature and websites urging men to “put women in their place.” That means rescind our vote. 
It includes rabid anti-abortion preachers who block clinics, using their submissive wives in their long dresses, pale faces, bulging bellies; screaming broods of 9 or 10 kids who regularly get whippings with the belt. 
That includes GROWN ADULT daughters not yet married to a man of their father’s choosing, who are forced to forego education/career, and remain under their religious father’s roof. Yes, it includes preachers who praised Rev. Paul Hill as their brave Christian hero, just like the saint Phinehas in the Old Testament. (Rev. Hill was recently executed for shooting a doctor in the back). 

Yes, ladies…… by now I am thoroughly familiar with you people! 
You no longer shock me. 
But you will always sadden me. 
Why? Because you are not inherently stupid. 
But you BEHAVE stupidly and are appallingly ungrateful for all that feminists have done for you.
By “feminist” I do not mean radical feminists. One needn’t agree with everything in modern feminism. Understandably, many object to Lesbian marriages, abortion on demand, etc. Still, Feminism should NOT be hated by you people, but appreciated!! I mean that !! Were it not for feminism, not one of us could vote, attend college, hold a decent job if we are forced to work to support ourselves. Feminists were jailed and some tortured, to get you your rights. Concerning work/careers, remember that work can be more than a necessity. With many woman nowadays, work is a JOY. It is a means by which we can use advanced education, brains, creativity, etc. Plus get respect from men as being intellectually and professional equal, if not superior. 
Plus no longer be at the mercy of some ARROGANT “man” who thinks women are only good for lying naked in bed to do their wifely duty. And push out babies like a ***** whelping her litters (let the children starve, as long as your “god” gets his human litters). Just look at Afghanistan, with its super religious Taliban. Women were imprisoned in their homes under the guise of “chastity”, “Muslim virtue”, etc. They were flogged, frequently beaten by religious husbands, sometimes even killed (often by the husband “accidentally” pushing the wife into a wood stove). Yet when Taliban fell, did you see TV footage of those brave, veiled women lining up to take the entrance exam to get into college? And doing so in sub-freezing weather!!! In ramshackle classrooms with no heat or running water. Desperate to get an education, to become doctors. They knew that in spite of the importance of homemaking, women DESPERATELY need more.They (we) need education and civil rights to survive in this mean-spiried world we live in.

Amen! I couldn’t have said it better!

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