Scorching notes at LAF – Part II


Ladies Against Feminism pretends to have a semblance of democracy by publishing the negative feedback they have received under one category called scorching rhetoric. If you read through these notes you will find that most of the arguments presented are quite valid.LAF of course doesn’t believe in publishing the critic’s name or location in case the letter turned out to be from Rev Billy Graham himself or some other well-known Christian! How embarrassing!

This person’s comments made a lot of sense:

While at first I thought the website a “gag” site…after reading through it, I was actually in shock… While I know there are ladies out there who are not on the feminism bandwagon, this was just one the the strangest things I’ve ever seen. 
You should thank the “feminists” who went before you, for without them, you’d not even have the voice to put up this website. Feminisim is not just for a few, it’s for all of us. 
Do you ladies vote at all??? 
Makes me wonder, for without them you’d still be under the heavy hand of the hubby. 
I’m glad, no EXUBERANT for the trials & tribulations of the women who worked hard, spoke up & made a difference for not only me, but my fellow women. 
While I agree with some of what you have on your site, I think some is a bit BACKWARD. Granted, this is just an opinion….but I for one wouldn’t want to go back to the Victorian era where women were hardly seen, if not never heard. 
Quiet women never make history, and well behaved gals dont make the history books. You should take a class in Women’s Studies… might learn that for without the fallen females of yesteryear, you’d not have the luxuries you like so much now. Or maybe you want to be submissive, demure and quiet, that is your choice. Thank the GODS I dont have to live like that.
~A Misbehaved & LOUD chick who can’t WAIT to make the history books. ~ Irish
Your site is degrading to women everywhere. I know that you can’t force your opinions on others just for having a website, but your site really does make me sick to my stomach. 
Now, I’m not writing this comment to rant about your site without giving it a good read first. After reading several articles on your site, I have come to the conclusion that your site, is, at the very least, anti-feminist. 
How can you feel good about yourself while slaving over a hot oven all day, cleaning up what is most likely the mess that your adoring husband has left behind for you, not being caught dead in a pair of pants, and now… you won’t get a job because you shouldn’t compete with men in thier “god-given roles”? 
Are men (and the Bible) controling your life? 
Have you ever thought for yourself? (and when I say “think for yourself” I don’t mean “what kind of dinner should I cook for my husband?” or “what color dress will match with my apron?” Those don’t count) 
Is it so hard for men to get on thier knees and scrub the floors? 
for them to cook dinner for you? 
for them to clean up after themselves? 
I mean, since they are “so strong” are they too strong to do thier own laundry? 
Think about it. 
I’m not asking you to change, I can’t make you change, and I could care less if you do change, it’s your own choice, but I can say how I feel about this website and about everyone and anyone who supports it, and that is to accept that feminism is here to stay, like it or not, and that you are a part of it everyday, and don’t respond to me with that “we have myths about feminism in our FAQs” because I have read all of them; you have definitely proven how uneducated you are, but then again, if it weren’t for people like you, feminism would not exist and I would not have anything to stand up for or protest, so enjoy being a stay-at-home slave.
Love, Bambi

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