on Ladies Against Feminism

I thought you all might be interested, seeing as how we rock discussions of gender and gender roles here on the V-dubs.  I’m really intrigued and confused by this.  I don’t understand why a woman would want to deny her own rights and status of equality in this way.  This is all quite foreign to me.
yabbitgirl says: Yes, there are some out there! Some who want to tie it in to their personal religious beliefs (most of whom have an attitude of wanting to feel “superior” to other women). Some who feel they’ve missed out on some kind of “romantic traditional” feminine role. (I’ve talk to some of this type who also mourn the passing of the corset and decolleté; item, they have never actually had to wear one.)  Some will say, half-jokingly, “Well if a man wants to keep me, I’m going to let him!”
KissMeKate says: OK, so I get the idea that some women like the more traditional way of life that existed for women before feminism arose.  Like, they find fulfillment in keeping house, raising a family, and assuming other traditionally female responsibilities.  Which is fine and great!  But isn’t feminism about women being free to choose how they live their lives?  Heck, I love corsets, and I love even more that I am not forced to wear one!  It’s not ANTI feminist to want to be a stay at home mother!  I feel like these women missed the boat on what feminism is about.  
The religious parts are a little more nebulous to me.  But the whole thing seems so narrow–it’s like, “God made men and God made women and they are different in x, y, and z ways, and they should act accordingly, and that’s the only way it should go.” 
hanashi says: Basically, from my understanding, this movement came about in retaliation to the “militant”/”chauvinistic” feminism… know the kinds who want to socially/emotionally/literally castrate the masculine/male entities that should cross their path. One extreme deserves another!!!  
yabbitgirl says :True, it’s all about the “pendulum effect.” When I first came to Europe about 25 yrs ago I ran across my first ultra-extreme feminists…the sort that made you feel they didn’t so much want to be equal with men as to replace them. As in, get rid of all the men.
hiimkelsi says: there are a couple different waves of feminism.  now i dont know which is which, but most of them, i believe, follows the choice route in different ways, but i think theres one wave of feminism that is less about choice and more about… power maybe?  this is something that i learned about in college when talking to one of my friends.  so i might not have it correctly, but i would think someone else on here could elaborate on the waves of feminism.
KissMeKate says: OK, I could see that. The man-hating part of feminism.   
Baypuppy says: yeah, but i don’t think post parts of feminism today has anything to do with these “ultra extreames”, esp now that “gender inequality” is a “won” battle.  
humboldt_honey says: We had a discussion about feminism a while back, and a lot of people here were quick to bash it.
Capture says: *Eerg* that is really awful! I’m not a “get on your soap box, bra burning feminist” or anything–but dang! hve respect for yourself and your gender! It’s all about global equality! I would get one of those shirts and put a big circle w/ a slash through it! *yikes*
Baypuppy says: huh, the only reason i know what fecundity is is because i have a background in family demography. who the hell else really uses that word?
surprisingly, these “anti feminist” shirts and the whatnot are, arguably, made possible by feminism. if you can make the CHOICE to stay home, damn, isn’t that a basic principle of feminism?
what are the big branches of militant/femanazis working today? the closest movement i can think of is maybe lesbian feminism, but that isn’t really where feminism is today. i think the “nostalgia” of the militant/lesbian feminist/separatists  movements really tainted later waves of feminism (second, third waves, eco, post/forth, humanism) so that feminist is an inaccurate blanket term used in pop culture that has lost a lot of its “supposed” meaning (i can’t say original meaning, since that was like suffrage and (surprisingly) some AR stuffs). don’t get me started about issues between GLBT and feminism. boy howdy that was an issue!
but it might explains how the “say feminist perspective on the first day of class and they will drop like mad” theory i use in my large enrollment courses works   i really don’t think most people have good grasp of what contemporary feminism is about.

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