Lady Lydia likes guys whistling at her

Lady Lydia often deletes posts that are controversial. She might decide to delete her post on “Why boys don’t whistle at girls anymore” once she realizes someone is talking about.
So the current link for this silly article is:
Lady Lydia on Why don’t boys whistle at girls anymore:
Am I the only one that remembers a different America? One where the young people actually liked each other and the girls were good natured enough to appreciate the boys whistling at them? (Yeah! Girls love guys drooling and salivating over them like a piece of meat) Doesn’t anyone remember the song that rose to the charts in the 50’s called “Standing On the Corner, Watching All the Girls Go By?” (This is known as eve-teasing if Lydia didn’t know the word existed – and is a punishable offense)
Even at Bible Camp (What kind of screwed up Bible camp did Lydia go to?), the young men would whistle at the group of girls walking ahead of them on a path. There was nothing sinister meant about it at all. (Lydia might find the molestation, ugly-name calling and sexual harassment that follows also not-sinister)
Why don’t boys whistle at girls anymore?
(Maybe they have been deterred by law-enforcement agencies) Maybe they never heard anyone do it. Maybe we skipped a generation, or something. The last time I ever heard of a man whistling at a young woman was in New York, when a young career woman walked past a construction site. Some of the workers whistled at her and one man yelled something like, “Hey, Beautiful!” The young woman sued them all in court for sexual harassment, and won. (Good for that young lady! And bad for Lydia who doesn’t know what is acceptable in a secular world!)
It could be that women don’t dress in a way that would make anyone want to whistle at them. Back then, they wore dresses and hats, and it was a pretty sight, quite different than the appearance of men. It would be a worrisome thing to do, today, I suppose, for fear of actually whistling at a man, who looked like a woman. And, how would men be able to tell, at a distance, if the girls were actually girls, by the way they dress, in their jeans and tee shirts and tennis shoes. (Doesn’t Lady Lydia remind you of those super snobs who: “Deary, their dresses are so blah! Ugly! How could they ever wear something so ugh!”)
I feel sorry for this generation of young people. They never saw a man whistle at a woman because he liked her. You understand, that they didn’t whistle hypocritically. (Men whistle sincerely, affectionately, sexually, aggressively, but Oh! God! never hypocritically, according to our enjoyer of whistles Lydia) They never whistled at a woman unless they really approved of her, so if a woman got whistled at, it usually made her smile. (One is tempted to ask: Would Lydia’s husband, her son or her father approve of strange men whistling at her?)
I propose that the next time a woman is out in public with her husband, that she make sure she wears a dress and a hat. Her husband should whistle at her and call her a beautiful doll. He should be as loud as he wants. After all, this is a free country, and there are a lot more hot words flying around besides “beautiful doll.” His wife should then look back at him, under her hat, and give him a sweet smile. Then they should walk toward each other, meet, and pretend to exchange cell phone numbers. Maybe we could start a trend. (Next, Lady Lydia is advocating public exhibitionism and PDAs) I ran this thought past my son in law and his beautiful wife, (my daughter, of course) and they thought it would bring a smile–at least to them. Of course, if you are mean spirited like a lot of young women today, you could always sue your husband for whistling at you like the girl who walked past the construction workers, but you should make sure you have been frugal enough to save up a lot of money so he’ll have plenty to give you. (Just shows Lydia family’s just as addle-brained as she is….or maybe they were just politely listening to her lunatic suggestions)
Who or what took away some of the things in our lives, the little things, that made us feel like we had our own culture? What happened to our sayings and our gestures, that did no harm? They were not replaced by anything better. We got rid of the whistlers by intimidating them with threats of lawsuits. (Does Lydia even know what is respecting a woman’s freedom and personal space? Is she this dumb always? Or is she pretending just for the sake of her whistling husband) I just don’t understand it. I want my country back. (Lydia wants more sexual predators out there….the one’s stalking women in the country are not enough….she wants more to join their ranks)
Don’t know what in the world I am talking about? It is because you were born so late you missed it. You can rent some old movies maybe and see some scenes where they did it, and some new movies that depict life in the 1950’s. Try “Beyond the Sea,” or “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” Even in the old flick, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” there is good-natured whistling.
Don’t bother to flame me about this. You are just too young to understand. As they say, youth is wasted on the young.
(Oh! And if you dare criticise Lydia, it just shows your too young to know your mind)


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11 responses to “Lady Lydia likes guys whistling at her

  1. RaiulBaztepo

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  3. Yeah! All guys have to do now is say, “Let’s hook up.” They don’t need to whistle or anything.

    …or maybe the girl says, “Let’s hook up.”

    …or maybe a group says, “Let’s hook up.”

    It’s a lot better now, since women have been set free from all the whistling.

  4. I like the real Lady Lydia, and think that her blog is beautiful. She is encouraging women to be ladies. What’s wrong with that?

    I think that you are not attracting much attention, either, with your mirror blog.

  5. Jennifer

    How cute webby, you’re denying Lydia’s blatant unChristian spirit now.

  6. Izzy

    “Why don’t children make raspberries at adults anymore?”
    “Why don’t men use lame pickup lines anymore?”
    “Why don’t angry drivers make rude gestures anymore?”


    “Why don’t boys whistle at girls any more?”

    The answer all of these questions is: they still do. But they shouldn’t because it’s rude, demeaning, creepy and shows a total lack of respect.

    I can’t figure out what world Lady Lydia is living in…

    Thanks for the post. I enjoy your commentary.

  7. Jennifer

    They have plenty of attention, Webfoot, including your lingering presence here.

  8. Jennifer

    Ok, you guys seriously need to get real here. Suing a man for whistling? That’s insane! Sexual harassment, my foot. This is insanity, folks, and stupid. You’re going way overboard with this post.

    “I propose that the next time a woman is out in public with her husband, that she make sure she wears a dress and a hat”

    Lady Lydia IS a weird bird sometimes, and Webfoot’s idea that she’s trying to turn women into ladies is just funny in light of this. However, you people of this blog went way overboard in your attempt to discredit her. We get it, already; there’s no need to sound crazier than she ever did.

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  10. mrswebfoot

    They have plenty of attention, Webfoot, including your lingering presence here.>>>>

    There Jennifer goes again spying out my liberty.

  11. Koretta

    What does construction workers’ whistling have to do with secularism?

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