Scorching notes at LAF – Part III

Ladies Against Feminism pretends to have a semblance of democracy by publishing the negative feedback they have received under one category called scorching rhetoric. If you read through these notes you will find that most of the arguments presented are quite valid. LAF of course doesn’t believe in publishing the critic’s name or location in case the letter turned out to be from Rev Billy Graham himself or some other well-known Christian! How embarrassing!
Even Christians seem to find it hard to reconcile themselves with the vituperic nonsense these women pour out.
Some of the Christian criticis of LAF say:
I am a young Christian woman, and I do NOT agree with everything you have posted on your site. What is so wrong with wanting something different from being a mother? I personally do not want children. Perhaps that will change one day, but not in the foreseeable future. I enjoy spending time with young men, albeit in platonic relationships, and don’t mind their occasional loud behavior. I enjoy sports. I have taken lessons in one sport, and watch another on a regular basis. There are a number of others that I would love to try my hand at. The comments you have posted on your website that pretty well says that women should be kept in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, are disgusting to me. How dare you suggest that I can’t get a job outside of my home? While we’re at it, how dare you suggest a lot of the things you suggest… I am a strong, confident, intelligent young woman, and I will not stand for you bashing people like me. While I respect your decision to stay at home to be a mother, that is not for me. Is it so hard for you to accept that a woman can go out, have a job and have good, clean fun and still be a good Christian lady? Or are you just THAT narrow-minded? A little advice from a true lady: I think YOU ladies need a reality check, and soon. ~ Jean
As women having equal rights, you are certainly allowed to have your opinion and broadcast that opinion however you choose. I also noticed you made a point of mentioning how the Bible encourages women to teach wisdom and kindness. That is fine. However, I hope you are aware that although the Bible may encourage this, women were denied the right to even so much as do that for centuries. If it weren’t for the fight for equality by people such as Susan B. Anthony or Alice Paul, you would not have the freedom and luxury of being able to “teach wisdom.” I am not for hardcore feminism but there’s nothing wrong with women being able to accomplish the same goals as men and live their lives however they see fit. Not every woman wants to stand barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, cooking dinner for her master (husband?) while chasing around 7 other brats (children?). As a married young woman, I choose to raise my children equally with my husband. I am allowed to pursue an education and he supports me so that I may prepare myself for any career I choose. He works full time yet we share in household chores and the raising of our children. If I feel like cooking him and the kids dinner, I do. If I don’t then he will cook or the kids may just have some cereal. That’s how life should be if someone wants it to be that way! ~ Ang

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