Lady Lydia on extra pay for married men

lady7Picture courtesy:

Lady Lydia of course has lots of screwed-up, odd-ball ideas, but this one is supreme. She wants married guys to get double-pay so that their wives can stay at home! Get a laugh with this one! 

In an article called Umbrella card, Mailbox card, she says: If employers would say to the men:

I will give priority to hiring men whose wives are at home. I will pay you what you both would earn in my company, and your wife can still stay home.” there would be a greater motivation for women to stay home. Women ought to get a prize for staying away from the office and tending to matters at home, even if it is just to recover from illness or get more rest or just prepare the place for their husbands. Illness is certainly a good reason to stay away from work, and women need more care.


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