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Lady Lydia we know is a frequent visitor to our blog! She has taken down some of her more racist articles from her blog, after she faced criticism from this blog and others. But of course, she can’t admit to her fan following, that she took it down because she didn’t want to say sorry for her racist views….so in a reply to one of her readers,

Lady Lydia says:

“I went ahead and posted this because I wanted you to know that I am in the process of taking down some articles to put in small booklet form, that can be puchased for the price of the printing and paper. “

Acutally what is true, is that she has deleted some of her more overt racist remarks…and now she’s pretending that she took them down because she wants to compile them in a book…….
I wonder which publisher would accept a book that had comments like ……..”black slaves in America were happy under their white Christian masters. While the black men worked in the fields their wives played June Cleaver at home.”

Lady Lydia continues:

It will take awhile but then you will have some basic things to give away. I always thought there needed to be little brochures or pamphlets to give to people on the subject of daughters, wives, homemaking, children, etc. and these booklets will be basic to that. As for the contact me not working, I’ll try to get that fixed today. I do not know what happened. You are welcome to print off articles if you are still able to do that. It is just as well the pictures will not copy, as it takes a lot of ink. I did not want to use all the restrictions that are on here but was forced to. Nice people are going to have to live behind more and more reinforcements, gates, and passwords, while the lawless run free, being destructive and looting.

Excuse me? Nice people?
Lady Lydia is nasty with her racist remarks about black slaves in America and how badly dressed the women victims of Katrina were….


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  1. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

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