Lady Lydia on religious persecution

Lady Lydia now fancies that because of this blog she is under “religious persecution.” 

Do take the blinkers of your eyes Lydia, you are the most unChristian woman blogging on the net, and the last thing we would do is regard you a Christian.
If there is any religious persecution going on – its by you. You and your snobbish attitudes on dress, manners, culture, etc must be a shame to Christ (since ur using his name to ply your trade – online businesses). 
She has also mentioned that “we,” the “enemey,” (her spelling are also atrocious -must be from all the homeschooling) know the exact words to debiliate her. Nice to know we are hitting right on target.
Why not we have a deal? You keep on posting about craft items and we won’t talk about you! But start theological debates or another of those racist, elitist views and we can be back on track!

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