Saggy, baggy old Lydia!

What does Lydia fear more than being caught in jeans? Her wrinkles! If you notice none of the photos she posts on her blogs, show close-ups. Hasn’t she heard of people ageing gracefully?
But I guess after writing so much about clothes, she doesn’t want close-up photos showing how ugly she actually is in them with her loose flesh and wrinkles.
She is ultra-sensitive about her wrinkles, her make-up. So if you see in her new book, she has softened the edges of the photograph, so her wrinkles are not shown. But we know how the real Lydia looks like.


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4 responses to “Saggy, baggy old Lydia!

  1. miriam

    Sad to say, but she looks better natural. The photos she doctors make her look like some kind of freak.

  2. Jennifer

    Ok, THIS is a bit too mean. Come on folks, there are far more worthy and important topics to call her on rather than looks, which she can’t help.

  3. Lady Lydia is a beautiful lady with pretty features and a lovely figure.

  4. Miss johnson.

    Its so sad you dont know this lady !!she is a lovely lady !shame on you for jugeing her! dont you have better things to do with your time !!try to say somthing nice for once !God is not pleased !!he remebers all you say !!some day you will have to give an account the time is comeing !it wont be long !!……..

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