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Lydia Sherman admits to having used birth control pills!

My, My! Using birth-control pills…Tsk!Tsk! Now I wonder how she’d have the gall to look down other women…Strange isn’t it?

Do read the dicussion on at
[About the proposed Colorado amendment defining a fertilized egg as a person]

Nobody said anything about “defining an egg as a person”. An egg in and of itself does not begin dividing into more and more cells and become a growing a human being. This measure is aimed at fertilized eggs, which is really not an egg but a newly conceived human being.

My goal is not to make anyone feel bad who has used hormonal birth control in the past. Sadly, many women are ignorant of the medical facts behind it. I myself was guilty of this and took the pill for two months when we first got married, which is probably what caused the loss of my first pregnancy. I guess I should have been researching what I was popping in my mouth every day a little better. Although I discontinued taking the pill before I knew of its true effects (we actually WANTED kids right away, as soon as I was covered by my husband’s health insurance), I was still shocked when I did find out how it really worked a few months later.

What gets to me is people who find out about how hormonal birth control works, and then choose to ignore the facts out of convenience. Could all those women please put the emotion aside, take their head out of the sand, and read up on the medical facts behind the pill? Is having babies really that bad that you have to knowingly KILL them? Do you really just need to save all your money for the mall, a new car, a bigger house and fun vacations? Do you care about anyone beside yourself?

The truth won’t go away no matter how long you choose to ignore it.

Lydia Sherman

She of course got lambasted, the minute she entered the scene. There were some 60 or more comments all “highly-praising” her grasp of science….This maybe another reason why people shouldn’t homeschool.
Some of the comments were:
“Yeah, because a single fertilized egg has feelings and everything.”


“If there is a hell I am sure that they have a special place set aside for self-hating women. Please find a fire and die in it so you can find out, you f****** C***. “
“What about all the women out there that take the pill to prevent pregnancy because they’re barely making ends meet as it is and having a child would spell crippling financial disaster, you stupid f****** b*****?
No, that can’t POSSIBLY be it, can it?”
“It was your own dumb fault that you didn’t know how the pill worked when you took it. I knew exactly how it worked when I took it. What facts was I ignoring? I actually made an effort to educate myself, instead of being lazy, then whining about my ignorance. Where are the babies I killed? If anyone needs to put their emotions aside, it’s you. You demonize women that don’t think and act exactly like you. How horrible of them!
If you really think a fertilized egg is a person, then you should have a funeral at the end of every menstrual cycle….just in case.”

“A fundamentalist christian is a normal human being suffering from mental retardation!”



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