Lady Lydia’s unfeminine hand guns!

We all know Lady Lydia considers herself a cross between a Victorian woman and prairie girl! Here we see the more blood-thirsty side of Lydia coming out! Since her fore-fathers (who were dirt-poor were pioneers in the wild, wild, North) were hunters, she from childhood onwards has never seen anything wrong or unfeminine in women totting pistols. And women hunting or killing poor, defenseless animals also was not frowned upon, as it was labelled “hunting” and not “massacre of species on the brink of extinction.”
She says she wearing the gun for “protection.” What sacrilege! She is snatching away the hard-won caveman rights of her hubby to be her “protector.” She ought to be damned and sent to hell for such unfeminine, feminist conduct!

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One response to “Lady Lydia’s unfeminine hand guns!

  1. suzi q.

    what sort of idiot wrote this about Lydia? Good for Lydia….I am about to get a handgun as well. Every home should have one….

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