Saggy, baggy old Lydia – II

LydiaLydia1We all know how pretentious Lydia is! As further proof of how scared she is that the general public will get to see her wrinkles, here she posts some more out-of-focus pictures of herself! The photographs are apparently an illustration of how much she resembles Edmund Blair Leighton’s paintings! My, my! The vanity of that woman! off_by_edmund_blair_leighton_large

And she also doesn’t take her own advice. In the article she says: “If you are a large lady, and your face is very round, do not wear a broad collar like this, but keep the v-shape at the neck, perhaps outlined in a sew-in trim in a coordinating color. Elongate the figure with the flat panel in the front. In the back, the gathers that come from tying it, will give slimness also. ”


Since she has rolls of fat everywhere (which she always tries to hide from the camera with long-distance shots), why didn’t she taker her own advice and make the garment accordingly.


 Or is she under the illusion that she’s thin?

Here is another delusionary feature on herself! Here again she keeps her wrinkle-laden face out of the camera, while she imitates another painting.



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