New blog exposing the real Lady Lydia!

Sweeping the cobwebs is a great new site, which dishes out the dirt strong and plenty on Lady Lydia. And mind you these are all Christian ladies, who are finding Lady Lydia un-Christian and nasty.

There is a great post called “Do what I say, God says,” on Lady Lydia’s article “Do What God Says Do and Let Him Take Care of the Rest“. And there is another introductory piece on Lady Lydia, “A Big Welcome to Lady Lydia.”

Insights on Lady Lydia:

Debbie said: “Funny LL should mention the homeless. Our church helps a shelter and a speaker came last Sunday. She said that about 88% percent of the homeless in our county are women and About 90% of those have children.
Kind of hard to be a keeper at home when you don’t have a home to keep.

What a pompous arse she is.”

Sweeping the cobwebs says: “”Lady” Lydia is very, very concerned that people will rip off her articles, but has no conviction against posting entire pages of mainstream magazines on her site.”

“She claimed to not know Candy, when they have a long relationship in the blogging world.”

Clare said: “Additionally the handle “Lady Lydia Speaks” is just too self regarding and twee for my taste.”


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