Its not just Lydia who’s into costume acting!

anne-boleynanne-boleyn1anne-boleyn2anne-boleyn3The Visionary daughters have next lined-up to be praised, feted and dined as they parade themselves in historical costumes. If Elizabeth Botkin wants to follow Anne Boleyn’s footsteps does that mean she’d consent to be the mistress of the same man who consorted with her sister? Do these girls at all know history? And also the assumption that Anne Boleyn and Jeanne D Albert were blue-blooded Christians who would be watching their teensy little play from heaven above…the egoism, the assumptions, the vanity and the ignorance. Anne Boleyn promoted Christians for political ends ….just as surely as Geofry Botkin is using his girls as pin-up stars of the homeschooling community for commercial ends. Do read Overcoming the Botkin Syndrome!



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13 responses to “Its not just Lydia who’s into costume acting!

  1. Christine

    I can’t believe they are holding up Anne Boleyn as a heroine. Please, someone, explain this to me! I’m a Catholic – do Protestants consider her a hero because she had the evil Catherine of Aragon banished and abandoned? If so, I’ve never heard such a thing. I’m mystified . . .

    • It has more to do with Botkin senior’s dominion philosophy. It is mandatory that the pin-up stars of the homeschooling community come from historical romances….so I guess they picked Anne Boleyn. And also for the visual impact Ms Botkin creates as Anne Bolyen…… helps them sell a couple more of their home DVDs

    • luzenia

      Anne Boleyn was an amazing woman she saw a vision and she was loved, Henry was a snake who wanted only one thing and he did anything he could to get it she was nothing but a pawn in his life all he wanted was a son HOW DARE YOU talk about Queen Anne that way the Catholic religion is nothing but an network of plotters i will never understand why YOU think a person would have to talk to a man before God will listen! and a church who practices sin as if it were like a smug on ones shirt that can be wiped off through a series of hail mary’s!

  2. Kim

    Hey you silly woman….THEY WERE CHARACTERS IN A PLAY! You are making fun of them because they are actresses? You are saying they are imitating these characters which is just SILLY in your view. Lots of actresses have played these parts gladly. Do you criticize them?

    Why in the WORLD would Natalie Portman want to play Anne in a movie? Why would Scarlett Johanssen play Mary. IT is ACTING you silly goof!

    You are an angry woman and waste a lot of your time railing against people who don’t see things your way. No one made you boss of the world or of one single one of these women. Likewise they are not your boss either. No one is making you live like they do. Get over your little temper tantrum that someone won’t be just like you. They certainly aren’t wanting to be like you and that is their right. Just as you have a right to not be like them, but do something really GOOD with your writing and creativity and put something positive out there into the world instead of wasting your talent and your time spitting venom at people you can’t see eye to eye with.

    Done with you….I can’t waste my time either.

  3. smallrain

    Wow. Hope you’re feeling a little calmer by now.

    We can only go by what the Botkin women said, which was that they were dressed as Anne Boleyn and Jeanne D’Albret “to be inspired by their examples”, not as actresses. Anyone would be surprised at the historical revisionism that would be necessary to make a Christian martyr of Anne. It’s a very odd choice indeed – one might even call it shockingly ignorant. Blogger “LadyLydiaSpeaks” nailed it in her post!

  4. muppetzinspace

    Unless you knew the person it’s pretty harsh assessment to call them unChristian. Yes, Anne Boleyn was an historical “other woman”, but I disagree with you generalization of her. Henry VIII committed adultery with countless women, and yet it’s Anne Boleyn who gets the blame for the divorce, even the Protestant Reformation according to some historians. Henry VIII broke the Church of England from Rome because he wanted to become an absolute monarch, he wanted to do what he willed in his own kingdom, not simply because he wanted to bed a younger woman and have a son. He (and Anne Boleyn and Thomas Cromwell) found justification for absolute monarchy in the Bible and that’s why he felt the Church of England wasn’t under the jurisdiction of the Pope. This kinding of use of the Bible to justify political policy happens to this very day and it doesn’t necessarily mean the person is “not a Christian”. If you actually read about Anne Boleyn’s spirituality you would know she was a very passionately spiritual person (not unlike Catherine of Aragon or Catherine Parr). But if you want to plug your ears and continue regarding Anne as “the great whore”, then please don’t admonish people who know differently to “read their history”. It’s obvious you don’t care enough to do it yourself.

    • smallrain

      Who said Anne Boleyn was not a Christian? Who here called her “The Great Whore”? No one. It’s just that it’s laughable to consider her a martyr for the faith. Wait! I just realized something – Anne actually IS a good model for the Botkins in that she “furthered her father’s vision” by seducing the king in an attempt to gain power for her family.

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  6. isobel

    Oh, the Botkins…I have to wonder why they haven’t become Baby Makers For Jesus yet. Too busy serving dad, I guess.

  7. There’s one reason these girls shouldn’t be emulating these women, above all others, that you guys forgot to mention: they were queens. Queens! WOMEN ARE NOT MEANT TO BE QUEENS! How dare these women forget this imaginary Biblical command!

  8. smallrain

    Did anyone else see this and find it odd?

    Botkin is celebrating the family dynasty of Guinness. Don’t get me wrong, I love Guinness stout, but that family has a legacy of dissipation and alcoholism down through the generations. I was reading a book by one of the descendants, “Why Not Say What Happened?”

  9. Name Required

    Wow, they look beautiful. I can see why you are seething with jealousy.

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