Material girl -Lydia!

Why did Lydia marry Mr Stanley Sherman?
Correct Ans: Because he promised her a closet full of clothes.
Check Fascinating Womanhood for the full-length interview Lydia has given to Helen Andelin.

Excerpts from the interview:
I was also interested to learn from this study that girls have to create interest in marriage for men. The prospect of having a home and family can be just as compelling for a men, if only the picture were drawn for them and made to be an advantage to their lives as well. I had been desperately trying to find a partner for life, but was going about it totally in the wrong way. I know many young women who are perfect in every way, but they do not know how to attract a good man. They fail to understand what it takes to motivate men to marry. I always suggest a serious study of this book to alleviate that predicament!
One of the principles taught in this course was developing the spiritual side by consistent Bible study and church attendance. I began to attend church faithfully, and one day to my surprise the young, handsome, single minister, 8 years old than me, asked me to join him at a church dinner. I wasn’t at all sure that I liked him, as we didn’t really “click”right away, and it certainly wasn’t love at first sight. He later said he had observed me out of the corner of his eye on many occasions and began to ask me to come to various church events and accompany him on hospital visits and visits to shut-ins.
I still find it hard to believe but in six weeks he had made up his mind that I would be his wife, and asked me to marry him. He told me of his many plans and ambitions, and suggested that if I did not marry him he would lose his enthusiasm for these things. Of course I did ask him if he felt quite sure and wouldn’t he rather continue on a friendship basis with me. I remember distinctly that he said, “I’ve already got lots of friends! I want a wife.”
I protested only once more. I said that I was not prepared to be someone’s wife, having only a suitcase with a few clothes, a Bible and a diary, to my name. He told me, “If you will marry me I’ll fill your closet full of beautiful dresses and provide everything else you need.” Thirty-three years later I must tell you, he has kept that promise. I’ve had to clean out those closets many times! He bought me a sewing machine for our wedding and has supplied me with the fabric I needed to sew whatever was necessary for myself and the children, over the years.

 – Lydia Sherman


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