Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

The more one reads Homeliving Helper or Living at Home (as it has been recently changed) and The Pleasant Times, one is amazed at the time and energy these women spend on themselves. Quite narcissist in nature!
All the posts are about their own purer-than-lily selves! Very rarely do their children or husbands get mentioned in the posts. The way Lydia Sherman never talks about her first son (she has 3 kids – Mr Unknown, Lillibeth aka Mrs Elizabeth Humphrey and Mr Stevie Bumpfrey) one wonders if she has murdered him or he’s committed the unpardonable sin of not staying with his parents. Is the first child – Mr Unknown the reason for “Guard the Home” blog?
The way Lydia & Lillibeth go on and on about the blessings of sewing – one wonders if they think the key to opening the Pearly Gates is Victorian fashion. And so many, many photos of themselves parading in various outfits! Sigh! Vanity, egoism & narcissism served up with only a veneer of pseudo-Christianity..
Lillibeth & Lydia, how much ever they might pretend they are not aware of the existence of a mirror blog, have made multitudes of changes to their blogs. Lydia has deleted all the posts that have drawn flake and deleted the archives. Lillibeth meanwhile has taken down most posts of her and her mom in different costumes. She has also deleted all the posts on the Bumphries – Lillibeth had a real sense of humour as she commented about the poverty in her family & their huge debts in those columns about the “Bumphries cousins.” But once we exposed that the columns were really about her and her family and not about any imaginary cousins, she has systematically deleted everyone of those posts, including the one on the “Austen tea party.”
Lydia is paranoid about people getting to know about them…those columns showed the world that Lillibeth’s hubby was jobless and Lillibeth’s dad was just an insurance agent….poor Lillibeth having to stay with her poor parents because her husband can’t get a job and having to delete all those posts, because they showed her family in a bad light.

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One response to “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

  1. “Lydia is paranoid about people getting to know about them…”

    Now, this is good comic relief!
    After all, you are the one or the ones who have set up this smear blog, yet we can only guess as to who you are. What secret sins are you hiding behind the alleged hypocrisies of others?

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