An Update on the Merman family

Ms Uppity Lady Lydia has made a private blog…after we started posted pictures of her from it – which made her look haggard and like a hag.

But then her daughter Lillibeth went one step further and deleted all the posts on her “Cousins and other stories” aka The Bumphries. True stories of poverty and debt, masked under the sobriquet “the cousins.” She’s also removed the Fashion Update on her daughter “Lillian Ellinor” in which she used to dress up that sweet, little daughter of hers in sickening, cloy “pink
girly girly dresses. She’s also deleted the “Letters to Editor” column in which there were lots of rude comments about how she keeps showin’ off her daughter and how her scrap rug looked like something the dog chewed on.

One such memorable comment was: “I am fed up with your blog. You don’t let the rest of us have our say. I think I have the right to be heard at all times. You only post what you want to post. Your “etiquette expert” is rude, the movie reviews are boring (of course–they are boring movies you are reviewing) and you are obviously biased about a lot of things. Why don’t you keep your fluffy mind busy with housework!-RudenxP.S. I know you probably will not publish this, but oh well, you’re “Letters to the editor” are probably all made up anyway. I’m not sure I’ll be back in the future. -RX”

The Babyland Ferryship story she wrote has disappeared off the face of google, but mention of it is still there on her mother’s blogs – and Mother and daughter always thrive on self-publicity. In an article at LAF, Mrs Elizabeth Humprhey or Rosie Bumphries, Mrs Lydia Sherman says of Lillibeth:

This is written by Elizabeth Humphrey (Lillibeth), my daughter, now 24, who had a perfect relationship with her own father when she was at home, even as a teenager. There was rarely a cross word between them, and she had a high regard for him and never wanted to disappoint him. Throughout her youth, neither her father or I were ever put in the position of having to worry about her standard of dress. She loved period fashion, fashion designing, and beautiful fabrics. She learned to sew at age 9 and has been making her own clothes ever since. She never wanted to dress like the world, and her relationship with her parents and brothers meant far more to her than the opinion of her peers. ~ Mrs. Stanley Sherman”

About the Mrs Stanley Sherman bit, Lydia suddenly got into a pelter that all ladies with husbands should sign themselves as Mrs Stanley Sherman or Mrs Aiden Humphrey ….and only widows signed themselves as Mrs Lydia Sherman or Mrs Elizabeth Humphrey i.e. using their maiden names. She’s obviously forgotten what she preached as both mother and daughter have reverted to using their maiden names…

For further self-promotion, there is an newsletter at LAF, in which Lady Lydia Sherman interviews Mrs Elizabeth Humphrey…who duly pays the compliment back by heaping praises on her dear mom. For more of the sickening sweetness:

Lydia starts off with praising the jobless S.I.L: Greetings again, ladies. Allow me to introduce you to my only daughter, Mrs. Aiden James Humphrey, of Florence, Oregon. Mr. Humphrey is one of the l.a.f. contributing writers, and is a full time minister. He is an excellent sketch artist and watercolors beautiful pictures of lighthouses. Lillibeth recently stayed in her family home for several days, and I had the opportunity to take pictures of her while working. Read more about her in the interview, below.

Lydia: This first one shows her in an Elizabeth Lee nursing dress with a collar from a McCall’s pattern, in a pastel plaid cotton, when she made herself.

Lydia asks: How did you become a full time homemaker?
Lillibeth: My mother made me do it. she taught me how. (If that isn’t obvious I don’t know what is) I have never thought I’d be off on my own with a career! I always knew I’d be a homemaker.
And of course more self-promotional pictures, check out the Excercise in self-publicity posts: part I, II, III & IV


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  1. Joe

    Why do you care? You’re obsessed with this woman! Like a stalker. You make Lydia’s legitimate critics look bad. Just playing right into her hands (wouldn’t it be ironic if this site turned out to be authored by Lydia herself to gain sympathy for her cause? That’s the net result).

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