Comic relief!



Everyone must be familiar with Lady Lydia’s catty remarks on old ladies at the market and Katrina victims. Thought we’s some comic relief out of it…Next in line will be Lady Lydia’s racist remarks about black slaves in America



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2 responses to “Comic relief!

  1. It is with great sadness that I have come upon this site. If you disagree with someone’s opinion, that’s your right. I pray that you will rethink your harsh comments and the way you are treating other human beings. I don’t think Mrs. Sherman has ever done a mirror blog on you. I don’t think she has it in her to be so cruel. Please, please do not publish this blog any longer. Take it down now as it is an act of stalking, lying, voyeurism and terrorism. Please listen to my request and repent of these cruel spoofs. Life is so very short, and one day we will stand in front of God to account for our behaviour. To be sure, I am not perfect. But I would hate to have to stand before God in the near future awaiting His judgment. Please friend. Please rethink what you are doing now. Life passes so very fast and I hate for you to not be sorry in this life for the pain you have caused others solely because they have a different opinion. In the soon to be next life, we will all be judged. May God be with you. Stephanie DiGangi

  2. You promised comic relief. What you say isn’t all that funny, even if you are trying to do decent satire. Then, relief from what?

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