Data Lounge on Lydia Sherman

I was recently reading a thread on Data Lounge. They of course had very nice things to say about Lady Lydia Sherman which I wanted to share:
Comments: “What a bunch of douchebags!”
“Apparently, equality is an unknown concept to this judgemental bunch of loons.”
“Have you even read any of the articles at that site?! Mrs. Jennie Chancey and Lady Lydia and all the rest are Dominionists, who spew hatred and bigotry at every turn.”
“Most of the shit at this site is just scary, but some of the domestic related stuff cracks me the hell up, like Lady Lydia Speaks: Laundry With Love. It’s, as she puts it, a “dissertation on laundry.”
I guess the fact that at 32, I still wash my laundry “college student style,” everything together on cold, is yet another outgrowth of being a feminist, and not just because I’m too lazy to be bothered.”
“Sounds delicious mon cheries !!
We LADIES need to get out more often, and pick wildflowers, and run through fields of grass, and wade fully clothed into ponds, and… shit.
by: Miss Emily Howard, a LADY!”
“Can we just go back to barefoot and pregnant. Those we the good old days, when women were women.” by Arch .H.Bald
“Blech. Someone tell them that pairing a 4 dollar men’s tee-shirt with a shapeless tea length calico skirt and some white socks and Keds isn’t “dressing decently” by:Tinabina
“Many years ago in San Francisco, there was a satirical group that called itself “Ladies Against Women”. They parodied right-wing social politics, and were a sort of precursor to Mrs. Betty Bowers. And now, the real-life version has come into being.”

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