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An Interesting Comment from a reader

“Let me open with that under normal circumstances, I would be adamantly against this blog and “bashing blogs” like it… BUT, having said that, and “knowing” Lydia in a somewhat indirect manner, I am quite glad she is finally getting the negative publicity she SO deserves. Happily reading thru this exposure of her hypocrisy and her shallow facade makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. No, admittedly that doesn’t make me a nice person at all, but considering the pain and anguish this “lady” has caused me, my family, and many of our friends with her outrageous lies and twisted half-truths, I am enjoying reading this immensely! Thank you!

People visiting here may wonder why anyone would post such “mean” things about another person, especially one that presents their self as being such a proper and upstanding Christian “lady”…Well, the truth is she deserves every little thing said here, and much more. She is one of the most deceitful, black-hearted, pathetic little hypocritical persons that I have ever had the misfortune of coming into contact with. Though I have never been formally introduced to her, I actually feel hate towards her. I honestly cannot say that about many people in the whole world, only a very few, but she is high on that short list. Since I have the misfortune of living in one of the many small communities around there area she prowls, I have heard/seen/experienced first-hand of the problems she caused (and I am sure continues to cause) families here. With her narrow, black and white anti-tolerant views (especially since she is quite clear on not mixing those 2 “colors”, nor those deviant “homosexuals” that she also hates…not to mention anti-feminist views that take women back to the 1700’s where they were little more than property of men…) Yes, its amazing how much hate can fit into one little “Christian” woman isn’t it? Couple that along with her strict views on raising children (back to the first son that is MIA? Lucky man in my opinion!), and her shoving her opinions of marriages down everyone’s throats (how many times has her husband been married now? Strange…Lydia is NOT his first wife…) So, WOW… I do hope that readers are getting the REAL picture painted nicely for them here. The truth is not always pretty. ”

Elsewhere on the blogosphere on Lady Lydia Sherman:

Corrie Says:

February 1, 2010 at 6:27 pm

And then there is always “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and the many other stories of what it was like to be a slave on a Southern plantation. Yes, yes, I have heard many protestations about how nice slave owners were to their slaves in spite of all the firsthand accounts of the horrible abuse they suffered at their “master’s” hands. But, I am of the opinion that it isn’t “nice” to think so highly of one’s self and so poorly of another. If you don’t want to be owned like property then it is not “nice” to own another human being like property.

The only time I would buy a slave was in order to set them free. That would have been the “nice” thing to do. Anything else is just semantics.

And let us not forget that Lady Lydia likes to wax eloquent about slave families living the dreamy patriocentric lifestyle where the “wife” stayed in her cabin and cooked dinner and took care of the kids while her “husband” was out in the fields.

Yeah right!

Cynthia Gee Says:

February 1, 2010 at 6:51 pm
I wonder what Lady Lydia would say about all the light-skinned slave children that some of those slave “wives” had…



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