About Lady Lydia

THE DUCHESSI strongly believe in fashion, in particular Victorian fashion. For it is easier for a camel to enter the needle of an eye than a unfashionable women to enter heaven.

Even if you are a victim of Katrina that still does not give you any excuse to dress up the way you do.

And if you happen to think homeschooling, housewifery, Victorian fashions, teas and child-bearing are not the way to heaven then you ladies are definitely going to Hell.

Being a pastor’s wife, luckily I already have my place in heaven saved. I love wearing lovely white clothes because they reflect the holier, purer and lily-white me.


12 responses to “About Lady Lydia

  1. Rhonda

    It really is confusing which side you are on. Are you trying to mock Lady Lydia on Ladies against Feminism? or are you your own brand of weirdness? Victorian dress is not the way to heaven. Jesus is the way to heaven and HIS words are eternal life, not yours, “Lady Lydia’s” or anybody else’s.

  2. LV

    I feel sorry for your children, GET HELP!

  3. Natalie

    Just learned about this site.

    LOVE IT!

  4. Gracie Allan

    Don’t you have anything better to do?

  5. mrswebfoot

    It really is confusing which side you are on. Are you trying to mock Lady Lydia on Ladies against Feminism?>>>

    I think that you have it pretty well analyzed, Rhonda. These folks are very confused. It seems to me that they are all about mocking others. There is nothing positive or uplifting on this blog, unless a person thinks that mocking others is uplifting. It’s not Christian.

    or are you your own brand of weirdness?>>>

    I call them extreme anti-patrios. Maybe uber anti-patrio? For them, this is fun.

    Victorian dress is not the way to heaven.>>>>

    I agree. Victorian dress is a non-moral, cultural clothing choice. It is not sin to wear Victorian clothing.

    Jesus is the way to heaven and HIS words are eternal life, not yours, “Lady Lydia’s” or anybody else’s.>>>>

    Amen! If that were the message that these people were trying to communicate, then that would be good. I don’t see the Gospel being preached here. This is not a Christian site.

  6. Oh, good, I am glad to hear this. His Lordship will arrive dressed in the attire of a street urchin.

  7. lottie


    I am saddened by the content on this blog and others like it. You are truly no better than Lady Lydia herself, posting unflattering photos of her and her wrinkles, defaming her name, petty gossip etc. This is worse than the behaviour I encountered in high school !
    You may not like her and what she has to say. I also do not agree with all Lydia has to say, like you. May I ask precisely what do you aim to achieve by this site?
    It seems to be another vehicle for spiteful gossip.
    I feel really sad ‘fellow Christians behave this way, and pull down others in the church. We should not forget we all serve the same Lord and Saviour.
    I am all for discernment in what principles we choose to live by in our christian walk, but I pray that you think again about whether this blog is truly edifying to others,

  8. KS

    This feminist dyke posing as a human being is something that I find highly offensive.

  9. Candy

    LOL! Well, I enjoyed it, if no one else did.

  10. Ever since my coworker and I discovered Lady Lydia’s blog yesterday, I’ve been overtaken by this sick fascination…I showed my husband and he joked that he’d love to set up a parody blog. I was SO HAPPY to find this. That Beautiful Womanhood crap can’t be responded to rationally – they don’t want to hear it. So making fun is the only outlet I feel like I have to reassert my worth as a person after reading that anti-woman garbage.

  11. Polly

    I am so disgusted that this blog mocks a kind older woman who devotes her time to teaching and inspiring Christian ladies to live godly lives, dress modestly, dedicate theirselves to their family and home, and guard theirselves against the sinful filth of the world (like the sinful filth that is this blog and it’s author).
    May The Lord help you women who have been led astray by the enemy!

  12. Helen

    HA! I love this blog! Should call it ‘Feminists against totally mind-bending hypocrisy’…

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