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The Talk of Purity by the Bumpfries


Hi, Remember Lady Lydia has a jobless son-in-law, whom she has to support and finance while he fails his college studies? This guy apart from staying in Lady Lydia’s 120-sq-foot garage with his family of six, also writes articles for Ladies Against Feminism (LAF) site in his spare time.
May 31, 2003
  1. Buy chastity belts! Buy one get one free for your friend! Last evening we talked with a group of young folks about purity. We talked about how they can honor God before marriage by guarding their own purity and the purity of those they care about. As you know, the world has a totally opposite approach to purity.
  2. Satan prefers to catch them young! He doesn’t like oldies so much! Satan is particularly after the young because they represent a powerful potential for the Lord. If they ever attempt to live the Christian challenge, it will shake up society, so he aims at youth, to cripple them, for he knows their energy and strength can be great for the Lord.
  3. Similarities between the media, food, fashion industry and Satan? They all want them young! Look at the media–how they aim for the young. Look at the food industry and clothing and car industry: corrupt the young and cripple them so they can’t quite ever have victory over sin in their lives. The messages of music and movies distract the young from the plan God has for them.
  4. God created parents to mointor and select the potential mate for their offspring to ensure the non-extinction of the good, old family name! God has a brilliant plan of protection and heroism for the youth. He has provided a place for them– the home– and He set over them parents and the church to compass about them and provide the guidance they need to succeed in purity and in trusting in God for a mate. Satan wants them to get out of that place and into another place. He has an easier time forming a young girl into a skandalon outside of the home than in it.
  5. What if a guy flirts with your daughter or attempts to seduce her? Tie a millstone around his neck and push him off the pier! After that Hell will be a holiday! Jesus knew that the world was full of triggers and traps, but He said, “Woe to the person through whom they come;” if you wanted to show that person mercy, you’d tie a millstone around his neck and push him off the pier; because what he or she faces in judgment would make that trip to the bottom seem like a holiday. 
  6. When natural attraction or flirtation between young boys and girls, becomes a stalking game – predators vs prey. But from an early age, young men and women begin practicing the art of enticing each other to sin. They become a living skandalon; they dress to entice, they talk to entice, they walk to entice. 
The Battle of God Vs the Evil World as narrated by Aiden Bumpfries:
  1. God’s word tells a man to treat the younger women as sisters, in all purity; but the world trains him to use her. 
  2. God’s word shows a woman how to adorn herself with godliness; but the world dresses her up to be a hook and a lure. 
In which we find Aiden Bumpfries comparing the normal teenager to Female vampires:

It tells her she won’t find happiness and she won’t be loved unless she can get someone to take her bait. She sees girls on all sides of her, in the movies, in magazines, on TV, and they’re all morphing into skandalons and snaring as they please; in her heart she wants to hold onto what is right in God’s sight, but in her mind, she’s confused. 

    Why is dating a crime?
  • because I didn’t date. I got the parents of an 18-yr-old to agree to my marrying her, before she got to see other men
  • But Satan explicitly tells your son to date girls for pleasure and to switch from one to the other. 
Why dating leads to divorces? Expert reasoning by dumb ass leader Mr Bumpfries:

While they’re young, Satan wants your sons and daughters to get used to going from partner to partner: date till passion fades, then dump. That way, when they’re older, all the training will be in place so that they treat marriage the same way; a gold ring on the ring finger won’t break the pattern. A guy turns 40, and he gets to trade in his car and his marriage for a newer model. Isn’t that what the pre-nuptual agreement is all about? It was created by and for people who had lots of practice dating, flaking and dumping and who can’t conceive of a covenant love which can’t be broken by a team of lawyers. As with so many of Satan’s ways, what seems okay and cute and fun now is sad and pathetic later on in life. 
This is guy in his eagerness gets it terrible wrong. He says God will fulfill your needs and Satan is the one tempting girls with men – making it sound so yucky! Divine sex! Ugh!
God wants your children to love Him with their whole heart, mind, soul and body, because they have needs that only He can fulfill; He wants your daughters to look for their ultimate security and happiness in Him; He knows that only He can totally fulfill them. Satan wants your daughters to look for happiness in the arms of a man. 

Sage advice from the father of four Bumpfries:

If your son is too cool and aloof to come to you with problems; he’s got problems; if your daughter is unconcerned, superior, and superhumanly stoical at 16, it is an act; just think of it as a free matinee. 

Satan’s allies are dogs, according to the Bumpfries:

Satan doesn’t have to spend a lot of time pursuing the kids He’s already snatched and aborted; So who does he pursue? Where can he do the most damage? Doesn’t he send out the dogs after the ones who aren’t his yet, but who are within his reach? These are young men and women with all the potential in the world, but parts of their lives are sort of up for grabs right now.

Satan can also work life a sniffer-dog

Satan has the scent of their souls in his nostrils; and fence-sitters are easy prey; they’ve got corruptive influences in their lives; maybe they are out from under the protection of your authority; maybe their friends have less than the best motives; maybe its something that they are just experimenting with; maybe they think they are just playing with sin, and that when they let go of it; it will let go of them. 
Satan the venerable grand-daddy, child-catcher from the local pound:

Whatever it is, they are exposed and vulnerable to a formidable enemy; he is more clever than they are; he is thousands of years older than they are; and over the years he has developed an extreme talent for catching kids. 

Satan; The Excorsist

He rips them off of their God-given gifts, and then, after he uses them, he aborts their souls in one of a million different ways. 

Satan: The International Playboy

And he doesn’t just hang out in New York City or LA. He gets around! And he doesn’t mind the country. 

I spotted a UFO in Oregon! Now I spotted Satan pussy-footing around our garage! He’s also branded our neighbours with 666!

Satan gets around; I’ve got reason to believe that he’s been in Oregon recently. There are lives he’s ravaged that bear his signature misery. 

In the world that Aiden Bumpfries lives in, parents tell kids to matter-of-factly accept the truth about date rapes and continue going on dates:

The world says that young men are going to use and that young women are going to get used, but date rape isn’t any easier on a girl just because it was a guy she had been seeing all summer, or because he apologized afterward and asked her if she was alright. The world tells us to accept as fact that these things are just going to happen to our sons and daughters, and that if we don’t like it too bad, because that’s just the way kids are these days. 

There is a whole new generation of noble-hearted young men who love their sisters in Christ with all purity and respect(I wonder how these men eventually get married given that they are gelded in Christ and have no carnal desires)

The To-Do list from Jobless Bumpfries:

And Fathers, give the gift of an unforgettable love story to your daughters; train them and encourage them to trust in the Lord for a husband (by obeying your commandments), and not to try to make it come true with the tricks of the world (like dating). 
When you go home, make a commitment to yourself that you will do what ever it takes to guard the purity of the children God gave you. (Even if it means buying them chastity belts & chaining them up in the basement)

Make a commitment to be the man in your daughter’s lives; protect them from unqulified men. (So that your son-in-law has no role to play in her life or even get a job)

Fathers, make it clear to the world what your standards are; hey, put it up on the bulletin board at home; tell your friends, tell your co-workers; let the whole community understand the kind of standards your family has; let them in on it. (Put up flyers saying: Beware of patriarchs on your gates)

God can play Cupid, Eros and Pan for the mortals:
For anyone who is interested, before I go back to Florence I want to show you stories of young people who trusted in the LORD for their future husband or wife, and they have love stories that would make you want to laugh and cry at the same time; stories that are better than any romance novel you could hope to read. (I wonder if those who were interested got to see a porn movie or read Mills & Boon)
God is the author of romance; If you want to savor the seasons of the heart, let God write your love story; one chapter into it, and you won’t be able to put it down. Don’t let the world write your love story. (I wonder if God would skip the sex parts?)

Be men; open the door for ladies, pull out their chair, escort them to their car. (But never humour their fancies for equal pay or a hike)
When they make room for you to practice leadership, thank them. (Thank you for making space for my manhood?)

When they’re humble and gentle, encourage them. (If not try beating them over the head with a paddle till they oblige you)

If a man’s biggest temptation is to be passive, a woman’s biggest temptation is to take control. The man isn’t setting a course, so the woman grabs the steering wheel. (She should have just let both of them crash into a tree?)
You can encourage the men to be men by refusing to do the work of leading for them. (Please let me be a doormat)

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