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Comments from a reader

We are all familiar with Lady Lydia’s strong-arm techniques in silencing her critics. Here’s another interesting letter from a reader.

The person wrote:

“I’m the Romanian lady. A few days ago I posted a comment on Lydia’s post “Women at Home, Men at Work: the Way it Should Be”. She actually posted the comment and of course, accused me of being a communist, just because I’m in favour of women working. This made me really mad because my country has suffered terribly under communist rule. So I posted a reply to Lydia which of course she didn’t publish. And then she started deleting my initial comment and other comments. In a few hours, the number of comments on this particular post went from 74 to 70, then to 67 and now it’s 68. “

Dear LadyLydiaMerman, this is my reply to Lydia. She likes to have the last word, but I hope you’ll help me out and she won’t get her wish this time. Her twisted and perverted version of history makes me sick.
Here goes:

“Lydia, I just want you to know that you and your friends insult me by implying that I am a communist. I am Romanian and proud to be one. You have absolutely no idea what my country has suffered for 45 years under communist rule. How dare you say that I am a communist simply because I believe women and men are equal and I am in favor of working women. It just goes to show the huge lack in your education. If you actually read some history books, you would know that President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill and Stalin actually split Europe between themselves after the war. Romania and other Eastern countries were willingly abandoned to the Russians by the USA and the UK. We did not want communism, it was forced down our throats. Thousands of men, women, children, intellectuals, priests, peasants, people from all walks of life were arrested, tortured and killed for opposing communism. Romanians kept hoping for years that Americans will come and set them free, but of course this never happenned. My grandmother risked her freedom and her life by giving food and sometimes shelter to those on the run from the authorities. My grandfather had to live under an assumed name for years and he had no contact with his family and brother for almost 20 years. As a Med School student, my mother was not allowed to take an exam because she wore a cross which proclaimed her Christian belief. My father did not go to church for years because if he would have lost his job if was seen taking part in a religious service. I was baptized at home, more or less in secret for the same reasons. People could not trust anybody, not even family and friends, because the secret police had spies everywhere and a simple word could ruin your life. You have absolutely no idea what is like to live in communism so your saying that communism has not left our mind and hearts is the biggest insult you can throw at us. The overwhelming majority of the people hated communism and thousands of people died 20 years ago so that we could be free. By the way, all my relatives, living in a communist society in conditions harsher than you could ever imagine, managed to go to college/university, build a home, earn money, etc. Two generations ago all my ancestors were peasants. Now we are all college educated, we earn good incomes and are financially secure. Your family has lived in a free society. You have no idea what persecution from the state or living in constant fear for your safety means. And what did you do with all your advantages? Do you or your relatives have college degrees? Do you belong to the upper middle class? Are you financially secure? Do you own your own home? Do you have a succesfull career? My family managed to do all that under extremely harsh conditions. I wonder what they could have accomplished if they had the luck of living in a free society.”

And part II:

“Lydia, I know you are a fundamentalist and I know I should not expect anything like open-mindedness or understanding from you. But I can’t help feeling very angry that you equate feminism with communism. Karl Marx was not yet born in the 15th century when Christine de Pisan demanded equal rights for women. I could go on and on but I know it’s useless. I’d like to add that the highest living standard in Europe is in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, countries which provide free healthcare and education. These countries are monarchies, but your brilliant mind probably considers them communists because of their excellent social policies. It’s so easy to dismiss something you don’t like, you just call it socialism or communism or feminism. In the end, I have my own money and don’t depend on my dad or my boyfriend. I can do what I want with my salary. I’m not “kept” by my boss, as one of your friends ridiculously suggested. I would invite you to visit my country and I could show you around some government agencies, private companies and corporationes run by women. You would see brilliant women and not-so-brilliant men hanging around. Alas, I know you’re not well off and can’t afford to travel.”



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An Interesting Comment from a reader

“Let me open with that under normal circumstances, I would be adamantly against this blog and “bashing blogs” like it… BUT, having said that, and “knowing” Lydia in a somewhat indirect manner, I am quite glad she is finally getting the negative publicity she SO deserves. Happily reading thru this exposure of her hypocrisy and her shallow facade makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. No, admittedly that doesn’t make me a nice person at all, but considering the pain and anguish this “lady” has caused me, my family, and many of our friends with her outrageous lies and twisted half-truths, I am enjoying reading this immensely! Thank you!

People visiting here may wonder why anyone would post such “mean” things about another person, especially one that presents their self as being such a proper and upstanding Christian “lady”…Well, the truth is she deserves every little thing said here, and much more. She is one of the most deceitful, black-hearted, pathetic little hypocritical persons that I have ever had the misfortune of coming into contact with. Though I have never been formally introduced to her, I actually feel hate towards her. I honestly cannot say that about many people in the whole world, only a very few, but she is high on that short list. Since I have the misfortune of living in one of the many small communities around there area she prowls, I have heard/seen/experienced first-hand of the problems she caused (and I am sure continues to cause) families here. With her narrow, black and white anti-tolerant views (especially since she is quite clear on not mixing those 2 “colors”, nor those deviant “homosexuals” that she also hates…not to mention anti-feminist views that take women back to the 1700’s where they were little more than property of men…) Yes, its amazing how much hate can fit into one little “Christian” woman isn’t it? Couple that along with her strict views on raising children (back to the first son that is MIA? Lucky man in my opinion!), and her shoving her opinions of marriages down everyone’s throats (how many times has her husband been married now? Strange…Lydia is NOT his first wife…) So, WOW… I do hope that readers are getting the REAL picture painted nicely for them here. The truth is not always pretty. ”

Elsewhere on the blogosphere on Lady Lydia Sherman:

Corrie Says:

February 1, 2010 at 6:27 pm

And then there is always “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and the many other stories of what it was like to be a slave on a Southern plantation. Yes, yes, I have heard many protestations about how nice slave owners were to their slaves in spite of all the firsthand accounts of the horrible abuse they suffered at their “master’s” hands. But, I am of the opinion that it isn’t “nice” to think so highly of one’s self and so poorly of another. If you don’t want to be owned like property then it is not “nice” to own another human being like property.

The only time I would buy a slave was in order to set them free. That would have been the “nice” thing to do. Anything else is just semantics.

And let us not forget that Lady Lydia likes to wax eloquent about slave families living the dreamy patriocentric lifestyle where the “wife” stayed in her cabin and cooked dinner and took care of the kids while her “husband” was out in the fields.

Yeah right!

Cynthia Gee Says:

February 1, 2010 at 6:51 pm
I wonder what Lady Lydia would say about all the light-skinned slave children that some of those slave “wives” had…


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Comic relief!



Everyone must be familiar with Lady Lydia’s catty remarks on old ladies at the market and Katrina victims. Thought we’s some comic relief out of it…Next in line will be Lady Lydia’s racist remarks about black slaves in America


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Data Lounge on Lydia Sherman

I was recently reading a thread on Data Lounge. They of course had very nice things to say about Lady Lydia Sherman which I wanted to share:
Comments: “What a bunch of douchebags!”
“Apparently, equality is an unknown concept to this judgemental bunch of loons.”
“Have you even read any of the articles at that site?! Mrs. Jennie Chancey and Lady Lydia and all the rest are Dominionists, who spew hatred and bigotry at every turn.”
“Most of the shit at this site is just scary, but some of the domestic related stuff cracks me the hell up, like Lady Lydia Speaks: Laundry With Love. It’s, as she puts it, a “dissertation on laundry.”
I guess the fact that at 32, I still wash my laundry “college student style,” everything together on cold, is yet another outgrowth of being a feminist, and not just because I’m too lazy to be bothered.”
“Sounds delicious mon cheries !!
We LADIES need to get out more often, and pick wildflowers, and run through fields of grass, and wade fully clothed into ponds, and… shit.
by: Miss Emily Howard, a LADY!”
“Can we just go back to barefoot and pregnant. Those we the good old days, when women were women.” by Arch .H.Bald
“Blech. Someone tell them that pairing a 4 dollar men’s tee-shirt with a shapeless tea length calico skirt and some white socks and Keds isn’t “dressing decently” by:Tinabina
“Many years ago in San Francisco, there was a satirical group that called itself “Ladies Against Women”. They parodied right-wing social politics, and were a sort of precursor to Mrs. Betty Bowers. And now, the real-life version has come into being.”

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Deleted posts

I suddenly realised I had these photos on my personal cache, which have been deleted from Lollybeth and Lydia’s blogs.

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An Update on the Merman family

Ms Uppity Lady Lydia has made a private blog…after we started posted pictures of her from it – which made her look haggard and like a hag.

But then her daughter Lillibeth went one step further and deleted all the posts on her “Cousins and other stories” aka The Bumphries. True stories of poverty and debt, masked under the sobriquet “the cousins.” She’s also removed the Fashion Update on her daughter “Lillian Ellinor” in which she used to dress up that sweet, little daughter of hers in sickening, cloy “pink
girly girly dresses. She’s also deleted the “Letters to Editor” column in which there were lots of rude comments about how she keeps showin’ off her daughter and how her scrap rug looked like something the dog chewed on.

One such memorable comment was: “I am fed up with your blog. You don’t let the rest of us have our say. I think I have the right to be heard at all times. You only post what you want to post. Your “etiquette expert” is rude, the movie reviews are boring (of course–they are boring movies you are reviewing) and you are obviously biased about a lot of things. Why don’t you keep your fluffy mind busy with housework!-RudenxP.S. I know you probably will not publish this, but oh well, you’re “Letters to the editor” are probably all made up anyway. I’m not sure I’ll be back in the future. -RX”

The Babyland Ferryship story she wrote has disappeared off the face of google, but mention of it is still there on her mother’s blogs – and Mother and daughter always thrive on self-publicity. In an article at LAF, Mrs Elizabeth Humprhey or Rosie Bumphries, Mrs Lydia Sherman says of Lillibeth:

This is written by Elizabeth Humphrey (Lillibeth), my daughter, now 24, who had a perfect relationship with her own father when she was at home, even as a teenager. There was rarely a cross word between them, and she had a high regard for him and never wanted to disappoint him. Throughout her youth, neither her father or I were ever put in the position of having to worry about her standard of dress. She loved period fashion, fashion designing, and beautiful fabrics. She learned to sew at age 9 and has been making her own clothes ever since. She never wanted to dress like the world, and her relationship with her parents and brothers meant far more to her than the opinion of her peers. ~ Mrs. Stanley Sherman”

About the Mrs Stanley Sherman bit, Lydia suddenly got into a pelter that all ladies with husbands should sign themselves as Mrs Stanley Sherman or Mrs Aiden Humphrey ….and only widows signed themselves as Mrs Lydia Sherman or Mrs Elizabeth Humphrey i.e. using their maiden names. She’s obviously forgotten what she preached as both mother and daughter have reverted to using their maiden names…

For further self-promotion, there is an newsletter at LAF, in which Lady Lydia Sherman interviews Mrs Elizabeth Humphrey…who duly pays the compliment back by heaping praises on her dear mom. For more of the sickening sweetness:

Lydia starts off with praising the jobless S.I.L: Greetings again, ladies. Allow me to introduce you to my only daughter, Mrs. Aiden James Humphrey, of Florence, Oregon. Mr. Humphrey is one of the l.a.f. contributing writers, and is a full time minister. He is an excellent sketch artist and watercolors beautiful pictures of lighthouses. Lillibeth recently stayed in her family home for several days, and I had the opportunity to take pictures of her while working. Read more about her in the interview, below.

Lydia: This first one shows her in an Elizabeth Lee nursing dress with a collar from a McCall’s pattern, in a pastel plaid cotton, when she made herself.

Lydia asks: How did you become a full time homemaker?
Lillibeth: My mother made me do it. she taught me how. (If that isn’t obvious I don’t know what is) I have never thought I’d be off on my own with a career! I always knew I’d be a homemaker.
And of course more self-promotional pictures, check out the Excercise in self-publicity posts: part I, II, III & IV

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

The more one reads Homeliving Helper or Living at Home (as it has been recently changed) and The Pleasant Times, one is amazed at the time and energy these women spend on themselves. Quite narcissist in nature!
All the posts are about their own purer-than-lily selves! Very rarely do their children or husbands get mentioned in the posts. The way Lydia Sherman never talks about her first son (she has 3 kids – Mr Unknown, Lillibeth aka Mrs Elizabeth Humphrey and Mr Stevie Bumpfrey) one wonders if she has murdered him or he’s committed the unpardonable sin of not staying with his parents. Is the first child – Mr Unknown the reason for “Guard the Home” blog?
The way Lydia & Lillibeth go on and on about the blessings of sewing – one wonders if they think the key to opening the Pearly Gates is Victorian fashion. And so many, many photos of themselves parading in various outfits! Sigh! Vanity, egoism & narcissism served up with only a veneer of pseudo-Christianity..
Lillibeth & Lydia, how much ever they might pretend they are not aware of the existence of a mirror blog, have made multitudes of changes to their blogs. Lydia has deleted all the posts that have drawn flake and deleted the archives. Lillibeth meanwhile has taken down most posts of her and her mom in different costumes. She has also deleted all the posts on the Bumphries – Lillibeth had a real sense of humour as she commented about the poverty in her family & their huge debts in those columns about the “Bumphries cousins.” But once we exposed that the columns were really about her and her family and not about any imaginary cousins, she has systematically deleted everyone of those posts, including the one on the “Austen tea party.”
Lydia is paranoid about people getting to know about them…those columns showed the world that Lillibeth’s hubby was jobless and Lillibeth’s dad was just an insurance agent….poor Lillibeth having to stay with her poor parents because her husband can’t get a job and having to delete all those posts, because they showed her family in a bad light.

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