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Missing KOOPs article!

Unlike her mother, Lollybeth at The Unpleasant Times does not believe in deleting rude comments, she instead never approves any comment. Every once in a while, she selects the really nice comments and posts them as Letters to the Editor – whether they are all her own invention is hard to say.

I am sure by now all of you know that Lollybeth or Lady Lydia delete their posts, which are controversial. The minute they are cornered into admitting their snobbish, racist beliefs, they immediately delete the original posts, trackback the links and pretend as if the issue never existed.
Lollybeth, following her mother’s footsteps, happily deleted a rude article on the manners of other people’s children, the minute it elicited criticism.
However, when calls for explanation are persistent, she posts one rejoinder in her Letters to the Editor column:
Missing KOOPs Article
To The Editor:
I am having a hard time understanding your KOOPs article. Could you tell me if you are serious or just trying to be humorous?
The Editor Replied:
I have taken the KOOPs article down, I just don’t have time to reply to all the questions people have about it. It was not a dead-serious article, and perhaps some people found it humorous, but it seemed to confuse some of our readers. However it was taken, I am sure that the parent who wants to sleep in on Saturday morning, and has to answer the knock at the door from the neighbor kid at 6:30 a.m.(“Hi Mr. Jones, can your kids come out to play?”) would understand it perfectly.
If anyone is still needing the article, there is a similar one here: Experiences with Rude Kids of Other People at GroundtheHome.
Excerpts from the second KOOPs article:
Lady Lydia says:My own children were not as content or happy at home when they met other children who came and went as they pleased. The other children did not respect authority, not even mine, in my house.”

Talk about the corrupting influence of kids….The other iniquities of these kids were:

Lady Lydia says:“They dismantled the beds in my children’s rooms by taking the mattresses off the beds. Then, instead of being delighted to play with the toys that were offered to them, they wanted to get into everything that had been put away and drag every thing out from closets and shelves. They undressed the dolls and left them in a pile, pulled out all the books in shelves, threw the tinker toys, leggo and building blocks around and mixed them all up with the small toys cars, as though they were making a salad.”
“Another time I discovered that a KOOP had demolished my bathroom with their own filth. I did not want to be inhospitable, but having already had three children myself under my wing, I had plenty of those problems with them.”
And then they spoilt a birthday party by declaring a movie boring…so no more kids at the kids’ birthday parties, only well-mannered adults allowed……

Lady Lydia says: “I knew that I had to eliminate the rude KOOPs if I would keep my personality sweet and my thinking straight.
Over the years the rude KOOPs got even worse. The last rude KOOP we had in our home, would not stay and visit and enjoy the company of all of us. They wanted to get my daughter away from us (that is one clue to rebellion–they want to get your child off away from authority) and when they did manage to get her off alone, they spent a lot of time dropping hints that she was backwards.”

Watch your kids like hawks, so they don’t learn anything from others….leaving them totally unequipped and unprepared for life. 

The only difference is, with homeschooled boys, their first experience will be when they’re teenagers, and away from supervision, unlike their peers who learned how to deal with peer pressure safely back in elementary school. 

Why only boys? Because girls don’t go to college 

Lady Lydia says: My daughter wrote a funny story about this on her Pleasant Times blog, and typical of the way people think today, was accused of everything from a to z, none of it complimentary. I would suggest that if you LIKE rude KOOPS you tolerate and entertain and teach them. Congratulations if you succeed. But not everyone has the stamina or the presence of mind to do it and if they don’t like rude KOOPS they ought to have a choice. This is the era of choice, is it not? Remember the people who don’t want kids at all claim they have a choice to abort them. If it is okay to choose to abort a child, why is it so terrible to abort the neighbor children’s attempt to crowd your day, your life, and make havoc of your home? WHy do we allow abortion, which gets rid of KOOPS altogether before they even get started, but we cannot put a limit on the KOOPS that come to our door?

The treason of KOOPs:
Lady Lydia says:Lest there be any misunderstanding, this is about uninvited kids of other people. It is about kids who impose, force and insist on their way in your home. It has nothing to do with being an actual guest in someone’s home. It is about kids who think they will pal around with your kids and they don’t like authority. I could tell a story at a later date about my attempt to get one out of our daily life, but it would take too much time. I was an inexperienced mother and didn’t know what to do so I allowed this child in our lives every day and then when I discovered he was influencing my children wrongly, it was very difficult to get rid of him. He created a lot of fuss about it and so did his parents, as well as my own children. If you are a parent of young children or are homeschooling, all I can say is you do not have to wait and have your own experience in the matter. You can learn from the experiences of others. You don’t have to let kids of other people interfere with your family life.”
My God, she makes kids sound worse than Attila the Hun! Kids are the next plague in Lady Lydia’s Candyland. And this is from the woman, who claims she loves kids, loves hospitality and wants to be nothing other than a homemaker. 


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Lady Lydia does not practise what she preaches!

Lady Lydia does not believe in following what she says.   

So, when people like Jennie Chancy, Stacy McDonald, Lydia Sherman, and of course, Doug Phillips stand up to lead a church, to write books, to start public blogs, then they ought to expect not only criticism but scrutiny. Not only should we be looking at what they preach but also at how they live it. It is the old adage, “they can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?” Could we go too far in investigating their private lives? Of course. Everyone deserves privacy. However, when a person preaches a particular way of living, it is only fair that they are held to their own standards. Should we go dig up dirt about these men and women from their past? No. But neither should we let their theology, comments, or actions go by without any accountability.

Here are some little known facts about the family:
Debt & Finance:

The private circumstances of any individual is no concern of others you might say. But when Lady Lydia preaches that women going to work only causes more expenses and the way to frugal living is through housewifery; then we feel bound to shatter some of the myths she has created around herself.
  • Lady Lydia and her husband are in huge debt. They have no savings and they still haven’t cleared their debts (So how dare she talk about frugal living?)
  • Lady Lydia or her family does not own any house or land. The property that they are so fond of photographing and putting up on their blog is a rental, property of the Church of Lancaster (So how dare she writes article after article on how responsible Christian parents must leave an inheritance – house/land/money – for their children?) 
  • Lady Lydia does not have any insurance; not even health insurance. The reason her daughter had all four babies at home was because they didn’t have health insurance, couldn’t afford to go the hospital and had to have a mid-wife. (So how dare she says the state health care system is bad, when its obivous she can’t afford it?)
  • Lady Lydia’s husband does MLM, but is quite unsuccesful at it. Lady Lydia assists him in his MLM activities, including visiting clients.
Lollybeth & Living on charity:
  • Lady Lydia’s daughter Lollybeth and her husband stay with them, because they couldn’t afford a place of their own after the son-in-law lost his job (So how dare she writes articles criticising other men, whose wives work?)
  • The son-in-law still hasn’t got himself a job. So he does MLM marketing part-time and preaches occasionally. (What right has she to preach her one-income lifestyle is better, when her family affairs are in such shambles? And when her own son-in-law is in college though he can’t afford it, why is it bad and unaffordable for girls to be in college?
  • The Bumpfries cousins on The Unpleasant Times are actually the Merman family themselves. Lollybeth says: “the Bumpfries live below poverty level.” (And yet look at the snobbery and racism….My, My)
  • Lollybeth and her husband are in huge debt and live on the charity of close relatives and friends. (Very manly, isn’t it? The head of the house supported by charity?)
  • Lollybeth’s husband (father of 4)  is studying a full-time course in Architecture, financed by his parents. He does not hold any full-time job. He has also taken student loans, which he has not repaid. (Nice, not only does someone take care of his family, someone also foots his college expenses and takes care of those loans. How manly is that?)
  • Lollybeth lives on the charity of near and dear ones. The expenses to run her family of six is meted out by her parents and in-laws. 
  • Lollybeth and her family of six stay in the garage of her parents’ rented house (for which they don’t pay the rent, but the parish does.)
  • Lady Lydia’s two sons are indepedant and live away from her; contrary to her principles of adult children staying with the family
  • Lady Lydia herself at the age of 18, chose to stay a single women in America when her entire family left for Australia. She chose to attend Bible classes and marry someone, totally unknown to her parents. (So what right does she have to say “women shouldn’t go to college,” “women should stay at home” or “courtship/betrothal is better than dating?”)
Lady Lydia’s business activities:
  • Lady Lydia is a woman of merchandise. Though she does not want other women to engage in the sordid world of commerce, she holds jobs and earns money. She also acts as PA fo her husband’s MLM activities.
  • If you thought all the pretty pictures at LAF and Homeliving are for decoration, you are wrong! Lady Lydia, Lollybeth and Jennie Chancey have consistently promoted Victorian art, because they have signed up with online art dealers. They have posted more than 2,000 pictures all in all…so look at the amount of money they make with each click.
  • Lady Lydia and Lollybeth have had to support their husbands through their sewing business, affiliation through, online shop at CafePress and as speakers for SAHM-patriocentric conferences.
  • Lady Lydia likes to pride herself as an author, but not more than a dozen books have been sold and of the three reviews the book received at, two were planted.
  • Lady Lydia has no savings, only debt, but lives a hedonistic, consumerist lifestyle. There are four cars in their garage, four computers, TVs, even a swimming pool...just about everything – and all of it is still unpaid for. Lady Lydia is a firm believer in installments, so they just keep buying more stuff and pay the lowest installment on it.
  • Lady Lydia has made many racist remarks about black slaves in America, snobbish remarks about the state of undress of the victims of Katrina, on KOOPs – other people’s kids and has labelled the women at White Washed Feminists, TrueWomanhood as “silly women.” When there was controversy about her posts, she immediately deleted them but evidence of them can be found in other sites.


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Dissenting views – Part II

This article is one of those rare articles, in which Lady Lydia has permitted rude comments. Many a time this article gets deleted, but still if you search you might get it. Meanwhile, thecurrent link to this article is here.

Earlier, this article was on the side-bar, but I guess it was attracting more negative comments so it has once more been relegated to obscurity.
Dissenting views:
I decided to collect “dissenting views” (which are often rude comments) here and keep it on one post. Readers are welcome to give a ready answer for the reason of the hope that is in you, regarding the role of wife, mother and homemaker! Just remember not to slip into the same kinds of insults as the dissenters dish out.

Lady Lydia says:
Now to address the objection to “getting all that education and then becoming a homemaker.” Your education is not enough for homemaking. There are no schools, anymore, that can help you. It is a self-taught experience. There were some schools in previous centuries, for women, that dealt with managing the home efficiently, but they were scorned out of existence by the 20th century feminists and their mocking educational establishments. Now we have women who are so ignorant they cannot boil water. I’m sure there were those types in the olden days, too, but they were always looked on as less than marriageable and more ornamental. Today we have women scoffing at the idea of homemaking and yet they don’t realize that they too are merely ornamental. They love to dress up in the latest fashion and go to the bar and show off their newly pierced skin and their new rags that costs them way over the price of the fabric itself. Education will not teach you how to have a lasting marriage, raise good children, and keep the family afloat financially. Education will not tell you how to teach your own children at home. Your education doesn’t count, when it comes to real life with real people. Some people are book smart and some people are people smart, but unfortunately, modern education makes you neither. It prepares you to work the rest of your life for a wage. It prepares you to care about rewarding yourself with material things. There are many find female doctors and lawyers, but if they had to put their kids in daycare in order to pursue those careers, what contribution do they really make? The children of daycare are getting cheated so that their mothers can pursue a career. Getting all that education will not get you the kisses and the tender moments during the day with your children. It will not get you a good man who will give his life for you, and sacrifice his fortune. It will not give you a good church. It does not give you the memories that really matter in life.
Anonymous says:
Sandra says:
Well, anon,
First you shouldn’t use all Caps – it’s impolite. 
Second, it may come as a shock to you, but Christians are still the biggest world religion, so there are plenty of people who believe the Bible.
Third, Lydia doesn’t have to “get away” with anything, she lives in a country where free speech is allowed, so that she can criticise education as much as she wishes.
Lady Lydia says:
If I “hated” education, it wouldn’t make much since to be studying so much, nor would it have made sense to home school in the classical education for 10plus years. There is a big difference between learning and educational philosophy of different establishments and that is where I draw lines. One should always be a learner, but once a certain kind of formal education is used, it is possible to lose the love of learning or to become set in your ways.I have seen more grads and degree-bearers who have closed minds, than homemakers, and homescvhoolers who are always finding educational opportunities in every day life. I could go on and on about the experiences I’ve had with college kids who don’t want to consider any views but the ones they have been indoctrinated with, but there is enough on the web about it already. Read the book, “The Closing of the American Mind.”
Anonymous says:
I can’t understand why you haven’t been shut down. You and your ilk belong in a museam, not on a front page. Makes me shudder to think you could spread this around and drag us all back into the past. Women don’t have to be stupid anymore. They have been liberated or haven’t you heard? You should read your history better. We don’t have to confine ourselves to the house anymore. Now, we can be anything we want to be. Why don’t you get an education and make something of yourself?
Margaret says:
Anonymous, I find it very amusing that the one who is telling Lydia to get an education is the one who exhibits appalling spelling mistakes!
If we are liberated, why are you even leaving your comments? Surely liberation applies to all areas of life. Surely liberation means women can do whatever they want, up to and including staying at home, if that is what they wish.
As for being stupid and confined to the house…I have finished university for the summer. Since mum has not finished work yet, I clean for her, and sometimes cook. Yet, amongst all this, I am continuing my education…I am currently reading works of philosophy. Education does not have to stop when you leave a formal house of education. Read what Lydia says above about closemindedness in college students.
I do not consider myself an unliberated woman.
Lady Lydia says:
Dear Stupid (the way you spaced your post, makes it look like that is how you signed your name),
Your post was so loaded with subject matter, I hardly know where to begin. I will discuss the “you are living in the past” issue, for now.
I could ask you if you ride a bicycle to University. Many people do. If so, maybe you are the one living in a past. I drive a car.
A ridiculous comparison, I know, but isn’t just about everything we do in some way, connected to the past? Most of it was invented in the Victorian era. I sometimes wonder if, left with nothing, any of us could invent the things that have been handed down to us from the past. Do you use a telephone? You are somewhat in the past, for it was invented before you were born. Do you use a washing machine or an elevator? It all comes from the past. 
Yes, you don’t have to be confined to the house. You can now be confined to a building all day long until the whistle blows for quitting time. At least, at home, women are free to come and go as they please, when they need to, without having to punch a time card.
I know how you feel, though, as there seems to be a stage in everyone’s life when they think that becoming a wife and homemaker is about the most stupid choice in the world. You can grow out of it, though. It just takes maturity and an open mind.
Georgina says:
It is people like you that hold women back and keep them from going forward and accomplishing their dreams. What if I wanted to be an interpreter, or a scientist? In my country, women staying at home is a thing of the past. There are no home makers any more. If you persuade women to go home, they will not have a salary any longer and they will be literally locked up in the house all day, under the control of their husbands. There are places to accommodate children: daycares and schools, or haven’t you heard? As for food having to be home cooked, I don’t see the difference. As for housekeeping, I can afford to have help, so I won’t be doing any house work, and can concentrate on my career.I think you ought to be banned from the web.
Sandra says:
It’s people like you Georgina who would drag all women into work force against their will, like they did in Sweden.
It’s people like you who force affirmative action on employers, so that less qualified women are hired over men just because they are of the right gender.
It’s people like you who spread misandric hystery in the society and accuse all men of being controlling, abusive etc. 
It’s people like you who leave their kids in the day care to be raised by strangers without any second thought. It’s your right, of course, but it’s people like you who want to force it on all the women in all the countries. 
And finally, it’s people like you who are against free speech as you want to shut all the dissent.
You and your kind are really dangerous, not Lydia.
Lady Lydia says:
I will address one aspect that fits your entire post.
Suppose the government mandated that everyone buy government bread. People lined up each morning for their share of government bread. The government said that it was better because it had all the nutrients in it and had been inspected. 
However what if there were some women who learned to bake their own bread and give it to their family? It tasted better and the children were in better health because they ate their own home made bread. The mothers didn’t have to stand in line and spend money on government bread, so they had more time for their husband and children. The home made bread had fresher ingredients than the government bread. The mothers were not as tired out because they didn’t have to go out for their daily rationof government bread. The money was not being spent on that bread and was used for other things the family needed, because the ingredients for home made bread were a lot less expensive.
Now let us say some people got very upset at these women saying they should have to stand in line like everybody else. It wasn’t fair that they were baking their own bread, and it would soon take them all back into the dark ages where everyone had to bake their own bread. Wasn’t government bread progress? Why would anyone want to make their own bread when government bread was available so cheap and without all that labor?
Also let us suppose that a woman wants to make her own clothes rather than buy clothes from a factory, where women work at very low wages. Instead, she buys the best fabrics and makes her own. Some women who work say that isn’t fair because she doesn’t work in the factory and makes her own clothes. They think she will take them all back from the progress they have made (working outside the home in a factory, of course) and send them into the dark ages where women made their own clothes at home.
Or let us suppose that the government sent maids to homes during the day when the women were all at work, and one woman decided to clean her own house. It was personal to her and she wanted to make sure it was done right. It enabled her to see things that needed improving, whereas a maid might not notice. She also wanted to teach her children to clean house, so she stayed home and cleaned her own house. Some women objected because they thought she would take them all back to the dark ages where women stayed home, cleaned their own houses, baked their own bread and sewed their own clothes. In the meantime, the women who bought into the government idea of “liberating” them from the home, continue to go day after day and stand in lines to get their government bread, or spend money on gas so they can get to work somewhere else.
On another subject: wouldn’t it be better not to use so much gas? It is horribly expensive. How much could be saved if women could stay home and just let their husbands go to work. But in spite of the great big choice it was supposed to be, the choice to go to work, it is no longer a choice to many women. Now, they HAVE to work. And, you know the reasons why: debt, husbands who refuse to provide for the family, high house payments, and so forth. It looks like coming home may be more liberating than you think.

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Exercise in publicity – part IV

And I don’t happen to just post pictures of me. I have also posted pictures of my friends and their houses for some of my other articles. But of course they don’t number as much as the pictures of my family. Here I have posted pictures of Rebecca Newton, her house and even Jennie Chancey’s house. Rebecca Newton is a good friend of ours and another blogger. She and her sister are childhood friends of my Lollybeth

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Exercise in publicity – Part III

At the Ladies Against Feminism site, I often tried to illustrate my points with pictures of the family. And not only the family but also the house, so that people got a hand-on-training on homemaking. This must not be construed as narcissim or self-publicity.

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Exercise in Publicity – Part II

I loved featuring my daughter also in the Lady Lydia Speaks column and Lady Lydia’s newsletter. I also encouraged my daughter to write articles and there was no question of rejected slips as I co-authored the site. Did I also tell you my daughter Lollybeth of The Unpleasant Times also wrote for a newspaper once? I use this as proof that women can stay at home and do whatever they can want – they can even be reporters. She wrote a column on etiquette. Since that column is no longer appearing, she re-hashes old articles for re-use on The Unpleasant Times.

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Exercise in publicity – Part I

I predict this series might be really long. I love pictures of me in my pretty dresses. Getting publicity at the LAF site was easy, because I wrote the Lady Lydia Speaks column and send the Lady Lydia’s newsletter to a select circle of friends. I was able to publish as many pictures of myself as my heart-desired! Ah, the virtues of having your own website and blog! Hope you enjoyed these pictures!

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