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I suddenly realised I had these photos on my personal cache, which have been deleted from Lollybeth and Lydia’s blogs.

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An Update on the Merman family

Ms Uppity Lady Lydia has made a private blog…after we started posted pictures of her from it – which made her look haggard and like a hag.

But then her daughter Lillibeth went one step further and deleted all the posts on her “Cousins and other stories” aka The Bumphries. True stories of poverty and debt, masked under the sobriquet “the cousins.” She’s also removed the Fashion Update on her daughter “Lillian Ellinor” in which she used to dress up that sweet, little daughter of hers in sickening, cloy “pink
girly girly dresses. She’s also deleted the “Letters to Editor” column in which there were lots of rude comments about how she keeps showin’ off her daughter and how her scrap rug looked like something the dog chewed on.

One such memorable comment was: “I am fed up with your blog. You don’t let the rest of us have our say. I think I have the right to be heard at all times. You only post what you want to post. Your “etiquette expert” is rude, the movie reviews are boring (of course–they are boring movies you are reviewing) and you are obviously biased about a lot of things. Why don’t you keep your fluffy mind busy with housework!-RudenxP.S. I know you probably will not publish this, but oh well, you’re “Letters to the editor” are probably all made up anyway. I’m not sure I’ll be back in the future. -RX”

The Babyland Ferryship story she wrote has disappeared off the face of google, but mention of it is still there on her mother’s blogs – and Mother and daughter always thrive on self-publicity. In an article at LAF, Mrs Elizabeth Humprhey or Rosie Bumphries, Mrs Lydia Sherman says of Lillibeth:

This is written by Elizabeth Humphrey (Lillibeth), my daughter, now 24, who had a perfect relationship with her own father when she was at home, even as a teenager. There was rarely a cross word between them, and she had a high regard for him and never wanted to disappoint him. Throughout her youth, neither her father or I were ever put in the position of having to worry about her standard of dress. She loved period fashion, fashion designing, and beautiful fabrics. She learned to sew at age 9 and has been making her own clothes ever since. She never wanted to dress like the world, and her relationship with her parents and brothers meant far more to her than the opinion of her peers. ~ Mrs. Stanley Sherman”

About the Mrs Stanley Sherman bit, Lydia suddenly got into a pelter that all ladies with husbands should sign themselves as Mrs Stanley Sherman or Mrs Aiden Humphrey ….and only widows signed themselves as Mrs Lydia Sherman or Mrs Elizabeth Humphrey i.e. using their maiden names. She’s obviously forgotten what she preached as both mother and daughter have reverted to using their maiden names…

For further self-promotion, there is an newsletter at LAF, in which Lady Lydia Sherman interviews Mrs Elizabeth Humphrey…who duly pays the compliment back by heaping praises on her dear mom. For more of the sickening sweetness:

Lydia starts off with praising the jobless S.I.L: Greetings again, ladies. Allow me to introduce you to my only daughter, Mrs. Aiden James Humphrey, of Florence, Oregon. Mr. Humphrey is one of the l.a.f. contributing writers, and is a full time minister. He is an excellent sketch artist and watercolors beautiful pictures of lighthouses. Lillibeth recently stayed in her family home for several days, and I had the opportunity to take pictures of her while working. Read more about her in the interview, below.

Lydia: This first one shows her in an Elizabeth Lee nursing dress with a collar from a McCall’s pattern, in a pastel plaid cotton, when she made herself.

Lydia asks: How did you become a full time homemaker?
Lillibeth: My mother made me do it. she taught me how. (If that isn’t obvious I don’t know what is) I have never thought I’d be off on my own with a career! I always knew I’d be a homemaker.
And of course more self-promotional pictures, check out the Excercise in self-publicity posts: part I, II, III & IV

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

The more one reads Homeliving Helper or Living at Home (as it has been recently changed) and The Pleasant Times, one is amazed at the time and energy these women spend on themselves. Quite narcissist in nature!
All the posts are about their own purer-than-lily selves! Very rarely do their children or husbands get mentioned in the posts. The way Lydia Sherman never talks about her first son (she has 3 kids – Mr Unknown, Lillibeth aka Mrs Elizabeth Humphrey and Mr Stevie Bumpfrey) one wonders if she has murdered him or he’s committed the unpardonable sin of not staying with his parents. Is the first child – Mr Unknown the reason for “Guard the Home” blog?
The way Lydia & Lillibeth go on and on about the blessings of sewing – one wonders if they think the key to opening the Pearly Gates is Victorian fashion. And so many, many photos of themselves parading in various outfits! Sigh! Vanity, egoism & narcissism served up with only a veneer of pseudo-Christianity..
Lillibeth & Lydia, how much ever they might pretend they are not aware of the existence of a mirror blog, have made multitudes of changes to their blogs. Lydia has deleted all the posts that have drawn flake and deleted the archives. Lillibeth meanwhile has taken down most posts of her and her mom in different costumes. She has also deleted all the posts on the Bumphries – Lillibeth had a real sense of humour as she commented about the poverty in her family & their huge debts in those columns about the “Bumphries cousins.” But once we exposed that the columns were really about her and her family and not about any imaginary cousins, she has systematically deleted everyone of those posts, including the one on the “Austen tea party.”
Lydia is paranoid about people getting to know about them…those columns showed the world that Lillibeth’s hubby was jobless and Lillibeth’s dad was just an insurance agent….poor Lillibeth having to stay with her poor parents because her husband can’t get a job and having to delete all those posts, because they showed her family in a bad light.

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Its not just Lydia who’s into costume acting!

anne-boleynanne-boleyn1anne-boleyn2anne-boleyn3The Visionary daughters have next lined-up to be praised, feted and dined as they parade themselves in historical costumes. If Elizabeth Botkin wants to follow Anne Boleyn’s footsteps does that mean she’d consent to be the mistress of the same man who consorted with her sister? Do these girls at all know history? And also the assumption that Anne Boleyn and Jeanne D Albert were blue-blooded Christians who would be watching their teensy little play from heaven above…the egoism, the assumptions, the vanity and the ignorance. Anne Boleyn promoted Christians for political ends ….just as surely as Geofry Botkin is using his girls as pin-up stars of the homeschooling community for commercial ends. Do read Overcoming the Botkin Syndrome!


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Material girl -Lydia!

Why did Lydia marry Mr Stanley Sherman?
Correct Ans: Because he promised her a closet full of clothes.
Check Fascinating Womanhood for the full-length interview Lydia has given to Helen Andelin.

Excerpts from the interview:
I was also interested to learn from this study that girls have to create interest in marriage for men. The prospect of having a home and family can be just as compelling for a men, if only the picture were drawn for them and made to be an advantage to their lives as well. I had been desperately trying to find a partner for life, but was going about it totally in the wrong way. I know many young women who are perfect in every way, but they do not know how to attract a good man. They fail to understand what it takes to motivate men to marry. I always suggest a serious study of this book to alleviate that predicament!
One of the principles taught in this course was developing the spiritual side by consistent Bible study and church attendance. I began to attend church faithfully, and one day to my surprise the young, handsome, single minister, 8 years old than me, asked me to join him at a church dinner. I wasn’t at all sure that I liked him, as we didn’t really “click”right away, and it certainly wasn’t love at first sight. He later said he had observed me out of the corner of his eye on many occasions and began to ask me to come to various church events and accompany him on hospital visits and visits to shut-ins.
I still find it hard to believe but in six weeks he had made up his mind that I would be his wife, and asked me to marry him. He told me of his many plans and ambitions, and suggested that if I did not marry him he would lose his enthusiasm for these things. Of course I did ask him if he felt quite sure and wouldn’t he rather continue on a friendship basis with me. I remember distinctly that he said, “I’ve already got lots of friends! I want a wife.”
I protested only once more. I said that I was not prepared to be someone’s wife, having only a suitcase with a few clothes, a Bible and a diary, to my name. He told me, “If you will marry me I’ll fill your closet full of beautiful dresses and provide everything else you need.” Thirty-three years later I must tell you, he has kept that promise. I’ve had to clean out those closets many times! He bought me a sewing machine for our wedding and has supplied me with the fabric I needed to sew whatever was necessary for myself and the children, over the years.

 – Lydia Sherman

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New blog exposing the real Lady Lydia!

Sweeping the cobwebs is a great new site, which dishes out the dirt strong and plenty on Lady Lydia. And mind you these are all Christian ladies, who are finding Lady Lydia un-Christian and nasty.

There is a great post called “Do what I say, God says,” on Lady Lydia’s article “Do What God Says Do and Let Him Take Care of the Rest“. And there is another introductory piece on Lady Lydia, “A Big Welcome to Lady Lydia.”

Insights on Lady Lydia:

Debbie said: “Funny LL should mention the homeless. Our church helps a shelter and a speaker came last Sunday. She said that about 88% percent of the homeless in our county are women and About 90% of those have children.
Kind of hard to be a keeper at home when you don’t have a home to keep.

What a pompous arse she is.”

Sweeping the cobwebs says: “”Lady” Lydia is very, very concerned that people will rip off her articles, but has no conviction against posting entire pages of mainstream magazines on her site.”

“She claimed to not know Candy, when they have a long relationship in the blogging world.”

Clare said: “Additionally the handle “Lady Lydia Speaks” is just too self regarding and twee for my taste.”

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Vanity, thy name is Lydia

Lydia_dressLydia_dress1Lydia_dress2Lydia_dress3Lydia_dress4Lydia_dress5Lydia loves to show herself off on the net. But thanks to trolls like us on the net, she dare not post-up full-length blown-up pictures of herself. She also doesn’t want people to see her wrinkles or her unsightly rolls of fat. So here we have her posting more pictures of herself on her blog. But they are very tiny, very tiny – so that people don’t get to see the real Lydia!

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