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On Matt Chancey’s candidature

Matt Chancey thankfully lost the elections, but remember the amount of nonsense they spouted in the run-up to the elections?

Water Words that Work, has a great article, on what exactly was wrong with Matt Chancey and the issues he represented.

So if you hadn’t liked Matt Chancey you might:

Post comments on Chancey’s YouTube video accusing him of being a shill for corporations that want to build dangerous and polluting nuclear power plants that threaten the health and safety of Alabama families (assuming you sincerely believe that to be the case, of course).

Point out that the corporations Chancey is shilling for are accountable to anonymous shareholders rather than local citizens.

Do point out that the responsible way for the state to help residents save money is by investing in conservation and clean, renewable energy, not by giving handouts to wealthy corporations.”

Do read the full article at the blog – Water Words that Work.


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