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Lady Lydia is a public figure

ladiesPicture courtesy: http://www.cafepress.com

Candy is a liar blog has a great post on copyright/privacy laws.

At many times, we have been accused of slandering, etc….Let me remind everyone that Lady Lydia is a very public person. She is an author, writer for different sites and her o wn blogs. She has commented on other blogs with links to her own blog. She is by no means a private individual, considering that you can see her on the net all the time.

Candy is a liar blog says on copyright:

Various commenters have said that C should sue for defamation, or slander. Obviously, this blog is written so slander is out. Remember, hens, sssslander is ssssspoken! According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s entry on defamation: Is there a difference between reporting on public and private figures? Yes. A private figure claiming defamation—your neighbor, your roommate, the guy who walks his dog by your favorite coffee shop—only has to prove you acted negligently, which is to say that a “reasonable person” would not have published the defamatory statement.

A public figure must show “actual malice”—that you published with either knowledge of falsity or in reckless disregard for the truth. This is a difficult standard for a plaintiff to meet.

Who is a public figure?

A public figure is someone who has actively sought, in a given matter of public interest, to influence the resolution of the matter. In addition to the obvious public figures—a government employee, a senator, a presidential candidate—someone may be a limited-purpose public figure. A limited-purpose public figure is one who (a) voluntarily participates in a discussion about a public controversy, and (b) has access to the media to get his or her own view across. One can also be an involuntary limited-purpose public figure—for example, an air traffic controller on duty at time of fatal crash was held to be an involuntary, limited-purpose public figure, due to his role in a major public occurrence. Read the original article at Candyisaliar at this link.


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Lady Lydia likes boys whistling at her – Part II

Lady Lydia often deletes posts that are controversial. She might decide to delete her post on “Why boys don’t whistle at girls anymore” once she realizes someone is talking about.
So the current link for this silly article is:
In this Lady Lydia, laments that boys don’t whistle at girls anymore.
Some of Lydia’s own Cortie of readers themselves have taken exception to her desire that boys should whistle at her.
Some of the comments for this article are:
Christian Feminist says:

A woman who desires to be whistled at is no lady. In my mind she is more likely a harlot. HOW DARE YOU criticize women who choose to dress according to modern fashion and don’t wear the long, baggy, loose and shapeles things you call ” feminine dress”? How dare you suggest that women invite assault and rape by the way they dress, and at the same time you regret men don’t whistle after girls. If any woman invites rape, it’s you with your twisted, perverse way of thinking. In my country, women are still whistled after. Everytime this happened to me I felt nothing but contempt for those pathethic men who used that way of gaining my attention. At the same time, I felt extremely unconfortable, like a piece of meat drooled after by hungry dogs. If you enjoy being whistled at, you enjoy tempting men to sin, you enjoy their lust. What a hypocrite you are, whit your rantings about modesty and femininity!

Mrs. W said…
I don’t know about all this taking a whistle as a compliment, ma’am! I’m a young woman, and I and several girls have had to deal with foolish men honking at us or gawking like wolves at us as we go about our business, on the street or in other public places. Sometimes, the creeps have even slowed down their cars beside me and “flirted” with me as I tried to walk in peace. (I think they tend to be in groups when they do this.)
We don’t take it as a compliment because it is overtly sexual and predatory in nature. I remember several times in high school having grown men make inappropriate comments about my young age and beauty as I walked home from school! It’s like these men think they are in a rap video or something. How do they expect a respectable young lady to respond?
So no, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a man whistle at a woman, but it’s generally regarded as a foolish woman who is flattered by the chosen “complimentary” behavior of men today.
I do understand, though, how wearing a skirt and *looking* like a girl begets more gentlemanly treatment from men. 🙂 However, many will still gawk and shout “Hey!” or “pssst!” as if it’s supposed to be appeal.
Anonymous said…
Mrs. W, I’m in between Mrs. Lydia and you, so I also remember the sleezebags that would drool over my friends and I (and worse), but I also remember as a child seeing men whistle at men, and it was mainly innocent; much like the songs of the period in which men didn’t go into lurid details about body parts and the activities best suited for those parts, but simply sang about how wonderful girls were and how beautiful their smiles and eyes were. As a child I never felt like I was in the presence of something dirty when I saw a young man whistle at a young woman and I only heard happiness and excitement in the pop songs about beautiful girls.
Anonymous said…
As a young women (upon whom youth is wasted), I find whistling strangers patronising even when it is clearly meant as a compliment and remains good natured. The attention also makes me uncomfortable. However, if I knew the person whistling at me I would take the compliment. I think it’s just a case of these days you can’t be entirely sure of the intention of the whistler unless you know them personally. That’s why I can’t see the trend making a resurgance. In addition, a great deal of my male friends would never whistle at a girl because they too feel uncomfortable and as though they were being disrespectful to the girl. Call it what you will but that is how many in generation think.
Elizabeth said…
Perhaps I’m to young to understand this sort of whistling. I’m 29 years old and have been whistled at a few times. Of course, since I’ve had 3 kids it’s been a while … haha. But each of these times it was by men that just give you the creeps. You know the sort: the ones that, when your head snaps up with a jump, look at you like a t-bone steak. I certainly would like to know and see this sort of “good whistling” because I have never seen it that I can remember.

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Lady Lydia’s nasty rebuttal on why she deletes so many comments/ articles?

In her Q & A post, Lady Lydia tells the world why she will delete posts and comments that do not fit into her narrow-way of thinking.

I feel she herself asks questions and answers them…I am sure the questions from others would be a lot more caustic.

A. This is my blog and I can do as I like with it. If they want to ask questions, that is what they will do, and if I dont want to be answering questions all the time, that is what I will do. Its a free blog.
Most of the questions from feminists are demanding and not necessary to helping them become wives, mothers and homemakers. Young women are worried about many things that they cannot get answers to. There are some things in life that most of us at one time or another will never get an answer to. Young people today just cannot accept life. They want to impose their own political beliefs on me and challenge me for the way I live. They ought to be quiet and get their laundry and dishes done and clean up their houses and spend the time getting their relationships with parents, husbands and children, in compliance with scripture, and quit trying to rearrange my blog.
As a blogger, I have a perfect right and liberty to put articles back into drafts and tinker with them and add to them if I like. (Including deleting articles which have I said nasty things about other women and professed racist viewsIf I want to keep an article in drafts for years, I can do that. I am not getting a salary for any of these original articles and I do not owe anyone an article. If I like it I can keep it up, but if I want to alter it I can put it in drafts and re-do it. I don’t go around demanding that other bloggers explain themselves or answer my questions and I don’t expect to be given demands from spoiled women who think they have a right to have answers from everyone.
If I want to reject a comment, I may, and so may they. However I often get emails demanding to know why I rejected their posts. I know that feminists often do not post everything that people try to post, yet they get so indignant if I do not post everything they write.

If you have a particular question, do the research yourself and find out for yourself rather than ask me to explain every little thing and spoon feed you an opinion. Do the studying and then reach your own conclusions about any subject matter rather than demanding answers from me about what I believe. One reason I do not answer is because of the attitude of entitlement that these feminists have. They act as self-appointed investigators who are entitled to cross-examine me. They want to entrap me by enlarging things into issues greater than what they were intended to be. I will not answer these kinds of demanding questions because of the arrogance in which they are asked. These girls lack humility and they lack understanding. It will take them awhile to see that their world is not going to go the way they want it to, and that many women will choose to stay home rather than go to college or get a career. They demand that I explain “what I mean ” or my “position” on the matter. I don’t need to explain it and re-explain it. There are plenty of articles here to read and I dont have to spend days and nights explaining things. They are the type of people who will not be happy with any kind of explanation, anyway, as they are arguers, practiced in sophistry. You can’t ever convince them of anything, and much time is wasted that could be spent on those who are seeking the Lord’s way. Surely they are educated enough to find their own answers.

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Time warp at Homeliving Helper

Every one knows how Lady Lydia pre-dates her articles, deletes controversial articles, removes articles from the side-bar, etc. 
People can do whatever they want on their blogs! What others don’t relish is the sneaky underhand way in which Lady Lydia deletes stuff (without offering an apology or feeling remorse for racist views professed).

The post on silly women disappeared after True Womanhood, Punkassblog and WhiteWashed Feminists criticized it.


There is now a question & answer session on


The Q & A session was earlier on the sidebar…but following too many negative reactions it has been taken of the side-bar.

Where Lydia gets trapped in the time-warp?

The White Washed Feminists post – “Doug Phillips, Lydia Sherman, Jennie Chancey, and Stacy McDonald Reject the “Virgin” Mary” – was published on July 31, 2008.

Lydia’s rebuttal to that is however dated 06/2006 i.e. June 2006?

Other missing posts at Homeliving:

The post “What if” with Lydia’s racist comments on black slaves, slaves in Eygpt and comparisons of working women to harlots has disappeared off the blog.

The post “All dressed Up has undergone severe re-modificiation with much deletion of all those controversial comments on how badly dressed women victims of Katrina were….

So all in all, you can expect a lot of posts to get deleted, re-shuffled, anti-dated, post-dated, taken off the side-bar etc.

Who is more likely to lie? Blogger or Lady Lydia?

Now, blogger (cannot lie being an impersonal service provider) says in the blogger profile: Homeliving helper was started on November 2006.

But yet, you will find 141 posts in 2005, 7 posts in 2004 and 1 post in 2003.

That 1 post in 2003, is the defense to her “What if” post, which she deleted

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Lady Lydia the Lazy Bum

Lady Lydia is fanatically devoted to homemaking, according to her own admissions. 

But it looks like she gets to goof off at home too without doing any actual work. She calls her the CIO – Chief Information Officer of her company.
Her division of labour ensures that she doesn’t have to do any work. Wow! Not only does she get to stay at home and while away her time blogging and making useless, easily damageable paper craft items she also doesn’t have to do any housework!
Despite her husband not making much money, she gets to live like the bourgeois rich!
  1. Just because I’m at home, doesn’t mean I do all the housework (actually a good point, but still). I’m too delicate for that! The Bible speaks specifically of a woman as the guide, or guard of the home. Many people misunderstand this to mean that the women have to do all the work at home, but this is not true. If it were so, she would be worn out before she even got started in the care of the home.
  2. I don’t do work. No doing the dishes, cooking, attending calls or taking out the trash! I only delegate work and supervise the laggards. I am the knowledge centre for missing keys, wallets and dog collars! In being the guide of the home, she is like the Chief Information Officer. She may not put everything away, but she knows where it should go, and will assign the task to someone in the family. She may not wash the dishes all the time, but she knows how it is to be done, and will guide others into helping her. She may not take out the trash, but she will inform others of the need of doing it. She may not answer the phone all the time, but her family knows she wants a record kept of them. She may not do all the cooking, but she has a general plan for the meals. As CIO she always knows where people’s shoes, phones, wallets and keys are, even if she does not take care of them or put them away, herself.
  3. But very rarely I have to do my work myself, because I hate other people messing with my stuff . Members of the family should never get the idea that just because the woman is at home she should do all the work. That is not what she is there for. The work has to be done, it is true, and there are some things that only she can do. For example, I have a few rooms that I cannot employ anyone else to do because the items require my personal evaluation before putting them away or discarding them.
  4. I‘m no June Cleaver or Stepford Wife to wait on you or pick up your trash. I have better things to do like take care of helpless babies and helpless husbands.  The homemaker’s job is to guide the home and see that the things are accomplished so that the members of the family can function. It is not her job to pick up after everyone or wait hand and foot on everyone. Generally her energies should be reserved for those who are more helpless, such as babies and toddlers and those who are not well or physically able. The family is not there to be catered to constantly by the homemaker, but rather to aid her in fulfilling her noble purpose of guiding the home.
  5. No socks on the bed, keys on the mantelpiece or shoes on the rug; unless you are tottering on your grave.  In helping her fulfill her role in guiding the home, it is important that the other members of the family, including husbands and sons, not create more burdens upon her. At work, they would would not be allowed to leave piles of personal possessions around in other people’s work space, and so at home, their consciences should be stricken if they create more work for the keeper of the home. If they are not bed-ridden or severely handicapped, they can do something to aid her in her goal of guiding the home.
  6.  And I don’t let anyone be a pig at my home. Sometimes husbands and grown children get the idea that because they are out working somewhere else, bringing in a paycheck, that it constitutes a right to slack off and be pigs at home. In claiming to be completely relaxed, they drip food all over the house, leave their plates and cups wherever they last sat, and strew the newspaper all over the floor. They leave these messes just waiting for the homemaker to “do her job” and pick them all up. This is a completely ignorant misunderstanding of the work “guide” and “Keeper” of the home.
  7. How I house-trained my husband. I married a man who for some reason liked to have a pen in every room, and a pen on every shelf, every surface, every table, every where. Add to this the papers that usually went with them, the wooden toothpicks, the tie tacks, his favorite mints in cellophane, the mail, and a dozen other little “things,” and my housekeeping was driving me crazy. I showed him the list of things I had to do: the ironing, the washing, shampooing the carpet, sorting the laundry, making beds, etc. 
  8. By having my daughter, her jobless husband and her four able children to do the housework, I can face the onslaught of my son Stevie Bumphries visits. Students particularly are fond of coming into the home, slamming the door, dropping bags, going to the kitchen, eating, leaving a mess, dropping their clothes in a corner in their room, or even on the bed, and for weeks and weeks they live like this, while their mothers become more stretched out with their time and their nerves. The homemaker is the keeper and the guide of the home, and that does not mean she is just there to work.
  9. Train family members to do the housework, so that you can slack off and still call yourself a homemaker.   It is also a good idea to prepare the family to get along on their own, so that the woman, in a sense, works herself out of a job, or at least part of it. That way, when she is older, she is not still doing the same things, especially those things that require more hard labor. She ought to, as she gets older, have trained the family well enough that she can put up her feet and read something, or do some needlework, while other members prepare dinner or do the washing up afterwards.
  10. The parable of the over-burdened housewife . When I was a teenager we were invited after church to visit a preacher’s family. They had four daughters, all teenaged. When we got there we were rather taken aback at their attitude. Their mother asked them to help, and to wash some dishes that had been left, but they would not do it. She ended up serving us all by herself. Their kitchen was always piled high with dirty dishes and yet they had four able bodied girls. I would have understood it more if the family had busy boys who were working or were not too adept at dish washing, or house keeping, but with four able-bodied girls, I felt ashamed for the mother and for them. They were not cooperating with their mother in preparing the meal and not helping at all with the washing up. I never understood it and was at the time quite apalled. I was only 16 at the time and would never have talked back to my mother the way they did theirs. The mother of this girl eventually got sick and died. 

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Lady Lydia on the economic crisis – Part I


Lady Lydia has several ideas about how women should deal with the Economic Crisis in herarticle Making the Best of Things at her Homeliving blog

Her advice:
  1. Stay at home girls, even if you are dirt poor!  I’ve gotten several feedback letters that indicate that people of certain economic levels cannot possibly reach the high calling of homemaking. These girls claim that because their people didn’t have a good economic start, and weren’t born with an inheritance, or didn’t have rich parents, they cannot do anything with their lives. They are waiting for someone to compensate them for all these wrongs, and in the meantime, are wasting precious moments wallowing in self pity.
  2. I don’t have a job, money, a house, an inheritance (not even their shack) or even insurance, but I’m just fine.  I am not a rich person, have no personal income, do not live in a home of my own, and my ancestors left nothing for me to work with except good character. I had no inheritance, as my forebearers often did not live in more than shacks which eventually crumbled with time. We aren’t who we are because of the material or educational opportunites that someone gave us, but because of certain character qualities we attain by learning and practice.
  3. Don’t bother about earning money, develop your card-making, tea-making, quilt-making & baking talents. And currently if you are just the waitress in your house, work hard – and you can become its mistress. No matter what your financial circumstances, you can develop in many other ways by discovering talents and abilities, that will take you far in life. If you feel you have nothing there, try just plain hard work. Many a poor person has begun working hard at a restaurant and later ended up owning the place.
  4. You could also just plod along in life with politeness and modesty as your armour against poverty.  If you haven’t got anything, there are still things you can give away: a smile, a parking space, give way and let others walk past, let traffic in, give your place in a line, give up your seat in a crowded area, give pleasant words, give compliments, write nice letters, build others up and praise them, etc. 
  5. To face the crisis, you don’t need education or money.  Education doesn’t matter, and neither does money. While some of it is necessary, both the need for education and money are blown far out of proportion. Education comes from the willingness to learn, and if you are a learner, you can learn from anything, and not be limited to educational establishments. 
  6. Feminists have got witches and warlocks to aid them in parcelling women off to work. Today, as a result of women’s lib, many women are forced to go to work. The house stays empty all day. It is an expensive hotel that people use to take a shower and sleep and get ready to go somewhere else the next day. 
Sometimes its pathetic to think of the drivel Lady Lydia comes up with. It is even sadder when one remembers she has a following.

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Young man’s concerns on hyenas

Here Comes Trouble by Joni Johnson-Godsy

Those feminists at Punkassblog are at it again. There was a nice young man, who once sent me a letter, about why he felt feminist women would turn uni-sex like the hyenas. But of course those horrid ladies at Punkassblog had to make fun of the poor young man and me again. 

Phew! How much I have to grin and bear to be a Christian lady.
In an article, titled, “He’s figured it out. We’ve been conspiring with hyenas the whole time,” these un-ladylike women again take potshots at me.
The article reads:

My favorite anti-feminist, Lady Lydia, has discovered video blogging and once again reminds me that despite our differences, we have much in common. I, too, enjoy porches and folding towels into fun shapes, although I draw the line at embellishing a stack of ordinary folded towels.

And like Punkassblog, Home Living gets the occasional cry for help and tries to respond appropriately. Like this guy from Georgia (the country) who apparently learned English directly from the Bible and is easily thrown into a panic about things that won’t be happening:

A few months ago I had a conversation with a good friend of mine and he said something to the effect that in the near future, probably around three to five decades from now (years 2030-2050), that as a result of the ever-growing influence of feminism humanity will be altered to an extent that we will not even be recognizable as men and women any longer but will be likened unto the wild hyenas (those animals who have the ability to alternate their sexes at will). He calls this race a “rise of the unisex race”.


Ever since that prediction of his, I have been terrified by that, so much that it has been on my mind night and day (literally)…

I am trembling by such a thought, why isn’t God restraining their enterprise, why is he suddenly letting this happen when nothing like this ever happened before?

Sometimes I am almost convinced that we’re living in the last days and Christ is finally returning to judge this awful world. I really need a positive answer and a consolation to my constant worries, are my fears groundless? I sure hope that they are, otherwise I will never be able to live in such an dreadful world.

Most of Lydia’s commenters have suggested that our young Georgian calm down and focus on raising his own family; even the ones who agree with him that we live in the “end times” recommend getting a bit of a grip. So I’m going to skip past that bit, and also past our friend’s appalling grasp on evolution (species-wide catastrophic development and the obliteration of physical gender distinctions in 50 years? We’d pretty much have to do that surgically, and before we could even start that project we’d have to solve all the other problems all over the world first, otherwise it’s just good money thrown after bad. We’re still trying to get pay equality and decent conviction rates for rapists, fer crying out loud. I’m afraid that feminists don’t have the resources or organization necessary to Borg humanity even if we did want to do such a thing. So don’t worry, guys, you’ll get to keep your penis)

Anyway, I’m going to skip straight to the bit about hyenas. Because up till that moment, I had no idea that there were any mammals out there who could do that. Alternate sexes at will? Why wasn’t that in the Lion King? 

Probably because it’s not true:


In mammals, all intact developmentally typical males have a penis, but the clitoris in the females of the following species is sufficiently enlarged that it is usually termed a pseudo-penis: spotted hyena,[1] squirrel monkey, lemur, and binturong.[2] The labia of the spider monkey are elongated and may be similarly confused during display. Elongated labia are also observed in humans.

The mammalian pseudo-penis appears to be simply for display, although the hyena is an exception: erection of the penis (which is voluntary in both sexes) is certainly a display of submission in both male and female spotted hyena, but the female hyena additionally uses her pseudo-penis for urination, copulation, and childbirth. In addition, this makes it difficult for males to mate without the full cooperation of females, which helps the female dominated society of spotted hyenas to eliminate forced sex. [3]

Hyena males and females are about the same size, and the females have some kind of super-clitoris, but they are still male and female. As for creeping sexual ambiguity, for all the relentless screeching of feminists women are more than willing to resort to surgery to trim enlarged labia into compliance with the standards of having a ‘feminine’ set of genitalia.


So to our Georgian friend: it’s OK if we become unto the wild hyena, for they are not Godless hermaphrodites; feminists would be OK with this as well, seeing as the hyena has solved a problem we’ve been concerned about for years: they’ve apparently eliminated rape. Getting rid of rape would calm a lot of feminists right down, and like pufferfish when calm we’d deflate into something much less intimidating. Although we’d still be nagging for pay equality and whatnot.

If you wish to feel less anxiety, I suggest getting friends whose batshit insane theories aren’t buttressed by discredited Victorian-era biological factoids. Switching to modern conspiracy theories will open you up to a larger community of panicky wackjobs, and you’ll sleep better at night knowing you’re not alone.

The comments followed:

MissPrism says:


Hyenas give birth through their pseudipenises, which often tear and get infected. I’d rather not turn into a hyena, but if you all voted for hyenification at the last feminist conspiracy conference I suppose I’ll have to go along with it.

There are plenty of fish that can change sex. Have we spoken to them?

delagar says:

I can’t even find dude from Georgia funny. Too sad. The pit of ignorance just goes down and down and down.

Sera says:

Hmm, it’s almost like a mammal whose genitals were constructed so as to make rape well-nigh impossible would also have an unusually difficult time giving birth and/or having consensual sex. It’s almost as if anybody who has every argued that rape is somehow physically impossible in humans is very stupid. (I have heard this argument many times, but always from old people. I wonder if it has fallen out of favor for being so ridiculous?)

Panda says:

Possibly he meant Hydras? Those little sea creature things that look like celery? Either way, still very strange.

GDad says:

Huh. I’ve never tried the tactic of shutting down one delusion while encouraging another. Brilliant!

Dee says:

delalar- really? Feminist human hyenas not funny? I laughed my ass off. Oh wait. No. It’s still there.

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