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Comic relief!




Everyone must be familiar with Lady Lydia’s catty remarks on old ladies at the market and Katrina victims. Thought we’s some comic relief out of it…Next in line will be Lady Lydia’s racist remarks about black slaves in America



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Time warp at Homeliving Helper

Every one knows how Lady Lydia pre-dates her articles, deletes controversial articles, removes articles from the side-bar, etc. 
People can do whatever they want on their blogs! What others don’t relish is the sneaky underhand way in which Lady Lydia deletes stuff (without offering an apology or feeling remorse for racist views professed).

The post on silly women disappeared after True Womanhood, Punkassblog and WhiteWashed Feminists criticized it.


There is now a question & answer session on


The Q & A session was earlier on the sidebar…but following too many negative reactions it has been taken of the side-bar.

Where Lydia gets trapped in the time-warp?

The White Washed Feminists post – “Doug Phillips, Lydia Sherman, Jennie Chancey, and Stacy McDonald Reject the “Virgin” Mary” – was published on July 31, 2008.

Lydia’s rebuttal to that is however dated 06/2006 i.e. June 2006?

Other missing posts at Homeliving:

The post “What if” with Lydia’s racist comments on black slaves, slaves in Eygpt and comparisons of working women to harlots has disappeared off the blog.

The post “All dressed Up has undergone severe re-modificiation with much deletion of all those controversial comments on how badly dressed women victims of Katrina were….

So all in all, you can expect a lot of posts to get deleted, re-shuffled, anti-dated, post-dated, taken off the side-bar etc.

Who is more likely to lie? Blogger or Lady Lydia?

Now, blogger (cannot lie being an impersonal service provider) says in the blogger profile: Homeliving helper was started on November 2006.

But yet, you will find 141 posts in 2005, 7 posts in 2004 and 1 post in 2003.

That 1 post in 2003, is the defense to her “What if” post, which she deleted

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