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Deleted posts

I suddenly realised I had these photos on my personal cache, which have been deleted from Lollybeth and Lydia’s blogs.

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An Update on the Merman family

Ms Uppity Lady Lydia has made http://homesteadrevisited.blogspot.com/ a private blog…after we started posted pictures of her from it – which made her look haggard and like a hag.

But then her daughter Lillibeth went one step further and deleted all the posts on her “Cousins and other stories” aka The Bumphries. True stories of poverty and debt, masked under the sobriquet “the cousins.” She’s also removed the Fashion Update on her daughter “Lillian Ellinor” in which she used to dress up that sweet, little daughter of hers in sickening, cloy “pink
girly girly dresses. She’s also deleted the “Letters to Editor” column in which there were lots of rude comments about how she keeps showin’ off her daughter and how her scrap rug looked like something the dog chewed on.

One such memorable comment was: “I am fed up with your blog. You don’t let the rest of us have our say. I think I have the right to be heard at all times. You only post what you want to post. Your “etiquette expert” is rude, the movie reviews are boring (of course–they are boring movies you are reviewing) and you are obviously biased about a lot of things. Why don’t you keep your fluffy mind busy with housework!-RudenxP.S. I know you probably will not publish this, but oh well, you’re “Letters to the editor” are probably all made up anyway. I’m not sure I’ll be back in the future. -RX”

The Babyland Ferryship story she wrote http://thepleasanttimes.blogspot.com/2007/07/babyland-ferry-ship.html has disappeared off the face of google, but mention of it is still there on her mother’s blogs – http://homeliving.blogspot.com/2007/07/read-aloud-story.html/read-aloud-story.html and http://guardthehome.blogspot.com/2007_07_01_archive.html. Mother and daughter always thrive on self-publicity. In an article at LAF, Mrs Elizabeth Humprhey or Rosie Bumphries, Mrs Lydia Sherman says of Lillibeth:

This is written by Elizabeth Humphrey (Lillibeth), my daughter, now 24, who had a perfect relationship with her own father when she was at home, even as a teenager. There was rarely a cross word between them, and she had a high regard for him and never wanted to disappoint him. Throughout her youth, neither her father or I were ever put in the position of having to worry about her standard of dress. She loved period fashion, fashion designing, and beautiful fabrics. She learned to sew at age 9 and has been making her own clothes ever since. She never wanted to dress like the world, and her relationship with her parents and brothers meant far more to her than the opinion of her peers. ~ Mrs. Stanley Sherman”

About the Mrs Stanley Sherman bit, Lydia suddenly got into a pelter that all ladies with husbands should sign themselves as Mrs Stanley Sherman or Mrs Aiden Humphrey ….and only widows signed themselves as Mrs Lydia Sherman or Mrs Elizabeth Humphrey i.e. using their maiden names. She’s obviously forgotten what she preached as both mother and daughter have reverted to using their maiden names…

For further self-promotion, there is an newsletter at LAF, in which Lady Lydia Sherman interviews Mrs Elizabeth Humphrey…who duly pays the compliment back by heaping praises on her dear mom. For more of the sickening sweetness:

Lydia starts off with praising the jobless S.I.L: Greetings again, ladies. Allow me to introduce you to my only daughter, Mrs. Aiden James Humphrey, of Florence, Oregon. Mr. Humphrey is one of the l.a.f. contributing writers, and is a full time minister. He is an excellent sketch artist and watercolors beautiful pictures of lighthouses. Lillibeth recently stayed in her family home for several days, and I had the opportunity to take pictures of her while working. Read more about her in the interview, below.

Lydia: This first one shows her in an Elizabeth Lee nursing dress with a collar from a McCall’s pattern, in a pastel plaid cotton, when she made herself.

Lydia asks: How did you become a full time homemaker?
Lillibeth: My mother made me do it. she taught me how. (If that isn’t obvious I don’t know what is) I have never thought I’d be off on my own with a career! I always knew I’d be a homemaker.
And of course more self-promotional pictures, check out the Excercise in self-publicity posts: part I, II, III & IV

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Lady Lydia’s minless drone & habit of repeating herself

Lady Lydia in her blog – Homeliving Helper, which has more than 450 posts on the subject of “homemaking, often repeats herself. 

Sometimes its so boring to wade through her blog, because its the same thing – over and over again.  This post on her boring people might itself be boring, but then you will find that Lady Lydia has single-handedly hit upon the Media Bullet theory of influence (or maybe with a little coaching from the hubby.)
She can talk (and is qualified to talk) only on a few subjects, so she does this with unfailing regularity. 
She can talk only about:
  1. Homemaking 
  2. Homeschooling (dis-obedient children, discplining) 
  3. Feminity & Biblical Womanhood (craft items, dress, letter-writing, hospitality)
On these three subjects she waxes elqouent, and when people remind her she’s copy-pasting her own stuff, she comes up with an article in defence.
I have every right to repeat myself, she says, in an article titled “Even God repeats himself.”
“Invariably, some inexperienced young philospher fresh out of college, will write and tell me that I’m repeating myself in my continual urging of returning to the hearth fires. “
Why does she inflict such torture on her blog readers?
  •  In any kind of training or teaching, repetition is important if the lessons are to be learned. A mother may be training her children to be polite, and find it necessary to remind them when situations come up, not to talk back, to pick up their things, to answer when spoken to, and so forth. Grown children may need to be reminded that there is a family event coming up, and it may need to be repeated, since there are those who are so preoccupied and so busy, they tend to forget. (Wow! She repeats stuff on her blog, because her blog readers have the mentality of a child and need to be trained?)
  • Parents are not exhonerated just because they “already told” their children something. They are not free of responsibilty until they are sure the child heard, and understood. It isn’t enough just to tell them what to do or how to behave. They are responsible to see that the lesson was learned and that the attitudes were changed, and this will take much repetition, even if done in creative ways. (Does this mean, she is parenting her blog readers? And does this mean, she won’t stop telling us till we bombard her with mails that we heard the message?)
  • We listen to the same music or songs, over and over, because we like them. I am not insisting that people should listen or read things that are vile or wrong. I am speaking here of good things. Many times people refuse to read something or hear something because they say it is “repeating itself,” but in reality, they are refusing to listen, because they do not like it and have set up a resistance against it. This could concievably be rebellion, or it could just be an unintentional blind spot, or it could be due to the programming of other influences in their lives. (Inference: We must keep on reading her blog, get rss feeds and comment on her blog – otherwise we are in rebellion against good things)
  • Biblically speaking, there are entire chapters in which the lesson is repeated:- sometimes in the same way, and sometimes in different ways– but there is a valid reason for this: people tend to forget, as they go about their day to day activities, the principles that they need to live by. It takes repetition to remember your lines when doing videos or sermons, and it takes repetition to memorize verses of scripture that have meaning to you. To meditate on a scripture, it is necessary to look at the same sentence in many different ways. If you feel people are “repeating themselves” to you, it is possible you did not absorb the understanding they were trying to put across to you, and so they tried different ways of enlightening you to the message. (If you still feel she is repeating herself, then it means you haven’t absorbed The Message or Lydia’s gospel)

To insist that others speak or write without repeating anything, shows a lack of knowledge of the effectiveness of repetition, and a closing of the mind. Some of the more close-minded people who are reluctant to see the whole of things, may benefit from reading a book called, “The Closing of the American Mind” if such people could be brought to read it.

Punkass blog says: Lydia, all by herself and probably without any help from her husband, has stumbled upon the bullet theory of media influence. At a mere 40 to 60 years out of vouge, it’s right modern by Lady Lydia’s reckoning. It was popular back in WWII when Orsen Welles’ War of the Worlds stunt scared the ever living shit out of the entire Eastern time zone. However, it turns out that monkey-see-monkey-do is not normally how people consume media, and merely replacing Hillary Duff with Elizabeth Bennet will only work if, for some reason, gowns and private balls become all of the rage again – and don’t for a second think that your “simplicity” message would have any room at that party.

She says:

  • There are those in this society who never seem to have victory over their anxieties, worries and fears, and never seem to be able to develop character qualities of self-control, or steadiness of behaviour. Upon further inquiry, it will be discovered that they were close-minded to studying more about the things that would help them, using the excuse that it “repeats itself.” Perhaps one reason a generation fails to have stability is because the wise sayings that were repeated to previous generations, were not handed down to them. Common expressions such as “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” and “Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free,” have to be repeated enough when applicable, in order for the next generation to have the wisdom to live their lives.(So people who find her repetitve are anxious, worried, fearful, lack self-control, exhibit unsteady behavious and have the IQ of a cockroach)
  • The lesson here is that if things do not in some way “repeat,” the lessons are not effective. I recall one sermon I heard when I was young, called “Reconciliation.” In it, the preacher repeated the concept of reconciliation with your loved ones, and with God, using many different illustrations, and the consequences of avoiding it. If anyone had asked me that week what the sermon was about, I knew without a doubt that it was about “reconciliation.” Yet, today, due to the lack of repetiton, many people do not know for certain what the central theme of the sermon was. (What Lady Lydia doesn’t realise in this moral is…She is the only who is repeating herself; So basically she’s saying she’s repeating herself because her sermons/posts are ineffective)
  • In the book of Jeremiah, you cannot get through a chapter without repeating something. This is because Jeremiah was trying to get it “in their heads.” In the book of Acts, the Gospel plan of salvation is repeated many times. If you stopped people in church on their way out, and asked them what the plan of salvation was, could they repeat it? The only way they could, would be to hear it repeated, read it, and tell it themselves multiple times. (So bascially she’s just trying to din it into our heads. Bang! Bang!)

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Stevie Bumpfries tells Lady Lydia to get a job


Stevie Bumpfries, who is the only decently-earning member of the Lady Lydia family, is a little bit different from the traditional cast of the rest of his family. But only a wee bit different, mind you! He also wants a 10-children bearing, Victorian-woman cum husky-prairie-girl to greet him at home with pie and dumplings at the end of a hard day of labour! Typical of LAF manly-men!

The story goes: 
Cousin Lee said several years ago, when he was living at the house, that Ma should go to McDonald’s and get a minimum wage job, and hoist the old family up a bit more. “Who would make your lunch, clean your room, clean the bathrooms, do your laundry, find your hunting accessories and power bait, iron your shirts, and make you dinner when you got home?” asked Ma.
“Well, you would!” replied Cousin Lee.
“After working all day on my feet at McDonald’s?”
Ma rolled her eyes. There went her son’s marriage prospects– no woman would put up with such slavish treatment! (By the way Stevie Bumpfries is still not married. Interested heiresses with immodest fortunes can apply) But instead she replied “No, I’ll be coming home and playing video games all evening” (which happened to be Cousin Lee’s favorite thing to do after work).

I think the story would be more effective if it read:
Stevie Bumpfries: Why can’t you get a job, mom, instead of lazing around the job? How about a minimum wage job at McDonald’s? Hoist the family a bit?
Lady Lydia: “Who would make your lunch, clean your room, clean the bathrooms, do your laundry, find your hunting accessories and power bait, iron your shirts, and make you dinner when you got home?” 
Stevie Bumpfries:“Well, you would!”
Lady Lydia: “After working all day on my feet at McDonald’s?”
Stevie Bumpfries:“Sure!”
Lady Lydia“No, I’ll be coming home and playing video games all evening”

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Missing KOOPs article!

Unlike her mother, Lollybeth at The Unpleasant Times does not believe in deleting rude comments, she instead never approves any comment. Every once in a while, she selects the really nice comments and posts them as Letters to the Editor – whether they are all her own invention is hard to say.

I am sure by now all of you know that Lollybeth or Lady Lydia delete their posts, which are controversial. The minute they are cornered into admitting their snobbish, racist beliefs, they immediately delete the original posts, trackback the links and pretend as if the issue never existed.
Lollybeth, following her mother’s footsteps, happily deleted a rude article on the manners of other people’s children, the minute it elicited criticism.
However, when calls for explanation are persistent, she posts one rejoinder in her Letters to the Editor column:
Missing KOOPs Article
To The Editor:
I am having a hard time understanding your KOOPs article. Could you tell me if you are serious or just trying to be humorous?
The Editor Replied:
I have taken the KOOPs article down, I just don’t have time to reply to all the questions people have about it. It was not a dead-serious article, and perhaps some people found it humorous, but it seemed to confuse some of our readers. However it was taken, I am sure that the parent who wants to sleep in on Saturday morning, and has to answer the knock at the door from the neighbor kid at 6:30 a.m.(“Hi Mr. Jones, can your kids come out to play?”) would understand it perfectly.
If anyone is still needing the article, there is a similar one here: Experiences with Rude Kids of Other People at GroundtheHome.
Excerpts from the second KOOPs article:
Lady Lydia says:My own children were not as content or happy at home when they met other children who came and went as they pleased. The other children did not respect authority, not even mine, in my house.”

Talk about the corrupting influence of kids….The other iniquities of these kids were:

Lady Lydia says:“They dismantled the beds in my children’s rooms by taking the mattresses off the beds. Then, instead of being delighted to play with the toys that were offered to them, they wanted to get into everything that had been put away and drag every thing out from closets and shelves. They undressed the dolls and left them in a pile, pulled out all the books in shelves, threw the tinker toys, leggo and building blocks around and mixed them all up with the small toys cars, as though they were making a salad.”
“Another time I discovered that a KOOP had demolished my bathroom with their own filth. I did not want to be inhospitable, but having already had three children myself under my wing, I had plenty of those problems with them.”
And then they spoilt a birthday party by declaring a movie boring…so no more kids at the kids’ birthday parties, only well-mannered adults allowed……

Lady Lydia says: “I knew that I had to eliminate the rude KOOPs if I would keep my personality sweet and my thinking straight.
Over the years the rude KOOPs got even worse. The last rude KOOP we had in our home, would not stay and visit and enjoy the company of all of us. They wanted to get my daughter away from us (that is one clue to rebellion–they want to get your child off away from authority) and when they did manage to get her off alone, they spent a lot of time dropping hints that she was backwards.”

Watch your kids like hawks, so they don’t learn anything from others….leaving them totally unequipped and unprepared for life. 

The only difference is, with homeschooled boys, their first experience will be when they’re teenagers, and away from supervision, unlike their peers who learned how to deal with peer pressure safely back in elementary school. 

Why only boys? Because girls don’t go to college 

Lady Lydia says: My daughter wrote a funny story about this on her Pleasant Times blog, and typical of the way people think today, was accused of everything from a to z, none of it complimentary. I would suggest that if you LIKE rude KOOPS you tolerate and entertain and teach them. Congratulations if you succeed. But not everyone has the stamina or the presence of mind to do it and if they don’t like rude KOOPS they ought to have a choice. This is the era of choice, is it not? Remember the people who don’t want kids at all claim they have a choice to abort them. If it is okay to choose to abort a child, why is it so terrible to abort the neighbor children’s attempt to crowd your day, your life, and make havoc of your home? WHy do we allow abortion, which gets rid of KOOPS altogether before they even get started, but we cannot put a limit on the KOOPS that come to our door?

The treason of KOOPs:
Lady Lydia says:Lest there be any misunderstanding, this is about uninvited kids of other people. It is about kids who impose, force and insist on their way in your home. It has nothing to do with being an actual guest in someone’s home. It is about kids who think they will pal around with your kids and they don’t like authority. I could tell a story at a later date about my attempt to get one out of our daily life, but it would take too much time. I was an inexperienced mother and didn’t know what to do so I allowed this child in our lives every day and then when I discovered he was influencing my children wrongly, it was very difficult to get rid of him. He created a lot of fuss about it and so did his parents, as well as my own children. If you are a parent of young children or are homeschooling, all I can say is you do not have to wait and have your own experience in the matter. You can learn from the experiences of others. You don’t have to let kids of other people interfere with your family life.”
My God, she makes kids sound worse than Attila the Hun! Kids are the next plague in Lady Lydia’s Candyland. And this is from the woman, who claims she loves kids, loves hospitality and wants to be nothing other than a homemaker. 


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Lady Lydia does not practise what she preaches!

Lady Lydia does not believe in following what she says.   

So, when people like Jennie Chancy, Stacy McDonald, Lydia Sherman, and of course, Doug Phillips stand up to lead a church, to write books, to start public blogs, then they ought to expect not only criticism but scrutiny. Not only should we be looking at what they preach but also at how they live it. It is the old adage, “they can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?” Could we go too far in investigating their private lives? Of course. Everyone deserves privacy. However, when a person preaches a particular way of living, it is only fair that they are held to their own standards. Should we go dig up dirt about these men and women from their past? No. But neither should we let their theology, comments, or actions go by without any accountability.

Here are some little known facts about the family:
Debt & Finance:

The private circumstances of any individual is no concern of others you might say. But when Lady Lydia preaches that women going to work only causes more expenses and the way to frugal living is through housewifery; then we feel bound to shatter some of the myths she has created around herself.
  • Lady Lydia and her husband are in huge debt. They have no savings and they still haven’t cleared their debts (So how dare she talk about frugal living?)
  • Lady Lydia or her family does not own any house or land. The property that they are so fond of photographing and putting up on their blog is a rental, property of the Church of Lancaster (So how dare she writes article after article on how responsible Christian parents must leave an inheritance – house/land/money – for their children?) 
  • Lady Lydia does not have any insurance; not even health insurance. The reason her daughter had all four babies at home was because they didn’t have health insurance, couldn’t afford to go the hospital and had to have a mid-wife. (So how dare she says the state health care system is bad, when its obivous she can’t afford it?)
  • Lady Lydia’s husband does MLM, but is quite unsuccesful at it. Lady Lydia assists him in his MLM activities, including visiting clients.
Lollybeth & Living on charity:
  • Lady Lydia’s daughter Lollybeth and her husband stay with them, because they couldn’t afford a place of their own after the son-in-law lost his job (So how dare she writes articles criticising other men, whose wives work?)
  • The son-in-law still hasn’t got himself a job. So he does MLM marketing part-time and preaches occasionally. (What right has she to preach her one-income lifestyle is better, when her family affairs are in such shambles? And when her own son-in-law is in college though he can’t afford it, why is it bad and unaffordable for girls to be in college?
  • The Bumpfries cousins on The Unpleasant Times are actually the Merman family themselves. Lollybeth says: “the Bumpfries live below poverty level.” (And yet look at the snobbery and racism….My, My)
  • Lollybeth and her husband are in huge debt and live on the charity of close relatives and friends. (Very manly, isn’t it? The head of the house supported by charity?)
  • Lollybeth’s husband (father of 4)  is studying a full-time course in Architecture, financed by his parents. He does not hold any full-time job. He has also taken student loans, which he has not repaid. (Nice, not only does someone take care of his family, someone also foots his college expenses and takes care of those loans. How manly is that?)
  • Lollybeth lives on the charity of near and dear ones. The expenses to run her family of six is meted out by her parents and in-laws. 
  • Lollybeth and her family of six stay in the garage of her parents’ rented house (for which they don’t pay the rent, but the parish does.)
  • Lady Lydia’s two sons are indepedant and live away from her; contrary to her principles of adult children staying with the family
  • Lady Lydia herself at the age of 18, chose to stay a single women in America when her entire family left for Australia. She chose to attend Bible classes and marry someone, totally unknown to her parents. (So what right does she have to say “women shouldn’t go to college,” “women should stay at home” or “courtship/betrothal is better than dating?”)
Lady Lydia’s business activities:
  • Lady Lydia is a woman of merchandise. Though she does not want other women to engage in the sordid world of commerce, she holds jobs and earns money. She also acts as PA fo her husband’s MLM activities.
  • If you thought all the pretty pictures at LAF and Homeliving are for decoration, you are wrong! Lady Lydia, Lollybeth and Jennie Chancey have consistently promoted Victorian art, because they have signed up with online art dealers. They have posted more than 2,000 pictures all in all…so look at the amount of money they make with each click.
  • Lady Lydia and Lollybeth have had to support their husbands through their sewing business, affiliation through Allposters.com, online shop at CafePress and as speakers for SAHM-patriocentric conferences.
  • Lady Lydia likes to pride herself as an author, but not more than a dozen books have been sold and of the three reviews the book received at Lulu.com, two were planted.
  • Lady Lydia has no savings, only debt, but lives a hedonistic, consumerist lifestyle. There are four cars in their garage, four computers, TVs, even a swimming pool...just about everything – and all of it is still unpaid for. Lady Lydia is a firm believer in installments, so they just keep buying more stuff and pay the lowest installment on it.
  • Lady Lydia has made many racist remarks about black slaves in America, snobbish remarks about the state of undress of the victims of Katrina, on KOOPs – other people’s kids and has labelled the women at White Washed Feminists, TrueWomanhood as “silly women.” When there was controversy about her posts, she immediately deleted them but evidence of them can be found in other sites.


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