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An Interesting Comment from a reader

“Let me open with that under normal circumstances, I would be adamantly against this blog and “bashing blogs” like it… BUT, having said that, and “knowing” Lydia in a somewhat indirect manner, I am quite glad she is finally getting the negative publicity she SO deserves. Happily reading thru this exposure of her hypocrisy and her shallow facade makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. No, admittedly that doesn’t make me a nice person at all, but considering the pain and anguish this “lady” has caused me, my family, and many of our friends with her outrageous lies and twisted half-truths, I am enjoying reading this immensely! Thank you!

People visiting here may wonder why anyone would post such “mean” things about another person, especially one that presents their self as being such a proper and upstanding Christian “lady”…Well, the truth is she deserves every little thing said here, and much more. She is one of the most deceitful, black-hearted, pathetic little hypocritical persons that I have ever had the misfortune of coming into contact with. Though I have never been formally introduced to her, I actually feel hate towards her. I honestly cannot say that about many people in the whole world, only a very few, but she is high on that short list. Since I have the misfortune of living in one of the many small communities around there area she prowls, I have heard/seen/experienced first-hand of the problems she caused (and I am sure continues to cause) families here. With her narrow, black and white anti-tolerant views (especially since she is quite clear on not mixing those 2 “colors”, nor those deviant “homosexuals” that she also hates…not to mention anti-feminist views that take women back to the 1700’s where they were little more than property of men…) Yes, its amazing how much hate can fit into one little “Christian” woman isn’t it? Couple that along with her strict views on raising children (back to the first son that is MIA? Lucky man in my opinion!), and her shoving her opinions of marriages down everyone’s throats (how many times has her husband been married now? Strange…Lydia is NOT his first wife…) So, WOW… I do hope that readers are getting the REAL picture painted nicely for them here. The truth is not always pretty. ”

Elsewhere on the blogosphere on Lady Lydia Sherman:


Corrie Says:

February 1, 2010 at 6:27 pm

And then there is always “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and the many other stories of what it was like to be a slave on a Southern plantation. Yes, yes, I have heard many protestations about how nice slave owners were to their slaves in spite of all the firsthand accounts of the horrible abuse they suffered at their “master’s” hands. But, I am of the opinion that it isn’t “nice” to think so highly of one’s self and so poorly of another. If you don’t want to be owned like property then it is not “nice” to own another human being like property.

The only time I would buy a slave was in order to set them free. That would have been the “nice” thing to do. Anything else is just semantics.

And let us not forget that Lady Lydia likes to wax eloquent about slave families living the dreamy patriocentric lifestyle where the “wife” stayed in her cabin and cooked dinner and took care of the kids while her “husband” was out in the fields.

Yeah right!

Cynthia Gee Says:

February 1, 2010 at 6:51 pm
I wonder what Lady Lydia would say about all the light-skinned slave children that some of those slave “wives” had…



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Highly recommended Anti-Lydia Sherman reading

Sweeping the Cobwebs has 11 great posts about Lydia Sherman. I would recommend all Lydia Sherman’s critics to have a look at both the posts and the comments following them.

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Rotten spellings, bad punctuation & torrid grammar

Many people have asked us as to the level of literacy here at Living at Home (or whatever new title & graphics Lydia comes up with).
So, we want to explain that the bad grammar and misspelled words are intentional. We just thought we’d copy the original Lady Lydia Sherman ditto.
But that doesn’t mean we are insufferable know-it-alls and claim better proficiency at English than the unschooled Lady Lydia. We are just trying to poke fun at a lady, who takes herself too seriously, and can’t recognise a joke even if it danced around naked wearing Dobby’s tea cosy 🙂

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Comic relief!




Everyone must be familiar with Lady Lydia’s catty remarks on old ladies at the market and Katrina victims. Thought we’s some comic relief out of it…Next in line will be Lady Lydia’s racist remarks about black slaves in America


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Data Lounge on Lydia Sherman

I was recently reading a thread on Data Lounge. They of course had very nice things to say about Lady Lydia Sherman which I wanted to share:
Comments: “What a bunch of douchebags!”
“Apparently, equality is an unknown concept to this judgemental bunch of loons.”
“Have you even read any of the articles at that site?! Mrs. Jennie Chancey and Lady Lydia and all the rest are Dominionists, who spew hatred and bigotry at every turn.”
“Most of the shit at this site is just scary, but some of the domestic related stuff cracks me the hell up, like Lady Lydia Speaks: Laundry With Love. It’s, as she puts it, a “dissertation on laundry.”
I guess the fact that at 32, I still wash my laundry “college student style,” everything together on cold, is yet another outgrowth of being a feminist, and not just because I’m too lazy to be bothered.”
“Sounds delicious mon cheries !!
We LADIES need to get out more often, and pick wildflowers, and run through fields of grass, and wade fully clothed into ponds, and… shit.
by: Miss Emily Howard, a LADY!”
“Can we just go back to barefoot and pregnant. Those we the good old days, when women were women.” by Arch .H.Bald
“Blech. Someone tell them that pairing a 4 dollar men’s tee-shirt with a shapeless tea length calico skirt and some white socks and Keds isn’t “dressing decently” by:Tinabina
“Many years ago in San Francisco, there was a satirical group that called itself “Ladies Against Women”. They parodied right-wing social politics, and were a sort of precursor to Mrs. Betty Bowers. And now, the real-life version has come into being.”

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Material girl -Lydia!

Why did Lydia marry Mr Stanley Sherman?
Correct Ans: Because he promised her a closet full of clothes.
Check Fascinating Womanhood for the full-length interview Lydia has given to Helen Andelin.

Excerpts from the interview:
I was also interested to learn from this study that girls have to create interest in marriage for men. The prospect of having a home and family can be just as compelling for a men, if only the picture were drawn for them and made to be an advantage to their lives as well. I had been desperately trying to find a partner for life, but was going about it totally in the wrong way. I know many young women who are perfect in every way, but they do not know how to attract a good man. They fail to understand what it takes to motivate men to marry. I always suggest a serious study of this book to alleviate that predicament!
One of the principles taught in this course was developing the spiritual side by consistent Bible study and church attendance. I began to attend church faithfully, and one day to my surprise the young, handsome, single minister, 8 years old than me, asked me to join him at a church dinner. I wasn’t at all sure that I liked him, as we didn’t really “click”right away, and it certainly wasn’t love at first sight. He later said he had observed me out of the corner of his eye on many occasions and began to ask me to come to various church events and accompany him on hospital visits and visits to shut-ins.
I still find it hard to believe but in six weeks he had made up his mind that I would be his wife, and asked me to marry him. He told me of his many plans and ambitions, and suggested that if I did not marry him he would lose his enthusiasm for these things. Of course I did ask him if he felt quite sure and wouldn’t he rather continue on a friendship basis with me. I remember distinctly that he said, “I’ve already got lots of friends! I want a wife.”
I protested only once more. I said that I was not prepared to be someone’s wife, having only a suitcase with a few clothes, a Bible and a diary, to my name. He told me, “If you will marry me I’ll fill your closet full of beautiful dresses and provide everything else you need.” Thirty-three years later I must tell you, he has kept that promise. I’ve had to clean out those closets many times! He bought me a sewing machine for our wedding and has supplied me with the fabric I needed to sew whatever was necessary for myself and the children, over the years.

 – Lydia Sherman

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New blog exposing the real Lady Lydia!

Sweeping the cobwebs is a great new site, which dishes out the dirt strong and plenty on Lady Lydia. And mind you these are all Christian ladies, who are finding Lady Lydia un-Christian and nasty.

There is a great post called “Do what I say, God says,” on Lady Lydia’s article “Do What God Says Do and Let Him Take Care of the Rest“. And there is another introductory piece on Lady Lydia, “A Big Welcome to Lady Lydia.”

Insights on Lady Lydia:

Debbie said: “Funny LL should mention the homeless. Our church helps a shelter and a speaker came last Sunday. She said that about 88% percent of the homeless in our county are women and About 90% of those have children.
Kind of hard to be a keeper at home when you don’t have a home to keep.

What a pompous arse she is.”

Sweeping the cobwebs says: “”Lady” Lydia is very, very concerned that people will rip off her articles, but has no conviction against posting entire pages of mainstream magazines on her site.”

“She claimed to not know Candy, when they have a long relationship in the blogging world.”

Clare said: “Additionally the handle “Lady Lydia Speaks” is just too self regarding and twee for my taste.”

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